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FS 2048 – Stack Up Coins to 2048

1. What is FS 2048?

FlipSimu ( FS ) 2048 is a 2048 game based on coins .
Each value is represented by a mint. To get extra money, the player must stack the identical coins. Please see Section 2 for instructions on how to play the bet on .
We expect that by employing a custom-make 2048 game, people ‘s brains would be able to relax. For another use case, we hope that by playing the 2048 game on-line, it can teach children about money .
Try getting a 2048 mint at the end if you want a challenge goal.

If you good want for relax, try collecting the same coins deoxyadenosine monophosphate many as possible .
We want to make this tool big for fun and learning purposes .
Besides, we besides have other popular fun tools developed, if you need a coin flipper, check out our FS Coin. Or the FS Dice for our die curler. And the Tarot card read for Yes or No by our FS Tarot .

2. How to Play 2048 Game?

1. Use your arrow keys, or W, S, A, D or swipe Up, Down, Left, Right to move the coins. Share FS 2048 Coin
2. Stack up the coins with the same value and they will be merged into one .
3. You will win the game when you can merge the coins until getting the 2048 coin .
4. All the coins collected ( besides in the past ) will be displayed. Coin Collected

5. The 2048 game come with a little colors customization. You can change it at the settings section. Settings

3. How to Win the Game?

Winning the 2048 game is not an comfortable tax and besides require a batch of patience and quiz. here are a few helpful hints for you .

  1. Play it slow.
  2. Place the highest coin at the corner and do not move it.

There is a dear tutorial on-line teaching how to win it .

4. We Need Your Feedback?

We want our f 2048 Coin to be enjoyable to play while besides being educational .
If you have any suggestions about how to improve the 2048 game ‘s purpose, features, or anything else, please let us know. Please do not hesitate to provide feedback at here .

5. Share the App?

If you like our 2048 game and want to contribution it with your friends and family, you can well do so by clicking the share clitoris ( beside the logo ) .
Share Button

You can copy and share the URL directly or through Facebook or Twitter .
Share FS Dice

6. History

Our team does not invent the 2048 concept, you may learn more about it on 2048 Wiki .

Let’s Play 2048 Game with FS 2048!

source : https://ontopwiki.com
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