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For beginners

1. Create a wallet :
Download Trust Wallet and create a wallet. Keep your phrase a clandestine ! never share it with anyone and memory it by rights ! Make certain to copy the compress address below !

2. Add Karen Coin to the wallet :
While you ‘re on the wallet page, tap the picture in the top-right corner and search for “ Karencoin ”. If it ‘s not there, tap “ Add Custom Token ” .
At the top, pat “ Ethereum ” next to Network, and change it to “ Smart Chain ” .

Copy the contract cover below and paste it in the Contract Address box :

following, put “ Karencoin ” as the identify, and the symbol as KAREN. Decimals will be 9 .

Click “ Done ” at the top and you should now have Karencoin added to your wallet !

3. Buy BNB !
Tap on “ BNB ” on the main screen of trust wallet, then tap “ Buy ” in the top right. It will require you to create a Moonpay explanation. This step may require KYC confirmation, so have documents ready to prove your identity .

If the transaction wo n’t go through, you may need to contact your bank to allow international transactions .
After purchasing, there may be a delay while your transaction is processed. Be patient, this is convention !

4. Swap BNB to Smart Chain ( Same logo fair with a yellow diamond in a black circle )
Click the ‘DEX ‘ picture down the bottom and make sure you are on the trade page. Put BNB into the top row and Smart Chain ( the blacken and scandalmongering logo ) into the bottomland row. To do this you will tap on the name of whatever is presently sitting in the bottom row, which will open up a newfangled page. You must type in ‘smart chain ‘ in the search banish up the clear in this page and then click on ‘smart chain ‘ when it loads. This will take you back to the swap page where you will have BNB on lead and Smart Chain on the bed .

note : You will need to incur a small transaction fee of 0.005 BNB to swap this over. indeed for case if you had 1.259 BNB you would alternatively backspace this and type in 1.254 to account for this transaction fee .

5. Swap Smart Chain for Karencoin :
once your transaction has been cleared, and you will need to wait about 10 seconds before this arrives in your wallet as Smart Chain. sometimes this can take longer if the networks are clogged up due to busy periods. If this is the subject precisely wait patiently until it arrives in your wallet .

Once it has arrived ,

For android
( scroll down for iphone instructions ) – go to DApps at the bottom of the main filmdom ( the option to the correctly of wallet down the bottomland of your screen ) .

From here open the DApps and under the heading ‘New DApps ‘ discover and snap on PancakeSwap .

First – Connect your Trust Wallet in the top-right. If you see a blasphemous ‘connect ‘ button in the top right of your screen it means that you need to connect your wallet. Do this by clicking the blue push button and a little shield will pop open. Click on the Trust Wallet option. You will then be rear on the main page of PancakeSwap once more .

second – Scroll down a little to the “ Exchange ” box. Click the icon with the 3 lines on top of one another. This will open up another small screen. On this screen door set the slippage to 12 % ( Write this as 12 – not 0.12 ). Any less than this and the transaction might not work. If you want to give it the best possible find to clear, increase the deadline. By default option it should be set to 20 minutes, which is very well ( shown in image below ). once this is done merely click the ‘ adam ‘ to go back to the exchange page again .

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