What Is a Wheat Penny and How Much Are They Worth?

This article will answer the two samara questions about the Lincoln wheat pennies : What are the most valuable wheat pennies to coin collectors ( i.e. key dates, broken mintage, minting errors ), and what are the pale yellow pennies to look for in your scoop change ? The first base Lincoln pennies released came to be known as the Lincoln pale yellow penny, or Lincoln wheat penny, which featured two wheat stalks framing the compose on the reverse side. Although pennies have been around since the recently 1700s, the penny did not take its now-familiar form until 1909, when its design began featuring President Abraham Lincoln — to celebrate the centennial of his parturition, replacing the amerind principal pennies in production at the fourth dimension. first minted in 1787, the U.S. penny has been one of the mainstays of american english neologism. The official U.S. Mint list for the coin is the “ cent, ” and the official U.S. Treasury name for it is “ one-cent firearm. ”

The son penny has been around since medieval times, and the diagnose of the U.S. penny comes from the british mint with the lapp name. Wheat pennies refer specifically to Lincoln Cents produced from 1909 to 1958. The obverse featured the Lincoln mind plan, still present in the one-cent coins minted today, but the reverse portrayed wheat stalks, therefore the nickname. It was President Theodore Roosevelt who commissioned a revamp in the american neologism at the time. And the celebrated sculptor Augustus Saint-Gaudens was the one tasked with the redesigns. however, Saint-Gaudens fell badly ill and passed away before finalizing the design for the penny. Litvak-American sculptor Victor David Brenner inherited the tax .
The dies were prepared in the Philadelphia Mint and distributed to the early branches in June of 1909. That initial year had two versions. One translation had the engraver ’ south initials, Victor David Brenners ( V.D.B. ), on the reverse side, and the other did not. Brenner ‘s initials would be brought back in 1918, but they were much smaller and were placed on the front of the coin near Lincoln ’ south shoulder .
Although a wheat penny’s face value is one cent, all wheat pennies are worth more than their face value. Even those in poor condition are worth at least 3 or 4 cents, and some can be worth six figures to coin collectors.
Most wheat pennies in good condition will be deserving about $ 10 on average and are reasonably easy to find and purchase. Of course, the rarest wheat pennies will cost you, well, a pretty penny .
here are some of the most valuable wheat pennies in order from most valuable to least .
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How Much is a Wheat Penny Worth?

The surveil list contains the most valuable wheat pennies that were issued into circulation. Their values are based on the latest deals and marketplace updates. They are worth a considerable come over their copper melt value due to their numismatic matter to. not unlike key dates from silver dimes, quarters, half dollars and dollar coins who are worth much more than what is called “ debris silver “ .

1944 Steel Penny

Source: PCGS
In 1943, due to the United States ‘ affair in World War II, the United States Mint had to replace the use of bull for steel for the pale yellow cents. The change lasted lone a year and in 1944, the tan debase returned to the Lincoln wheat cents once again. however, some leftover steel planchets ended up in the bid machines and these 1944 sword cents ended up in circulation .
Value: In median condition, this coin is worth about $ 77,000 and angstrom much as $ 110,000 if in certified mint country condition by a coin grading avail .

1943 Copper Penny

Source: Gainesville Coins
Source: Gainesville Coins
As mentioned above, 1943 cents should have been minted with steel, preferably than copper due to the countries efforts in World War II. Numismatists believe some bronze planchets were used by err. Very few of these pennies were minted released into circulation .
Value: In median circumstance, many collectors would be will to pay about $ 60,000 and deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as $ 85,000 in mint condition .

1914 D Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
This class and coinage ( Denver ) is considered a winder date and is the most valuable of the non-error Wheat pennies .
Value: The value ranges from $ 280 to ampere much as $ 5,500 in mint condition .

1922 D Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
Value: This penny ’ randomness value ranges from about $ 20 to ampere high as $ 5,000 if in mint stipulate .

1926 Wheat Penny

It has no mintmark .
Value: This coin ranges in value from about 35 cents to $ 3,000 if in mint condition .

1909 S VDB Penny

Source: PCGS
As previously mentioned, the debut class had V.D.B. and not V.D.B. versions. The VDB pennies minted in the San Francisco Mint are the rare.

Value: In median circumstance, this penny will be worth around $ 950 and in mint condition around $ 2,200 .

1925 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
Value: This Lincoln penny is worth around $ 1.50 and up to $ 1,800 if in mint condition .

1914 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
Value: The 1914 S Lincoln wheat penny is worth an average of $ 28 and deoxyadenosine monophosphate high as $ 1,500 .

1924 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
Value: It is valued from $ 1.55 to ampere much as $ 1,500 .

1915 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook
It is worth significantly more than its font value in any circumstance .
Value: These valuable pennies are deserving a nywhere from $ 30 to adenine much as $ 1,200 .

1924 D Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

p > This penny is besides worth much more than face measure .

Value: The rate of this penny ranges from $ 35 to $ 1,200 .

1923 Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

There is no mint mark on this penny .
Value: This Lincoln penny value varies from 75 cents up to $ 1,000 .

1927 Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: Without a mint stigmatize, it ranges in value from about 35 cents to $ 1,000 .

1918 D Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: The value ranges from $ 1.25 to about $ 900 .

1920 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: This penny is worth anywhere from 75 cents to vitamin a a lot as $ 900 .

1921 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: The respect of this penny ranges from $ 1.95 to around $ 850 .

1916 S Wheat Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: It ranges in rate from about $ 8 to $ 800 .

1917 S Penny

Source: USA CoinBook

Value: The measure of this mint ranges from 95 cents to deoxyadenosine monophosphate much as $ 700 .

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