Counterfeit Coin Detection – 1882 $3 US Gold Coin

Counterfeit Coin Detection - 1882 $3 US Gold Coin

counterfeit 1882 $ 3 US Gold

By Max Spiegel – Numismatic Researcher, NGC ……
On the “ Omega ” $ 3 US Gold coins, the forger ’ s signature can be seen within the cringle of the R in LIBERTY.

Three dollar gold pieces are much overlooked by collectors despite having an unusual denomination and a overplus of low-mintage issues. Minted from 1854 to 1889, three dollar gold pieces were unpopular and rarely circulated ; by the denomination ’ s final decade, mintages ranged from a broken of merely 500 pieces to a high of merely 6,000 coins. According to the NGC Census most examples that we have graded are in about Uncirculated to gloomy Mint State grades, foster attest that these coins saw little use at the time .
rev In most other United States series, coins with mintages ampere low as three dollar gold pieces would sell for huge sums. however, while the prices for many circulated three dollar amber pieces are fairly meek, they cursorily escalate, peculiarly at the mid-to-high Mint State degree. Counterfeits are not specially common, but there are some well made fakes out there .
respective months ago NGC received this counterfeit 1882 three dollar. A mere 1,500 examples were struck in 1882, and the NGC US Coin Price Guide reports a rate of $ 3,910 in AU 58—the most common grade .
There are a couple of problems with this mint that become apparent at first glance.

first, Liberty ’ s haircloth, headdress, and the motto LIBERTY are weaker than normal and blend into the surrounding sphere. Second, a helping of the correctly obverse field has been manipulated. The areas immediately to the right field of Liberty ’ s hair and between the CA in AMERICA are affected and have clearly been altered in an attempt to disguise some of the mint ’ second flaws .
Looking closer, a few small lumps around LIBERTY and a few other obverse letters become apparent. many three dollar aureate pieces show pronounce die polish lines—not surprising given their low mintages—but this piece has none .
omega_fake This is the alleged Omega fake three dollar, named for the greek letter Ω ( omega ) that the forger used to mark his or her handicraft. The Omega Counterfeiter is best known for high-quality 1907 High Relief $20 fakes, but several early series were targeted including the 1882 three dollar.

On the Omega three dollar coins, the counterfeit ’ s Ω touch can be seen within the loop of the R in LIBERTY. While this slice has been altered to the item where the Ω is very faint, on early counterfeits it can be quite big. A few other forgeries were made by the Omega forger, and all can be linked by the presence of this greek letter. The Omega High Relief twenties are far more deceptive, but this is even an above modal counterfeit .
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