Nine Ways to Get More Money For Your Coins

Selling at Auction
Advantages : auction firms normally promote their approaching auctions and have a big coin collector/dealer hearing, who normally show up and offer at these auctions. additionally, person else does most of the work for you such as image, describing and selling the mint, the auction firm besides collects funds and ship the mint to the new buyer. In world, all you do is collect the money if it sells. Some auction firms besides offer cash advances in sheath the consigner needs the money .
Disadvantages : auction firms normally charge a share ( normally 17 % ). Payout can take several weeks to months. If the mint does not sell it may be recognized as a coin that recently failed to sell giving the new likely buyer a reason to haggle. additionally, you still have to pay the auction house a cargo fee, even if it fails to sell .
Sell to the Right Person

Benefits- This is much easier said than done. however, selling to the right person immediately means you can cut out the middle world, which in the ends means more money in your pocket. Selling to the right person can besides mean that the potential buyer actually wants the mint and they are will to pay a agio which sometimes can be more than what coins are selling at auction. Selling through this method normally means that you do n’t have to wait weeks or months for payment either .
Disadvantages : It requires a batch of time and work to find the correct person and it is necessary to provide good images and normally a well written description of the coin. This method acting can besides be hazardous because many buyers will request for you to ship the coin before they send you payment .
Have Your Coin(s) Graded
Benefits- Having your mint graded allows you to maximize the value of your coins. Makes the mint more appealing to collectors, dealers, and investors since it has a undertake of authenticity and condition. There is much more data available at your disposal such as population data, auction prices, and much more .
Disadvantages : Choosing the wrong scaling party .
Having Great Images
Advantages : They say a movie is worth a thousand words. The lapp applies with mint images. There are coins that have sold for doubly or more than the like coin in the like mark because of having a great visualize. Remember, many buyers are looking for coins that appeal to them and the best way to make them appealing is by taking some great images of your coins when selling in character you decide to sell it yourself .
Disadvantages : Learning how to take great images takes time and endowment. Having the mighty television camera can be very expensive which can run anywhere from hundreds of dollars to thousands of dollars You besides have to have the right tools like camera accessories, lighting, programs, lens, etc .
Sell at the Right Time
Advantages : timing is one of the most important factors when selling a coin, which is truly undervalue. I do not know how many times I have heard individuals saying they realized very little for their coin because they had to sell their coin at the moment. When you buy a coin you need to be able to hold on to it until the time is right in order to realize a significant profit. patience is very authoritative. Example if you bought a generic or bullion gold coin and aureate has gone down 20 % or so since you bought it, more than probable it is not the correct clock time to sell your mint if you can hold on to it.

Disadvantages : Most of the time we do n’t know when the clock is right and many collectors sometimes end up selling at the wrong time. If you wanted to sell a coin for a profit right when you bought it, then time is against you .
Promote your coin
Advantages : Promoting your coin means you ‘re getting the word about your mint ( south ). This can be by posting it yourself in an on-line auction such as eBay or even if you have consigned it to person else. Get the son out about your mint, possibly you can go on some messages boards and let them know you have coins upcoming for sale, you can write an article for a numismatic web site or newsletter and ask them if you can link to your coin ( s ) that are for sale. Take your coins to a coin appearance and let some dealers look at your coins see if person makes you the right offer .
Say Very Little or Say Nothing at All
Advantages : sometimes saying very short or nothing at all when making a share on a coin can work on your side. several times in my experience I have sold coins for much more than what I was asking for by allowing the buyer to make an offer before I said anything. One clock I could n’t sell a coin for $ 200 to anyone so I mailed it to a principal along with respective other coins and he offered me $ 1,200 without asking me what I wanted for it .
Disadvantages : sometimes if you say nothing or very little the potential buyer can do all the talking and if they ‘re good at dealing, they can convince you that your coin is worth much less than what you ‘re asking for. This has besides happened to me as there are some chic negotiators out there .
Pick the right coin
Advantages : This one is probably one of the most crucial factors. First of all, buy what you like but if you are thinking of investing in coins it is crucial to choose the correct mint and paying the right price for it. If you buy a coin that you do n’t like the odds are others wo n’t like it either .
Disadvantages : You do n’t want to buy the wrong coins, example, ten thousand Lincoln Cents in MS64 condition when there are possibly millions out there in MS65 condition or higher. besides, some series have not moved up in price for many years such as some common year Mint Sets or Proof Sets. so, do your inquiry .
Play Hard to Get

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Advantages : An exercise of playing hard to get is when you indicate to person who is interest in a coin or coins that you have, that you are thinking of selling and you might besides add that you do n’t know what you will be asking for the coin ( sulfur ). You then let the person or company come to you and let them make you some good offers on your coin ( south ). I have done this before where some auction companies have pursued me to consign coins to them and besides some collectors have pursued me on some coins which I indicated I was thinking of selling. In my mind, I had already decided I was going to sell them but by the fact that I mentioned I was thinking of selling they came to me and made me some truly great offers of some which I could n’t resist .
Disadvantages : Some dealers, auction companies, or collectors may not like to haggle. They want a promptly and straight answer whether you are selling or not and if so, they want you to name your price where they can either sink or toy. If not, they wo n’t even entertain making any deal with you at all .
so here you have it, these are just some of the ideas I can come up when writing this article if you have any others that have worked for you feel free to let us know and we can mention them in an approaching article. possibly following prison term we can discuss, “ How to Get a great consider When Buying Coins. ”

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