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There seems to be no limit to the unlike ways gold can be utilized today in the worldly concern. gold is used in a variety show of different industries and fields across the earth. From its uses in engineering due to its extreme conduction to its sensed application in mod music, the alloy that carries the chemical element symbol Au is arguably the most celebrated metal on earth. hera at the U.S. Gold Bureau, we ‘re more concern with the chicken metallic ‘s value in sexual intercourse to its scarcity. Since it was discovered, people have coveted it due to its rarity and beauty. We proudly offer a wide variety of gold coins, rounds, and bullion .

Gold American Eagle Coins

possibly one of the most adore pieces of U.S. coins is the gold American Eagle which has been around since 1986. primitively designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, the mint has Lady Liberty stroll towards the viewer on the obverse, while the rearward features an eagle soaring over a nest. In the nest is another eagle and an eaglet. The words IN GOD WE TRUST can be seen to the right field, in between the birds. It ‘s worth mentioning that this mint comes in four unlike denominations : 1/10 of an snow leopard ( $ 5 ), 1/4 of an snow leopard ( $ 10 ), 1/2 ounce ( $ 25 ), and 1 ounce ( $ 50 ). The 22 karat gold alloy coin is comprised of about 92 percentage gold, 3 percentage argent, and approximately 5.33 percentage bull. At the U.S. Gold Bureau, we offer the aureate eagle coin in a variety show of sizes and from numerous years. You can even find sets of the coins, each nibble in Proof 70 condition and containing a authentication label signed by past Mint Director Ed Moy himself.

Gold American Buffalo Coins

This celebrated piece of currency, besides coined the Gold Buffalo, carries quite a bit of history along with it. Although it was first minted in 2006, the invention of the man dates all the means back to 1913. James Earle Fraser, an american sculptor from Minnesota, in the first place designed what you see on the american Buffalo for the Buffalo nickel. The design ‘s popularity throughout the decades helped cement its inclusion body in today ‘s mint of american coins. The obverse english of this gold coin features the iconic profile of a native american, with the word LIBERTY fair to the right of his lead. The revoke has a left-facing buffalo with the expression prize of $ 50 just beneath its feet. The coin contains 1 Troy snow leopard of 24-karat gold, ensuring that the piece is worth quite a bite more than barely its expression rate. You can find both American Buffalo bullion and graded proof coins on our site.

Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle Coins

The Saint-Gaudens Gold Double Eagle is popular for a number of reasons. Minted from 1907 to 1933, this gold mint gets its name from both the architect of the mint and from the original “ eagle ” coin minted by the United States ascribable to the Coinage Act of 1792. The eagle had a confront respect of $ 10, so naturally, the double eagle has a face value of doubly that, which is $ 20. Augustus Saint-Gaudens was asked to design the coin by Theodore Roosevelt. He had faith in Saint-Gaudens ‘ skills and wanted to beautify America ‘s neologism, which he thought was overall pretty unattractive. Though Saint-Gaudens died before the mint of the coin, Roosevelt was smart to commission him ; the purpose is celebrated to this day. The obverse of the coin has Lady Liberty holding an olive outgrowth in one hand with a flashlight in the other. Sun rays stream out from behind her. The rearward shows an eagle in escape, soaring over a sun .

Gold Indian Head Coins

amerind Head amber coins are not to be confused with gold american Buffalo coins. amerind Head coins have a celebrated history. In fact, the indian Head gold pieces can actually refer to two different mint series. One of the melt goes from 1908 to 1915. Afterward, it was reintroduced in 1925 and was circulating for another four years, until 1929. This while is besides referred to as the Pratt-Bigelow mint, due to its architect and the history behind its design. William Sturgis Bigelow was a supporter of President Roosevelt and he suggested the president of the united states hire Bela Lyon Pratt to design the coin. The obverse of the coin features a native american with a headdress, facing to the left field. On the change by reversal, Pratt put an eagle perched on a branch, with the words UNITED STATES OF AMERICA above him. The face prize of this coin can be found in either $ 2.50 or $ 5 .
The other amerind Head coin is besides known as the indian Head eagle. This mint was designed by Augustus Saint-Gaudens, and actually features quite a alike design to the early amber amerind coin. Minted from 1907 to 1933, this patch carries a expression rate of $ 10, barely like the other eagle coins. Saint-Gaudens ‘ design, like the Lyon-Pratt ‘s, has an obverse side featuring a visibility of Lady Liberty wearing a native american headdress, but in this display 13 stars are floating above her question. The change by reversal has an eagle perched on a outgrowth with the grimace value of the coin underneath the eagle, appearing as “ TEN DOLLARS ”. At the U.S. Gold Bureau we offer both versions of the indian Head gold part from a total of different years .

Gold Liberty Head Coins

The Gold Liberty Head coin is another exercise of the double eagle. This translation is a bit older than some of the more celebrated double eagles. It was first minted in 1849 and the mint stretched to 1907. Like most pieces of U.S. currency, these coins were minted in five unlike mint facilities through the years : Carson City, Denver, New Orleans, Philadelphia, or San Francisco. The mint crisscross will be either a CC, D, O, or S, based on the mint where it was produced. If no batch scar is visible, this just means that the mint was minted in Philadelphia, as coins minted in that facility do n’t carry a mintmark. The headman Engraver at the clock, James B. Longacre, was tasked with designing the coin. The heading of Lady Liberty sits in profile on the obverse and her head is tilted slenderly up. The revoke has a heraldic image : an eagle sits behind a shield, clasping in its leave talons a bunch of arrows. The words IN GOD WE TRUST sit above its head. Just like early double eagles, this firearm of american currentness carries a face value of $ 20.

Gold International Coins, Commemorative Coins & First Spouse Coins

The U.S. Gold Bureau does n’t fair sell american aureate bullion and coins, we besides offer a diverseness of other international gold coins. In fact, there are mints everywhere around the global. For case, the Royal Canadian Mint produces canadian Gold Maple Leaf coins, the Perth Mint puts out the Gold Australian Kangaroo, Swissmint, the official mint of Switzerland, mints the swiss Franc gold mint, The austrian Mint produces the Gold Philharmonic, and the Krugerrand is minted by the south african Mint. All of these are available on our site .
One of the largest selections we carry at the U.S. Gold Bureau is our array of commemorative coins. These types of coins are particular in that they ‘re minted by the U.S. Mint and theoretically be used as legal tender, but they are not intended for circulation, since the font respect is so much less than the value of the metal they contain. A distribute of the prize of commemorative coins is subject on factors like the condition of the mint, rarity, and its certification grade. Some of the more popular commemorative pieces are those from the First Spouse series. These coins feature spouses of american presidents on the obverse of the coin. The reverse of the mint always differs depending on the spouse. For model, the inverse of the Eliza Johnson mint, who was the First Lady of Lyndon Johnson, features an prototype of children dancing while a violinist play. The design is meant to depict Lyndon Johnson ‘s sixtieth birthday. Look through our stock to see flush more first Spouse coins and setting out the assortment for yourself .

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