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Canadian Gold Coins Overview

Canada is a kingdom of scenic beauty and has an abundance of natural resources. Many of Canada ’ s gold coins are designed to honor the nation ’ s rich landscape, its wildlife and its heritage. If you are looking to acquire gold coins with beautiful design work, canadian gold coins may be an excellent choice. These gold coins come in diverse weights and purities and can make a bang-up summation to any portfolio or mint collection. Some canadian gold coins are produced in limited mintages, besides giving them the likely for collectibility value .
The Royal Canadian Mint produces some of the finest gold coin products anywhere in the world. The mint struck its first coin as an arm of the british Royal Mint in 1908. In 1931, the mint was passed into canadian hands, making it a wholly-owned canadian initiation. The mint ’ sulfur beginnings coincided with growing gold production in the Yukon and British Columbia. The mint ’ s original refinery was completed in 1911. A new refinery would later replace the original in 1936, and that refinery is still in operation today.

The Royal Canadian Mint produces numerous bullion coins ampere well as circulation coinage and numismatics. The mint offers many different types of collectible mint and coin sets, and produces not entirely bullion coins but proof finishes arsenic well. The mint has built a well-deserved reputation for producing products of the highest quality standards and is besides recognized for the beauty of its products. canadian amber coins may be of particular interest to collectors looking to diversify their holdings with different designs and coins of higher purity levels. With some coins containing 999.99 percentage fine aureate, the mint produces some of the purest amber coins anywhere in the world.

A premier case of the quality and craft that The Royal Canadian Mint has come to be known for is the canadian Gold Maple Leaf Coin series. A 1 ounce Canadian Gold Maple Leaf features the iconic maple leaf symbol, and since 1982 has contained 1 troy ounce of 999.9 percentage fine gold. In accession to the maple leaf invention, these coins feature a profile portrait of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II. canadian Gold Maple Leafs are besides available in smaller weights. These smaller sizes include 1/10th ounce, ¼ snow leopard and ½ ounce. Due to their 999.9 percentage fine gold content, these Canadian gold coins may be eligible for purchase in an IRA history. Of course, you should consult your tax professional before purchasing for eligibility and rules.

Another case of Canadian gold coin design shape and art is the canadian Gold Elk Coin. This gold mint is besides produced by the Royal Canadian Mint and features the iconic wapiti on its invert arsenic well as the profile portrayal of Her Majesty Queen Elizabeth II on the obverse. These coins carry a face value of $ 200 ( CAD ) and are considered effective, legal tender. These coins are some of the purest anywhere in the populace, with 999.99 percentage fine aureate .

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