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What Is StrongBlock (STRONG)?

StrongBlock ( STRONG ) is a blockchain protocol focused on rewarding nodes for supporting the infrastructure of their blockchain. The protocol notes that its mission is to create a world “ where the StrongBlock Node Army supports dozens of protocols and millions of nodes. ” In other words, StrongBlock offers a node-as-a-service tool to allow people to participate in securing blockchains without requiring the technical cognition needed to do thus. Thanks to StrongBlock ‘s automatize processes, users do not have to know how to code or run their own server to keep the node on-line. This fixate stream node problems like outdated software, incomplete blockchain histories, and downtimes. With over 1,700 Ethereum 1.0 nodes, StrongBlock represents more than 15 % of all active nodes on Ethereum 1.0. In the future, StrongBlock plans to offer its nodes-as-a-service tool besides for Ethereum 2.0, Bitcoin, and other protocols .

Who Are the Founders of StrongBlock?

StrongBlock was founded in July 2018 by CEO David Moss, an LA-based blockchain entrepreneur with three decades of know as CTO, CEO, and collapse of respective tech-related companies. He is supported by CTO Brian Abramson, a systems administrator, and developer with about two decades of experience. Abramson previously was the VP of Infrastructure for, a blockchain company related to EOS.

The third penis of the executive team is CPO Corey Lederer, an expert for enterprise blockchains and cryptocurrencies. Lederer was the former Senior Director at and has two decades of experience in leadership positions at companies like Nike .

What Makes StrongBlock Unique?

StrongBlock offers nodes that support the Ethereum network and can be either purchased as a service or brought by users themselves. Although over 350 nodes have been registered for rewards by the community, nodes-as-a-service is the protocol ‘s winder value proposition deemed interest to most users. Anyone can “ rent ” a node that StrongBlock hosts and maintains. Users that want to bring their own node have to contribute 10 STRONG to the residential district, which are used as follows :

  • 10% are reserved for future use.
  • 10% are allocated to rewards in STRONG-ETH and LINK-STRONG liquidity pools.
  • 20% go to the StrongPool for rewards
  • 60% are allocated to node rewards.

Whether owned or rented by STRONG holders, all nodes are rewarded daily. Furthermore, nodes can receive rewards by signaling for a node, with both the node and the signaler receiving the advantage. Each mined STRONG entitles the miner to signal one node. mine rewards for STRONG tokens were reduced after the tokenomics changed and are based on elapse Ethereum blocks, resulting in much lower accelerator fees. This organization enables the protocol ‘s Node Universal Basic Income (NUBI). The STRONG earned through NUBI is used to govern the protocol and regulate the community ‘s contributions per node, the horizontal surface of monthly maintenance fees ( presently $ 14.95 ), burning STRONG for NFTs, and more. In the future, the protocol plans to issue NFTs in accession to its native keepsake as a reward .

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How Many StrongBlock (STRONG) Coins Are There in Circulation?

STRONG is the protocol ‘s government nominal. In November 2020, StrongBlock decided to update its tokenomics and burn 94 % of the original 10 million STRONG. The raw sum supply of STRONG is 535,000, with a current circulating supply of 138,000. This decisiveness led to a massive surge in the token price from under $ 50 to an all-time high of about $ 1,200. The nominal serves as a reinforce for the node operators running on Ethereum and as a think of to vote in the protocol ‘s government. The nominal distribution is as follows :

  • 330,365.57 STRONG are for Community rewards for nodes and miners directly supporting the protocol
  • 96,784.62 STRONG are for Shareholders of StrongBlock, creators of the StrongBlock DeFi protocol
  • 101,735.81 STRONG are for the Team (developers of the protocol)
  • 0 STRONG is allocated to StrongBlock

With this tokenomics change, the team switches to a low-inflation model that emphasizes node participation and pushes the number of nodes from the hundreds to the thousands.

How Is the StrongBlock Network Secured?

StrongBlock runs on Ethereum, which is secured by a proof-of-work consensus mechanism that requires miners to mine new Ether. A set of decentralize nodes validates transactions and secures the Ethereum blockchain. The protocol has been successfully audited by Hacken and has integrated oracle services by Chainlink to determine mining reward distributions in STRONG. The team chose Chainlink over rivaling oracle solutions because of its “ timely and accurate ” price calculations, which are all-important for the protocol ‘s success .

Where Can You Buy StrongBlock (STRONG)?

STRONG is available on KuCoin,, Bitrue, Hoo, and Uniswap ( V2 ). If you want to learn more about how to start buy cryptocurrencies, you can read more in our lead .

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