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While U.S. circle coins are issued at face value for use in daily commerce, U.S. commemorative coins are issued at a premium above face value to honor anniversaries, particular occasions, historic figures, important events and more. official U.S. commemoratives bear and display legal crank value. however, they have rarely been used in circulation because they were issued at a premium and they possess numismatic value significantly and often far greater than their face value .

Congressional approval is required

Proposed commemorative coin programs are considered by two U.S. congressional committees – the Senate Committee on Banking, Housing and Urban Affairs – and the House Financial Services Committee. For a commemorative platform to proceed to design and production, it must be approved by both houses of Congress and signed into law by the president of the united states.

The classic era of U.S. commemoratives

The “ classic earned run average ” of U.S. commemoratives began in 1892-93 when limited-issue 90 % flatware half dollars and quarters were struck with special designs for the World ‘s columbian exposition in Chicago. The exposition honored 400 years of advancement since the discovery of the New World by Christopher Columbus in 1492. A across-the-board variety of U.S. commemorative coins followed until 1954 – honoring other major expositions, centennials of states and cities, anniversaries of the Revolutionary War and Civil War, and other meaning dates and events. Due to lackluster matter to in commemoratives, the Treasury halted their production in 1954 for a period of more than 25 years.

The modern era of U.S. commemoratives

As the years went by, the collecting community missed the particular designs of commemorative neologism. special invert designs on circulating quarters, half dollars and dollars for the state ‘s Bicentennial proved democratic, and numerous appeals were made to congressmen to resume commemorative production. ultimately in 1982, the U.S. Mint kicked off the “ advanced earned run average ” of U.S. commemorative coins with limited-issue 90 % silver half dollars honoring the 250th anniversary of George Washington ‘s give birth. many U.S. commemoratives have followed – honoring a wide assortment of anniversaries, occasions, individuals, groups and events .

Ways to collect U.S. commemoratives

commemorative U.S. coins have been issued in invest, silver and gold compositions, arsenic well as in both Uncirculated and Proof versions. Some collectors concentrate on either the classic or modern era. Some limit their collections to silver issues. Some choose for favorite designs ( the popularity of commemorative designs has greatly varied ). Others choose particular design themes, or issues honoring a particular menstruation in history. With a huge align of designs and subjects, U.S. commemoratives offer mint enthusiasts many collecting options. For more about these popular special issues, see Littleton ‘s Collectors Guide to Modern Commemoratives and read A good time for Commemorative Silver Dollars in Littleton ‘s Learn Center .

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