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What Is MaidSafeCoin (MAID)?

MaidSafeCoin is a proxy token that supports the growth of the SAFE Network and allows pre-purchase of its native currency : safe Network Tokens. After the Network is dispatch, MaidSafeCoins can be swapped 1-for-1 with Safe Network Tokens. MaidSafeCoin is available on both the Omni protocol ( MAID ) and Ethereum ERC20 protocol ( eMAID ) .

What makes the SAFE Network Unique?

The SAFE Network utilises the spare capacity of everyday Internet connected devices to form an autonomous data networking level which allows for decentralised, batten, privacy-preserving communications and storage.

It ‘s designed to give people complete reign over their personal data, yet hush allowing rich and scalable software platforms, business solutions, and user experiences to be built on exceed. The SAFE Network besides gives individuals and businesses the opportunity for fiscal constancy by trading their resources, products, content, and creativity without the need for middlemen—in large separate thanks to a flexible and highly performant economic system based on Digital Bearer Certificates ; a system which besides paves the way for a new generation of crypto currency technologies .

How Is the SAFE Network Secured?

quite than using blockchain, the SAFE Network extends peer-to-peer and spread hash table engineering, forming consensus from decisions amongst small autonomous groups of devices—or nodes. Data uploaded to the Network is split into chunks, encrypted and randomly distributed amongst these nodes, which must reliably store and serve this datum over an run period before being rewarded. Proof-of-Resource quite than Proof-of-Work. Rewards are paid to nodes in the form of Safe Network Tokens, which can be spent on Network services such as data storage, transferred as payments, or exchanged for other currencies .

How Many MaidSafeCoins Are There in Circulation?

There are 452,552,412 MaidSafeCoins in circulation. This represents 10 % of the sum supply of Safe Network Tokens available over clock time after Network launch.

What are Safe Network Tokens?

Safe Network Tokens are the currency of the SAFE Network; a utility token that can be spent on Network services, and allow for those contributing resources to be automatically rewarded. safe Network Tokens are the currentness of the SAFE Network ; a utility token that can be spent on Network services, and allow for those contribute resources to be automatically rewarded. The engineering that underpins this—based on decentralize Digital Bearer Certificates—provides for advanced digital currency features : fast, scaleable, and private transactions with no fees, and even offline capabilities. so not entirely will these ability the economic incentives of the SAFE Network, they offer a platform for a new generation of digital currencies and monetary services .

Who Are the Founders of MaidSafe?

MaidSafe are the team behind the SAFE Network, and the core developers of its protocol. Founded by mastermind David Irvine, work began on the project in 2006 with a team based in Scotland. A crowd fund round followed in 2014, and with it MaidSafeCoin.

The project is distillery headquartered in Scotland, but with a a ball-shaped team of thinkers, inventors, tinkerers, PhDs, engineers and designers. The mission ? To provide security system and privacy for everyone .

Where Can I Buy MaidSafeCoin (MAID)?

If you are concern in buying, sell, or trade MaidSafeCoin ( MAID ), you can do so on the follow exchanges : MaidSafeCoin is besides available as an ERC20 keepsake : eMAID .

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