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Want to learn how to buy Helium (HNT)? You can buy HNT on FTX Exchange and Binance.US.
helium is a decentralized internet service built to world power the Internet of Things ( IoT ). While Bitcoin miners verify transactions are legit, Helium miners run hot spots that emit a low-frequency signal across a large spoke. Helium sells hot spots that are capable of turning a flying profit in population-dense areas .
The Helium net is attractive to companies that use a large act of internet-connected devices around the worldly concern. Helium already has inked some big partnerships from Lime scooters to Inc. ( NYSE : CRM ).

Purchasing a Helium hot spot is not the merely room to make money from this project. Helium is powered by the Helium Network Token ( HNT ), a cryptocurrency that reflects demand for the network. As adoption grows and the network becomes more powerful, HNT will probable increase in measure angstrom well .

What is HNT?

HNT is the command form of money for interacting with the protocol. Whether you want to use the network or just make an investment, you can be sure that demand for the keepsake will follow the demand for the network .
While the name the Helium Network Token may lead you to believe it is based on another blockchain, it is actually a misnomer. The HNT is the native asset of its own blockchain, making it a coin by definition. HNT was not pre-mined and has a add hood of 223,000 coins .
The distribution of the HNT allocated 30 % to network data transfer, 35 % to hot spot infrastructure and 35 % to founders and early investors. Some luminary investors include Andreessen Horowitz ( a16z ) and FTX ’ s Alameda Research .

Brief History of HNT

The price of HNT can be quite fickle — even for crypto. In June 2020, the token traded hands for around $ 0.25. today, the keepsake can be purchased for $ 15.88. Which is devour 31 % from its all-time high of $ 23.01 .

How to Buy Helium Crypto

If you ’ re looking to get a patch of the Helium action, there are a few places you can go as a U.S. nonmigratory, and tied more if you ’ re outside the states .
If you ’ re a U.S. resident, you ’ ll have to comply with Securities and Exchange Commission ( SEC ) regulations when setting up your cryptocurrency exchange account. These regulations require the exchanges to collect your Social Security number, a photograph of your identification and some other personal details. Have these handy to save fourth dimension .

  1. Open an online account. The 1st tone to purchasing HNT is to open an account with an commute that supports it. We ’ ve saved you the time and compiled them all for you below. Just know that if your IP address is located within the U.S., your options are limited to Binance.US and FTX Exchange.

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  2. Buy a wallet (optional). If you ’ rhenium investing in Helium for the long term, you ’ ll want a impregnable locate to store your assets. While your change will be happy to hold your money for you, a coldness repositing wallet will give you total control over your funds. If you aren ’ t looking to shell out the money for a hardware wallet, you should consider a free software wallet to add a layer of security to protect your crypto investments.
  3. Make your purchase. now that you ’ re all ready to go, you ’ ll want to link your bank account with your exchange. once your account is funded, find the Helium page and set an order. There are 2 independent types of orders you can place : market and limit. A market ordain will fill for whatever the lowest current ask is. A limit order means you ’ re agreeing to a certain price and measure. Should the asset pass this price, your order will be filled.

Cryptocurrency Wallets for Helium (HNT)

Compare crypto wallets .

Best Hardware Wallet: Ledger Nano X

presently, the Ledger wallets are the only hardware wallets that support HNT. As HNT is based on a proprietary blockchain, most wallets are slow to add support. Ledger, however, is the industry standard when it comes to security and design. The wallet looks like a typical flash tug, but concealed under the satiny metallic covering is an organic light-emitting diode ( OLED ) display for interacting with your device .
The Ledger Nano X is the follow-up to the smash hit Ledger Nano S, which now comes in at an low-cost $ 59. The S is quite exchangeable to the ten but lacks the Bluetooth connection and OLED display. If you ’ ra not planning on using your daybook on the go, then you ’ ra fine saving some money and picking up the Nano S rather .

Best Software Wallet: Helium App

If your HNT is dedicated to trade, you ’ ll want to keep it on the Helium app ’ mho mobile wallet for quick access as the market moves. As helium is based on its own blockchain, it takes a special kind of crypto wallet to hold the currency. While more mobile wallets, like ZenGo, are sure to add support for more currencies in the future, right field nowadays your options for storing HNT are reasonably limited .


HNT is a top 100 cryptocurrency that has so far to be listed on Coinbase. If this does happen, you can expect a significant price increase on release day .

Current Crypto Prices

As of August 2021, the cryptocurrency markets are a bit of a hot topic. After a spectacular first one-half of the year, Bitcoin corrected a meek 50 % at the end of May. Since then, many newcomers have been apprehensive. While cryptocurrencies are a inquisitive investment, the future of blockchain technology is becoming cursorily apparent. From money to IoT decentralized networks, there ’ s no telling the limits of a blockchain-powered internet.

Is Helium a Good Investment?

While Helium is probably not for risk-averse investors, it may yield high returns should the cryptocurrency market detonator continue to drift upwards in the long condition. As engineering and world become always more connected, the necessitate for a decentralized IoT wireless network is probably to increase. Helium may or may not survive long term, but its 1st-mover advantage and blue chip backing from a16z and Alameda is a good sign .

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