1881 Morgan Silver Dollar: Carson City Minting Brings Highest Value

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Morgan Silver Dollar Overview

A series of simple but elegant eloquent coins minted from 1878 to 1904 and then again in 1921, the Morgan silver dollar is one of the most iconic and wide collected specimens in the history of U.S. neologism .
It was the inaugural mint to be made in argent following the Coinage Act of 1873, an act which had discontinued the policy known as “ spare silver, ” whereby those in possession of silver bullion could have it struck into coins for a small fee .
It was the Bland-Allison act, passed in 1878, that revitalized the use of eloquent in neologism by requiring the U.S. Treasury Department to coin between two and four million dollars ’ deserving of silver each calendar month. The Morgan silver dollar was the first flatware coin created under this new legislation.

George T. Morgan, an engraver at the U.S. Mint, designed both faces for the Morgan silver dollar, though the details of his invert design caused much controversy in the mint ’ mho first class of mintage .
In the center of the obverse face is a large profile broke portrayal of Liberty. Above her head is the motto “ E PLURIBUS UNUM, ” and below her head is the year of mintage. Near the rim is a ring of stars, and the along the rim is a series of bumps known as denticles .
On the rearward face is an eagle with scatter wings, perched with one branch on a pack of arrows and the other on an olive branch. Along the amphetamine two-thirds of the rim is the legend “ UNITED STATES OF AMERICA, ” and along the bottomland is the appellation “ ONE DOLLAR. ” Below the eagle is a wreath, and above is the motto “ In God We Trust. ”
Morgan eloquent dollars are made of 90 % silver and 10 % bull, with a diameter of 38.1mm and a mass of 26.73 grams .

history of the 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar

The class 1881 saw the fourth mintage of the Morgan silver dollar .
The 1881 Morgan silver dollar is singular among many U.S. coins in that it was minted in four separate locations : Philadelphia, San Francisco, New Orleans, and Carson City .
The Philadelphia mint reports producing 9,163,975 in 1881. In San Francisco, 12,760,000 ; in New Orleans, 5,708,000 ; and in Carson City, by far the lowest-producing localization of the class, 296,000 eloquent dollars were produced.

From a design point of view, the 1881 coinage of the Morgan silver medal dollar is standard, the kinks in Morgan ’ s reverse design having been worked out by the fourth class of mint .
Compositionally, besides, the 1881 mintage is congressman of the rest of the series : 90 % ash grey, 10 % copper, a diameter of 38.1mm, and a bulk of 26.73 grams .

Valuing the 1881 Morgan Silver Dollar

As is the character with all coins containing a high share of cherished metallic, the 1881 Morgan silver dollar commands a becoming price mugwump of its grade .
According to the stream bullion value for silver, the thaw value of this coin is $ 12.71 .
however, even at lower grades, this coin is worth more as a collector ’ sulfur item. The numismatic value ( what the mint is worth to collectors ) of this mint is to a certain extent determined by where it was minted .
The mint scratch for these coins is found under the base of the wreath, below the eagle ’ second tail on the inverse. A nonexistent batch score represents Philadelphia ; an “ S ” represents San Francisco ; an “ O ” represents New Orleans, and a “ CC ” represents Carson City .
For Philadelphia, San Francisco, and New Orleans mintings, the values are more or less the lapp astir until the Uncirculated ( MS-65 ) grade : for Good through Fine grades, between $ 20 and $ 30 ; for About Uncirculated ( AU-50 ), $ 42 ; and for Uncirculated ( MS-60 ), around $ 50.

For Uncirculated ( MS-65 ) coins minted in Philadelphia, the value jumps dramatically to $ 709. last, for Proofs minted in Philadelphia, the measure is $ 3,076 !
Uncirculated ( MS-65 ) coins from San Francisco are valued at $ 180, and those from New Orleans are worth american samoa much as $ 1,380 !
Because of the rarity of Carson City minted coins and the low production numbers for this placement in 1881, the values for most grades with this mint mark are higher than the others. even Good graded coins are worth $ 311, and this increases to $ 500 for Uncirculated ( MS-60 ) and $ 929 for Uncirculated ( MS-65 ) .

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