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Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools :

Coin Ring reduction and fold die machined from heat treated 17-4 stainless steel steel. No more worrying about corrode on your dies.

Use this cock with your spindle wardrobe, ring sizing machine, or hydraulic urge to fold and reduce coins into coin rings.

This decrease / folding die is double sided ( 1.7 inches and 1.8 inches ) and laser engraved with die size and academic degree.

Use for folding challenge coins, rounds, and early coins that are fair besides large for the standard fold die sets.

This die is a 17 degree die. 17 degree dies are used for the initial foldable process when making coin rings.

This is a quality mint ring making tool machined and estrus treated in the USA and made to last a life.

This Stainless steel reduction die is in stock and ready to ship within one business day.

No coins are included with this list.

Why spend your money on Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools ?

Customer Service and Support :

Look at our 1000 + reviews here on Etsy and see what others are saying :

“ the folks at Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools are very supportive and convey therefore well regarding any questions you might have. They have made every attempt to work with me in any way that they could. I have made several purchases from these folks and each transaction has been harass exempt. I recommend them very highly. “

“ Love it, identical timely delivery. Thank you Karen identical much ! ! I only do commercial enterprise with Coin Ring Tools for all of my tools. Thanks Again ! “

“ Received my items today. so very excite to use them. delivery was great as I expected them later in the week. Everything in the package was well secured. very felicitous with my purchase. Karen was fantastic and knowing. She took the time to explain things well, answer all my questions, and provided great intersection photos and videos on how to use these items. Looking forward to some ring making ! Highly recommend this shop class ! ! ! “

We do n’t fair make coin band tools and sell them, we have our very own brand ambassador Gary Rosa. Gary is an adept mint ring and bell craftsman and he is available to help you figure out what Legacy Brand tools you need and how to make best practice of those tools. Gary does all of our Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools video on YouTube, and has helped hundreds of customers get started in coin ring make.

hera at Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools, we strive to provide :

Quality tools, made in the USA, and built to stopping point.
Fast ordain fulfillment and fast transport from our centralized localization in Abilene, Texas.
Responsive customer service when you need it.

Thank you for shopping with us and making Legacy Brand Coin Ring Tools a achiever.

“ Coin Ring Tools to Craft your Legacy ”

Karen and Larry Harnar

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