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The ten shilling ( 10s ) ( irish : deich scilling ) coin was a one-off commemorative coin issued in Ireland in 1966 to mark the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising. [ 1 ] Ten shillings was a subdivision of the pre-decimal Irish thump, worth 1⁄2 of an irish pound, making this the highest value coin in the pre-decimal system. The coin was 83.1/3 % silver and 16.2/3 % bull. It measured 1.2 inches ( 30 millimeter ) in diameter and weighed 18.144 grams, consequently containing 0.4871 troy ounces ( 15.15 gram ) of silver. The coin did not prove democratic, and 1,270,000 of the two million produced were withdrawn and melted down. This unpopularity may be due to the ten-spot shilling Series A Banknote which was then in circulation. Twenty thousand coins were issued as proof in greens boxes. The reverse design featured the death of Cú Chulainn, the fabulous Irish hero, who is seen tied to a stone and with a devour on his shoulder. The figure of Cú Chulainn is a miniature of the statue by Oliver Sheppard, in the General Post Office, Dublin. The coin was produced for the fiftieth anniversary of the Easter Rising and get down circulation on 12 April 1966 and was designed by Thomas Humphrey Paget. The ten-spot kenyan shilling is the only Irish coin to feature an dedication on boundary until the Irish euro coins, this is “ Éirí Amach sodium Cásca 1916 ”, which translates as “ 1916 Easter Rising “ ; the inscription was in Gaelic character on a plain border. approximately half of the inscriptions were inverted, making them no scarce than the good type. The mint is besides singular in being the only mod circulated irish coin ( before the introduction of Euro ) not to feature the harp on the obverse side, rather featuring the portrayal of Patrick Pearse the revolutionary, foster making it singular among irish coinage in that it is the lone mint to feature the visualize of anyone associated with irish history or politics, apart from sovereign. This mint is the first Irish commemorative coin issued by the Irish state, first irish modern coin to feature a person, and the first official coin to commemorate the 1916 Easter Rising. besides concern, the thickness of this coin is uneven, the border of the coin being thicker than the kernel.

Brendan Corish requested that the names of all seven signatories appear on the mint, but this was “ not feasible. ” [ 2 ]

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This coin was officially removed from circulation from 10 February 2002, at the time of the conversion to the euro. While it had not been in general circulation in any quantities since 1966, the coin would have survived Decimal Day, being fifty fresh penny in prize .

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