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Challenge coins inaugural appeared when the Roman Empire ran the world and soldiers received them as awards for their service. If this fib is true, it ’ mho reason adequate to treat these medallions with deference and find the perfective challenge mint display character to show off these tokens of honor .
This steer is designed to help you choose the right challenge coin display case to show off your collection. Your challenge coin collection says a set about your hard work and service to your state, so you ’ ll want the best case to keep it dependable .

What is a Challenge Coin?

For the uninitiate, it ’ second good to know fair what challen gaea coins are and what they represent. The name might be a bit misleading. Although they ’ re called coins, they can bear little resemblance to money. They ’ re normally an inch and a half or two inches in diameter and a one-tenth of an column inch midst, but they can vary widely in size and shape. They can be forged in the shape of a ship, a military chase rag or a fifty-cent part, for model. It ’ south all up to the organization that has them designed and made .
The authoritative thing to remember is that they signify membership in a group—a ramify of the military, a particular Air Force squadron, an Army tank group or any total of military or civilian organizations. They can serve as a “ challenge, ” if desired, to verify that person belongs to the group, but more normally, they ’ re used as rewards for great achievements or as an honor bestowed on visitors to the group.

The History of Challenge Coins

Despite the Roman origin report, which is the most romanticist, most people think challenge coins were first base given during World War I as a direction to distinguish members of a circular squadron .
The narrative goes that one of the pilots was shot devour and captured by german soldiers. They took all of his recognition except the challenge mint. He escaped and avoided recapture by wearing civilian clothes and managed to reach the battlefront lines where he found an outstation manned by french soldiers .
unfortunately, the french had been fighting off saboteurs dressed in civilian clothes. thus there the fly was, looking like the enemy and with no ID except his challenge coin. He about lost his life to performance .
fortunately, he had the challenge coin, which he showed to his new captors. One of them recognized the pilot ’ south squadron insignia on the coin and held off killing him until they could verify his identity. rather of dying, he ended up sip wine with his newfound friends. And, after that, all the pilots in his squadron decided to carry their challenge coins with them at all times .
There are other possible origin stories as well, including one fixed in World War II. But adequate of history– get ’ s get on to challenge mint display cases .
challenge coin display case

Why Does Anyone Need a Challenge Coin Display Case?

Over the years, challenge coins have gone from a entail to identify with a group, to becoming collector ’ second items. In early words, you don ’ t have to belong to a particular group to appreciate the elegance, art and historic measure of a fiftieth Anniversary Vietnam Challenge Coin or a Desert Storm Veteran Challenge Coin, for exercise. Challenge coins have nowadays become collector ’ second items, for the brave men and women who earned them, deoxyadenosine monophosphate well as for others, which means they should be nicely displayed in a case .
The orient is that these medallions are often—to put it simply—beautiful. They deserve to be on display, not hidden off in a drawer. And the display needs to live up to the honor of holding these symbols of service and, often, courage under displace .
Medals of America offers a variety of different challenge coin display cases thus that you can select the one that ’ s justly for your collection. Each provides a ennoble plant for the coins and helps keep them out of harm ’ s way .
following, we ’ ll give you the details of three of our favorite challenge coin display cases thus that you can find the perfective one for your collection .

Wooden Wall Flag Coin Holder

Made in the USA, this coin display has it all : the warm search of wood, the Stars and Stripes as a setting to the coins, and the ability to show them off in all their glory. This is the perfect lawsuit for large collections, as it holds 60 coins without looking a spot crowd. Plus, its unique design makes it the perfective wall hanging for home or office.

In this display character, the challenge coins lean against the display ’ s backboard and are held in invest by slots in the shelves. The slots are designed to hold even the thickest coin in place so there are no concerns about coins falling off and getting lost .
The Wooden Wall Flag Coin Holder can besides be personalized. Custom laser engrave is available to add another grade of identity to the expose. The case measures 19-1/2 ” H x 32 ” W .

Walnut Slant Top Coin Display

This tabletop display case—created from deluxe walnut wood—is the perfect way to show off your collection of challenge coins when you don ’ t have extra rampart space. Ideal for a desk, mantle or ledge, the Walnut Slant Top Coin Display allows you to arrange angstrom many as 80 coins to be admired. however, the discerning coin slots mean that your case won ’ metric ton look incomplete if you have a smaller solicitation .
The Walnut Slant Top Coin Display has 10 rows to keep your challenge coins condom in high-quality foam. The case measures 7-5/8 ” H x 15 ” W x 2.5 ” D .

American Walnut Challenge Coin Display Case

This case, handmade from walnut with a black setting, features a hinge doorway with a hearty glass front. The solid wood shelves are fabric-covered and hold grooves to hold the coins in place. The case comes in two sizes and can accommodate from 32 to 48 coins .
If desired, this challenge coin display case can become a wall hang. The hardware is included .
The american Walnut Challenge Coin Display Case provides optimum protection for its contents. And it does therefore without compromising the coins ’ smasher. It ’ s the ideal addition to any home or office .

Why Collect and Display Challenge Coins?

America ’ mho history is full of conflict. During the about 250 years since the sign of the Declaration of Independence, this state has been involved in 12 major wars. These wars have claimed about 1,200,000 american lives. The conflicts have brought out the best and the worst in homo nature, revealing heights of courage and selflessness and depths of cruelty and inhumaneness .
challenge coins are a way to commemorate the best in the people who have served—their commitment, their willingness to give their lives for each other and their nation. In other words, these coins are a lot more than nice looking pieces of metallic element. They are representatives besides of the finest characteristics of american men and women, whether they have served in the military or have merely done their best to support their nation .
To own a challenge coin is to possess a region of United States history, a reminder of what Americans can be when they face even the greatest of obstacles. Challenge coins deserve to be a separate of every american ’ randomness life and to be displayed with the dignity they thus lavishly deserve .
Medals of America proudly makes challenge coins and challenge coin display cases available to everyone. The company ’ sulfur owners, who are themselves veterans, assurance to provide products of the highest choice and value.

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