How to break Into Coin Machines

boobers I ‘m going to show you how to break into your greenwald mint bolt in three minutes these things are built identical very baffling they ‘re designed in a

way is that you ca n’t in truth get into them from the back the top or underneath thus you ca n’t unbolt this forum take it off your washer/dryer and get into it it ‘s not going to work all right you ‘re not going to get these case hardened bolts out very easily vitamin a well you it ‘s going to be a real annoyance in the ass to get those out you ‘re going to have to use special bits these are case hardened and they mean it that ‘s some pretty gnarled stuff but what you can do is you can go in through the lock itself and this is what I did like I said it took me three minutes for each one of these okay thus basically you have this short slot here that protects the lock in all right therefore people ca n’t get in and try to twist it or drill into it okay so what I did is I went and I took my screwdriver and I precisely went back and forth on it okay and I wallowed it out then I could get my drill sting through there approve identical easy to do then the adjacent thing I did is I had a quality Matco drill bit from my Mac code set of drill bits these are good bits okay I put it in there like so this happens fun all right I use about medium revolutions per minute I did n’t go very fast you do n’t need to go faster you ruin your moment and you push it in and it ‘ll get into your lock in assembly and then as all you do is keep the drill steady and square level and then you will feel that you ‘re actually drilling into it and you can see some shavings come out this this process merely takes literally two three minutes okay what ‘s going to happen then you ‘re going to break through the exercise fair going to push right in into your coin box fair like that we ‘ll fair feed it right in and what you did at this point is you basically drilled out the binding of the engage okay see this right here and you

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basically drilled through the interlock and drilled this back piece out now it ‘ll unlock on its own these cams will move and they will release indeed what you do is you just take the drill and everything and just pull it on out like that and there ‘s your coins now yes you are going to have to replace the the interlock mechanism and you are going to have to get a new set of keys there on the internet they ‘re truly not that expensive on the bottom of your greenwalt box it ‘ll tell you what series it is this is a Yuji 800 a serial I do n’t know if you can read that and you can buy the unharmed accomplished box with a lock and key already installed or you can take this aside unsanded the lock mechanism here and install a new lock with a raw key okay my local anesthetic locksmith when I actually could find I kind of know out here in the state so when I actually could find a locksmith that wanted to take this job on he wanted $ 60 an because he said it was going to take an hour to get into each box all right that ‘s a joke absolute jest so you wanted $ 60 each per box and then the price of the lock assembly and the keys plus british labour party to install that therefore you do n’t motivation to do it guys just open it up it ‘s no big deal these are identical easy to break into you could n’t do this in a launderette or something and I do n’t condone that kind of action but I own these machines my set of keys were stolen and consequently I indigence to get into my McCoy boxes these were filling up and what is there ‘s credibly a hundred and ten bucks worth of quarters in there you know what I would have to give that damn locksmith both coin boxes entire of quarters I ‘m beaming I did n’t listen to him they said immediately you ca n’t drill it out where you can under three minutes all right man thanks for watching

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