10 Hardest Purple Coin Stars In Super Mario Galaxy

In Super Mario Galaxy, each galaxy is visited by prankster comets, which alter the levels in their own ways. The purple comets constantly require you to collect 100 imperial coins, either via a treasure hunt or by taking part in a clock challenge .
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These challenges can pretty polarizing amongst fans, but even for those who enjoy the purple comets, most of the levels are a real challenge. This may be because the fourth dimension limits are particularly rigid, or because the environment itself is frustrating to navigate. Thankfully they ‘re not required to beat the independent crippled, but they are required for 100 percentage completion .

10 Purple Coins By The Seaside (Sea Slide Galaxy)

Bee Mario standing on a cloud in Sea Slide Galaxy This mission is n’t timed, but it can take a very long time to find all the coins because you ‘ve got to hunt high and low for them, and the bee kit can be very fiddly to use and slow you down by chance .
possibly the biggest detail of contention is the fact that throughout this whole water level, not a single purple coin actually exists in the water. They ‘re all above it on the cloud, which kind of defeats the point of putting them in a water level .

9 Plunder The Purple Coins (Deep Dark Galaxy)

Mario standing in the secret cave housing a pirate ship The estimate of a purple coin gem hunt aboard a lose pirate ship sounds pretty cool, and this level is n’t necessarily excessively challenging, but the fact that some coins are hidden in some obscure locations means that it can become reasonably irritating to try and find them all .
not helping matters is the fact that the pool at the begin does n’t actually contain any coins, which, unless you know ahead, is going to serve as a big waste of meter .

8 Purple Coins In The Woods (Gold Leaf Galaxy)

Mario navigating Gold Leaf Galaxy's obstacle course for purple coins This level requires you to navigate a wooden obstacle course and collect all the coins in less than three minutes and 30 seconds. Compared to some other levels, this is the most generous time limit, but the platforming still requires a draw of preciseness, and you ca n’t afford to hang around .
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thankfully there are bees located at certain points to inform you if you somehow miss any coins, but by the fourth dimension you ‘ve gone back and found them, you ‘ll probably have run out of time anyhow .

7 Purple Coin Spacewalk (Space Junk Galaxy)

Mario collecting purple coins in Space Junk Galaxy There ‘s possibly some irony in Space Junk Galaxy simultaneously being one of the best galaxies in the game, whilst besides having one of the hard purple coin stars. This level takes place in the concluding section of “ Pull Star Path, ” where the path is technically inconspicuous until you get close enough to the platforms .
The trouble stems from the fact that you must collect all coins and then return to the begin to collect the star in less than two minutes. fortunately, the coins indicate where the platforms may appear .

6 Purple Coins In The Desert (Dusty Dune Galaxy)

Mario on a platform surrounded by quicksand and purple coins nearby thankfully this mission is n’t timed, but that does n’t make it that much easier. You ‘ve got to try and find all 100 coins in the segment of Dusty Dune with the quicksand. If you die, you ‘ve got to do it all over again .
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This seems straightforward, but some jumps can be by chance fiddly to complete. There are besides some camera issues whenever you invert to the other side of the minor planet, and there are few things more infuriate than walking into quicksand as a result of this happening.

5 Purple Coins On The Puzzle Cube (Super Mario Galaxy)

Mario standing near the fountain and some purple coins on the puzzle cube Despite Gusty Garden Galaxy being one of the best 3D Mario levels, this star topology is more nerve-racking than it needs to be. You have to find 100 of the 150 coins that are scattered across the hedge maze cube, and a lot of them are placed on flimsy paths where, if you lose your foot, you waste prison term trying to right yourself .
It can besides be quite easy to lose your way back to the ace because the television camera tends to have trouble knowing which room to front .

4 Purple Coins On The Battlerock (Battlerock Galaxy)

A cannonball flying towards the screen whilst Mario follows a trail of purple coins This level is an autoscroller, which means it ‘s possible to miss some coins behind if you ‘re not quick or accurate enough. If you reach the Gearmo at the end without all 100, Mario will lose a biography .
This does n’t mean that missing a coin is an instantaneous end sentence, because there ‘s a sling ace at the end that will send you back to the beginning of the level. however, it can be quite bore if you constantly have to go back because of one mint, and it ‘s slowly to miss some .

3 Luigi’s Purple Coins (Toy Time Galaxy)

Mario standing on the beginning platform of Luigi's Purple Coins This mission takes the “ Mario Meets Mario ” level and makes it even harder. You need to collect all of the coins and then return to the beginning platform to collect the leading, and you have three minutes to do it all .
This may seem like a generous time limit, but the lava has been replaced with instant-death poison and the flinch platforms make a return, so you need to quickly plan a road that does n’t unwittingly cut off your room back, and the add pressure from the timer just makes things that much hard .

2 Purple Coins In The Bone Pen (Ghostly Galaxy)

Using a pull star to navigate the bone pen in Ghostly Galaxy This degree is much harder than it needs to be because of a rigid prison term terminus ad quem and a fiddly control condition system. The device is that you have to navigate a maze using extract stars, even though these are one of the huffy spots on Galaxy ‘s otherwise fun motion controls .
This would be fine if it was n’t for the fact that you need to collect the coins and reach the star in the center in under one minute. even the addition of 50 extra coins does n’t help much .

1 Battlestation’s Purple Coins (Dreadnought Galaxy)

Mario on a moving platform whilst a cannonball heads towards him in Dreadnought Galaxy This star topology may be the most despised in Super Mario Galaxy. It ‘s another autoscroller but with smaller platforms, more hazards and trickier timings. It ‘s flush trickier when playing as Luigi because his slippery traction is a massive hindrance.

What makes this level bad is that you may not even notice the slingshot asterisk that sends you back to the beginning until it ‘s excessively former. This is because it ‘s reasonably hide off to the slope near the horizontal surface ‘s end, with many players not realising it was ever there .
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