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Cunning Token (CUNT) 💎 – a coin that sticks

Cunning Token ( CUNT ) is an ERC20 Token on the Ethereum Blockchain, created by a bore developer. Nothing extra so far, there are thousand like it – except

You can’t get rid of it.

You can try equally hard as you like, once you ‘ve got it in your wallet, it sticks with you. It ca n’t be burn nor transferred for dependable, it kinda barely … grows back ? ! 🙄

CUNT is consequently the perfect giveaway for crypto-beggars, scammers and other rotter ; or just a colleague debauched. ever wanted to carve “ GFY ” into person ‘s wallet permanently ? We ‘ve got you covered !

Token mechanics

  • CUNT can be transferred like any other token – but if your balance drops to zero, a new CUNT is minted and transferred to your wallet
  • No Hard Cap, zero decimals
  • The first 2048 CUNT can be claimed for free (4 CUNT per claim, one claim per wallet)
  • Pre-Mint: 500 CUNT, for giveaways (please don’t feel offended if you get tokens dropped by the creator-wallet, we’re just pushing ‘adoption’😅)

How to get CUNT

You can not trade or buy CUNT on an substitute, as

  1. supply could be inflated by bad actors if financial incentives would be involved, and
  2. (more importantly) who in their right mind would list this?

If you excessively want to parcel CUNT with your least favorite Etherians, there are 3 ways to get you started .
But first, get MetaMask. We recommend using MetaMask, either on Mobile or Desktop. other wallets were not tested and may not play nicely with Etherscan or may get the applicable Gas limits faulty. besides, get some ETH to pay for the Gas .

1. Claim CUNT for free

2048 tokens are available to be claimed for dislodge from the smart compress immediately. Every wallet can claim 4 tokens once, which means this is limited to the first 512 users .

  • with MetaMask ready, go to the Smart Contract on Etherscan.
  • click the Read Contract Tab. Here you can see basic information about the token, and also the counter for claimedTokens. If this is 2048 (the claimCap), you can’t claim tokens anymore.

  • click the Write Contract Tab

  • Click “Connect to Web3” to unlock MetaMask
  • Click “Claim”, and set the Gas limit to at least 100k in MetaMask (important! your transaction may fail otherwise, and burn your Gas)

2. Send us some dust

cunt can besides be minted for a little contribution to the plan. Send at least half a Finney ( = 0.0005 ETH, 10c @ 200 USD/ETH ) to get some tokens in return .

  • Open MetaMask, click “Send”
  • Enter the CUNT Smart Contract Adress as recipient: 0xa06b79b41bc24a83c350ff3f74c7beaf96574d71
  • Enter the amount of ETH you’d like to send (0.0005 ETH min to get tokens).
  • Set the Gas limit to at least 65k in MetaMask (important! your transaction may fail otherwise, and burn your Gas)
  • You’ll get 4 CUNT for every Finney you’ve sent (== 0.00025 ETH/CUNT)

3. Reach out

Hopefully there will be enough of CUNT-bagholders soon. Reach out on Twitter using the cashtag $ CUNT and person may hook you up😅




I good wanted to play around with strange token mechanics and claiming possibilities, and got tired of the cheap BOMB-knockoffs implosion therapy Reddit and Twitter, so I tried to come up with something “ original ”. I got super excited when I realised cipher else has thought about something this stupid earlier .

How much Gas is CUNT using?

We do n’t want you to run into “ out-of-gas ” situations when interacting with CUNT, so set the trace Gas limits when calling the abridge ( you can check current Gas prices here ). Better DApp-wallets like MetaMask will do this for you automatically, but flush they get some of the values faulty sometimes .
Please double-check and adjust your Gas limit for the adopt calls, to not burn your Gas by accident :

  • claim: 100k Gas
  • transfer: 63k Gas (~5k less when not minting new tokens)
  • transferMulti: 30k Gas base call + 25k/address (no minting; may be more, add buffer)
  • sending ETH to the contract: 65k Gas

No DApp or Social Media?

No need for the fanciness very. Tokens can be claimed using MetaMask and Etherscan, and transferred by any ERC20-compatible wallet. Creating a DApp for this plan would be an overstatement😝
lapp goes for Social Media – this is a fun project and not an elaborate exit victimize, no want for Telegram Groups and thousands of Twitter followers. If you want to get in touch, use the cashtag $ CUNT on Twitter .

You know there’s a $CUNT token already, right?

F * * k those $ CUNTs. I mean, come on, Chinese Unified National Token ? badly ? 😂

Why exactly 2048 claimable coins?

Because 42 or 420 were n’t adequate, and 69.420 would have been excessively much.


GNU General Public License v3.0 – if you create a knock-off, at least publish the source code .

Special thanks to

OpenZeppelin for their amazing Solidity contracts framework, Truffle for the toolset, and each and every Ethereum Core Dev .
Keep sharing the ❤️

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