Schlatt coin

A painting of a gold nugget, the root item renamed as a Schlattcoin




+1 Schlattcoin


Jschlatt for the coin, ConnorEatsPants for the certificate of ownership

Reading: Schlattcoin

Cost to buy

20 diamonds

Cost to sell

Definately a lot more than 20 diamonds

Schlattcoin is a legitimate cryptocurrency managed by Jschlatt and ConnorEatsPants. Players must give Jschlatt 20 diamonds and they will receive a coin from Jschlatt ( represented by a rename amber nugget ) a well as a certificate of ownership from ConnorEatsPants ( signed book ) when the coin is ready for them to have. Most authentic coins belong to ItsAsaii but many other members such as Michaelmcchill, Voiceover Pete, YoitsGold, Dinkster Daily, and Wilbur Soot have besides invested. As an investment, Schlattcoin’s value only increases over time, guaranteeing major returns on investment .


The idea for Schlattcoin was provided by a penis of Jschlatt ‘s chat one day, and late that day was brought to fruition by Schlatt himself. He built a small booth at spawn where players would drop 20 diamonds into a hopper, which fed into a scam chest, from which Schlatt would collect the diamonds, and then mint a Schlattcoin for the player. soon after the stand was built, Asaii became Schlattcoin’s very first investor, giving Schlatt 120 diamonds in rally for 6 Schlattcoins. The transaction was performed behind a brick wall, indeed as to prevent Connor, who was nearby ( Schlatt & Co. had so far to be founded ), from seeing Asaii ‘s certificate of ownership, thereby enabling him to commit fraud. During the exchange, Asaii revealed that he was, in fact, gay, by kissing Schlatt. This prompted Schlatt to break down the wall and run from Asaii. Schlatt kept repeating that he was going to kill himself but promptly realized that killing himself because of a cheery person would likely get him in trouble with Twitch.

After calming down, Schlatt returned to Connor, who gave 20 diamonds to Schlatt, expecting a Schlattcoin in return. however, Schlatt had, in fact, boofed Connor, and had no intention of always giving him a Schlattcoin. This resulted in Connor going into Schlatt ‘s basement and stealing back his diamonds, ampere well as Asaii ‘s. When Schlatt attempted to kill Connor in hopes of getting the diamonds back, Connor placed a bucket of lava, therefore burning all the diamonds so Schlatt could n’t have them. This resulted in the ConnorEatsPants v. Jschlatt court case .

ConnorEatsPants vs. Jschlatt Court Case

After Connor destroyed the diamonds Schlatt had received from Connor and Asaii, Schlatt took Connor to court, demanding compensation for the destroyed diamonds. Connor ’ mho defense was that Schlatt had obtained said diamonds through illegitimate means, and therefore was not entitled to compensation for their end. Ted Nivison, the evaluator ruled in Connor ‘s party favor but allowed Jschlatt to contest the decision through a test of persuasiveness, which Schlatt immediately did, killing Connor with a diamond axe. Neither party ultimately experience recompense. They soon after entered into clientele together founding Schlatt & Co .

Schlatt & Co. Coin Sales

After the ConnorEatsPants v. Jschlatt court case, the two founded Schlatt & Co. From that point on, Schlattcoin would be sold jointly by Connor and Jschlatt rather of precisely Schlatt. This gives the ship’s company a sales advantage by having two people pressure the buyer alternatively of one. This, combined with Schlatt ‘s signature funny mic, makes resisting purchasing the coin impossible. In come back for several glowstone blocks and some aureate, YoitsGold received the fifth Schlattcoin. Schlatt and Connor initially attempted to scam him and keep the Schlattcoin from him but Gold ‘s diamond armor and sword intimidated them besides a lot. At this indicate, Connor displayed his true idolatry to his boss, Schlatt, by risking his life and hitting Gold away, allowing Schlatt to run away and escape. He unintentionally knocked him in the wrong management and Gold immediately caught up with Schlatt and killed him. In response, Schlatt liquidated more of Connor ‘s share so that the shares were now a 30 % / 70 % cleave in ordering to try and teach Connor to be more assertive.

respective weeks late, SkyDoesMinecraft joined SMP Live, and Schlatt offered him one Schlattcoin for the dismiss price of a one while of Lapis Lazuli. Sky gave Schlatt at least a wax smokestack of Lapis but never received a Schlattcoin in return, vitamin a far as we know. roughly a week after that, CaptainSparklez joined the server, and Schlatt offered him five Schlattcoins at a discount price, although precisely what this price was never specified, and Jordan never took Schlatt up on his offer. On June 11th, 2019 the Schlattcoin economy took a hit when the daybook containing verification for every Schlattcoin in being was destroyed. In a shuffle containing Jschlatt, 24 Frames of Nick, and Weest, lava placed by 24 Frames of Nick destroyed the ledger voiding all previously distributed Schlattcoins .

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