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last, after sharing the previous raffia mint purse blueprint, I have come out with another pattern to crochet a beautiful kisslock mint purse that uses a round arch metallic element purse inning .
raffia coin purse pattern It is sol easy to crochet, even a founder can do it with fair a little experience in crochet. however, you will need some hands-on practice in sewing up a kisslock frame, alternately, you may use the no-sew kisslock frame which I find that it could be easier in the facility process. Since I do not have the no-sew frame, I did it with my all-time darling sew-in kisslock frame and they came out perfectly to my anticipation .
crochet raffia coin purse This palm-size cunning short kisslock coin purse measures about 3.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.5″ tall, equitable the right size to keep free change and coins. Unlike fabric kisslock coin purse, due to the construction of the coin purse and the characteristic of raffia thread, this kisslock coin purse holds it ’ mho shaped nicely without any supplementary hold from batting or interfacing. It is lightweight with only 1.4 oz ( 40 gram ) to carry around. A bankroll of raffia narration ( Raffia With Passion ) can make up to 10 pieces of them. Or, you may use the leftover thread to whip them up in multi colors, precisely like what I have done .

Kisslock Coin Purse – Free Crochet Pattern

coil ⬇️ to get the free radiation pattern & tutorial

crochet coin purse Cute little Kisslock coin purses in White, Orange, Gold, and Copper raffia narration colors, matched with antique bronze, eloquent chrome, and black chrome 8.5cm kisslock purse ensnare respectively .
crochet raffia coin purse

Kisslock Coin Purse

Size: 3.5″ x 2.5″ x 3.5″ tall
Skill level: Avid Beginner
ch = chain
scandium = single crochet
ssc = rent single crochet / knit sew / vest stitch
iraqi national congress = increase sew / 2sc in a stitch
slst = mooring sew
st = stitch
1. Crochet raffia thread, Raffia With Passion, 170 gram / 250 thousand, 1/4 hustle
2. Crochet hook 3.5mm
3. 8.5cm kisslock frame, Round sew-in type
4. fabric for liner, approx. 8″ x 10″, optional
1. Sewing needle and match thread for lining
2. Wax coated screw thread or strong weave ( for sewing the kiss lock frame of reference )
3. tapestry needle
Tension gauge:
Approx 17 sts x 24 rows split individual crochet in 4 inches square

Crochet Pattern

in american english crochet terms
Purse Base (Circle bottom)
Round 1 : security council 6 in magic trick hoop, join with slst to the first st to make a closed chain, turn. { 6 }
Round 2 : ch1, [ iraqi national congress ] around, slst to the beginning st of the round, turn. { 12 }
Round 3 : ch1, [ iraqi national congress, ssc 1 ] around, slst to the beginning st of the round, turn. { 18 }
Round 4 : ch1, [ iraqi national congress, ssc 2 ] around, slst to the first st of the turn, turn. { 24 }
Round 5 : ch1, [ iraqi national congress, ssc 3 ] around, slst to the first st of the round, go. { 30 }
Round 6 : ch1, [ iraqi national congress, ssc 4 ] round, slst to the first st of the circle, change by reversal. { 36 }
Purse Body (vertically upward)
rung 7 – Round 23 ( 17 rounds all in all ) : ch1, ssc around, slst to the beginning st of the round, turn. { 36 }
Fasten off and hide yarn ends .
important note : Pull the slst and chain stitches snug at the end and beginning of every polish to tighten these transition stitches in order to give a less obvious seam .

More Details on how to crochet the Kisslock Coin Purse

klr coin purse 1 By using a crochet pilfer size of 3.5mm, follow the model to crochet the encircle nucleotide for the mint purse with “ Raffia With Passion ” thread .

klr coin purse 2 If your latent hostility is correct, you should have a encircle slenderly smaller than the orotund kisslock frame after round 6. differently, adjust the pattern a little by adding or reducing the number of rounds to get a similar size .

klr coin purse 3 Proceed to crochet the upright side of the mint purse until it completes orotund 23 or until it is about 2.75″ grandiloquent.
Set iron on medium heat. Block the mint purse by pressing it against a ball of socks ( insert into the purse ). If you are using other brands of raffia thread, test with an iron on a small part inside the purse.

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klr coin purse 4 When you place the round kisslock frame on it, it is sitting nicely on the border .

klr coin purse 5 The trace is optional but it will make the kisslock coin purse more skillfully done.
This is the measurement of my line after deducted about 0.25″ from the actual measurement of the coin purse, i.e.2.75″ becomes 2.5″ for both basis diameter and altitude. As for the width of the rectangle musical composition of line, just need to do some maths to get the circumference of the base, i.e., circumference = π x diameter, which is 3.14 x 2.5″ = 7.85 which is about 8″ in proximity .

klr coin purse 6 first, seam up the sides of the rectangle musical composition, followed by joining up with the base. last, fold down the top border and topstitch it in place .

klr coin purse 7 Insert the line into the raffia coin purse, hand-stitch the top edges together.
Make a few stitches at the base of the purse to secure the line in put so that it will not incidentally pulling out when you take out the coins .

klr coin purse 8 temporarily secure the joints of the kisslock frame to the purse by making a few stitches through the hole and knot it. Repeat the same to the other side.
Insert the purse edges into the channel of the frame. It is all right to squeeze the fabric a little in order to slot them into the channel if the purse is a fiddling larger than the frame.
Stitch the human body to the purse body via those little holes on the frame with potent thread .

klr coin purse 9 sew from inside through the first hole, leave a long chase of about 4″ ( substitute for ribbon hiding in a by and by stage ).
Sew from outside via the second hole, pull snugly.
Sew from inside via the same hole but move your sew a little away from where it came out from.
This sewing method will give a dainty bantam stitching marks on the line side of the purse.
Repeat this stitching method until you finish one side of the frame. Make certain the purse boundary is pushed into the channel all the time during sewing.
Tie a knot. Hide the tail and the knot by sewing them into the outer space between the lining and mint bag. Repeat the like to the tail at the beginning of the sewing .

klr coin purse 10 Repeat the sewing to the other side of the human body to attach the mint bag to the kisslock frame.
Remove the temp stitches at the side of the frame.
Pinch the sides of the coin purse with fingers and close the kisslock .

klr coin purse 11 Front View .

klr coin purse 12 Side View .

klr coin purse 13 top View.

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crochet kisslock coin pursecrochet raffia coin purse


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