How to Type the Cent Symbol (¢) on Your Computer or Mobile Phone

Do you want to type the cent symbol but don ’ metric ton know how ? You ’ re in luck because we ’ re hera to teach you how to type the penny symbol on your calculator or smartphone. We will besides tell you how to type or insert the cent sign in Microsoft Word, Excel and other computer applications.

The penny symbol is much used to represent the cents of a currency, particularly the US dollar. A cent is equivalent to 1/100 of the basic monetary unit of measurement. The cent sign is besides used for the centavo, which is the monetary unit used in Mexico, Brazil, the Philippines, and a few other countries.

however, most people prefer to write 25 cents or $ 0.25, for model, rather of 25¢. This is ascribable to the fact that most computer keyboards don ’ t have the cent symbol. To enter the cent sign, one must press a combination of keys on the keyboard, or insert the symbol using a computer application like Microsoft Word.

The penny symbol is a Unicode character, which means that it can be encoded and displayed in the huge majority of computers and mobile devices. however, the penny sign may look different depending on the font used. You will notice that the appearance of the cent sign in Calibri, for exercise, differs from the one in Times New Roman. alternatively of merely writing the “ cents ” password or using the dollar sign, you can use the cent symbol rather. Most people will recognize the penny sign and know what it stands for. Keep in mind that the cent sign should be placed after the amount ( e.g. 50¢ ), unlike with currentness symbols ( e.g. $ 0.50 ) .

Cent Symbol Copy and Paste

We ’ ve provided a agile and easy way to type the penny symbol into your document or application. Just click the corner below and the symbol will be instantaneously copied to your clipboard .

After copying the symbol, paste it into your text file by right-clicking and selecting Paste ( or type Ctrl + V ).

How to Type the Cent Symbol Using Keyboard Shortcut

credibly the most dependable means to type the penny signal on your computer is to use a combination of keys on the keyboard. The keyboard shortcut for the penny symbol is Alt + 0162. Type the penny sign or symbol by pressing the Alt key and then typing 0162 on the numeral computer keyboard. The result is this : ¢.

Keyboard shortcut for the cent symbol in Windows The numeral computer keyboard ( or count pad ) is the set of keys on the rightmost part of the Windows keyboard. You can activate the numeric computer keyboard by tapping the Num Lock key .

How to Type the Cent Symbol in Microsoft Word

The keyboard shortcut method previously mentioned works with all computer applications. Nevertheless, Microsoft Word provides a agile and comfortable direction to insert the penny symbol into your document. To do this, beginning select the Insert yellow journalism ( right next to the Home check ). adjacent, click the Symbol button, and then More Symbols. A popup dialogue will appear with all the symbols you can insert in Word. Find the penny bless, blue-ribbon or highlight it, and then click Insert. The symbol is now inserted into your Word document. If you have trouble looking for the cent sign, blue-ribbon Latin-1 Supplement in the Subset field to narrow down your choices.

For easier interpolation of the cent symbol in Word, you can assign a shortcut winder. Just click the Shortcut Key button after selecting the penny gestural, and then enter your choose keyboard combination. The default shortcut identify for the cent signboard in Word is Ctrl + /,C .

How to Type the Cent Symbol in Android

To type the cent symbol on your Android smartphone, barely switch to the number and symbols keypad ( normally by tapping ?123 ). Long-press the $ ( dollar ) key and you will see early currency symbols. Tap the ¢ ( penny ) key to insert it .

How to Type the Cent Symbol on iPhone or iPad

Inserting the cent symbol in the iPhone or iPad is exchangeable to Android. On the io keyboard, switch to the numeral computer keyboard by tapping the 123 samara. Hold or long-press the $ ( dollar ) key and it will show other currentness symbols. finally, select the ¢ ( cent ) key to insert the penny signboard .

How to Insert the Cent Symbol Using Character Map

If your computer or laptop keyboard doesn ’ thymine have a number pad, you can use a little Windows utility called the Character Map .
Launch the Character Map by clicking the Windows Start button ( the picture on the bottom-left corner of the screen ), and selecting Windows Accessories and then Character Map. On the Character Map, search for the ¢ ( penny ) sign and select it. The symbol is normally located in the fifth quarrel. After clicking Select, click Copy. You can now paste ( Ctrl + V ) the symbol into an application such as Notepad or Word .

How to Type the Cent Symbol in Mac

Mac users can type the cent symbol using the keyboard shortcut Option + 4. Hold the Option samara and then tap the 4 key to insert the cent sign in Mac .
Keyboard shortcut for the cent sign in Mac

How to Type the Cent Sign as HTML

If you are a network developer or programmer, you can insert the cent symbol as HTML code. Simply type ¢ to use the cent sign in your webpages.

Wrapping Up

The penny symbol has many uses particularly in the playing field of business and finance. Whether you ’ re an entrepreneur who wants to use the cent sign to price an item, or plainly person who wants to save space in your documents, you ’ ll learn how easy it is to type the symbol on your calculator or fluid device. If you have problems with any of the methods in this article, or if you can ’ metric ton be bothered to try them, you can barely merely copy the penny sign and then paste it to your text file .

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