McDonald’s MacCoin Is Basically An Adult Happy Meal Toy & I Want One

There are lots of things I very miss about being a kid. I miss not selling my soul to New York City lease, and I miss not in full relying on myself to make a wholesome dinner ( as opposed to, like, a bag of popcorn ). Most importantly, though, I actually miss glad Meal plaything. I used to live for those bantam action figures, Beanie Babies, and model race cars. so, if you, besides, miss the outstanding days of receiving felicitous Meal plaything, hera ‘s how to get a McDonald ‘s MacCoin. It ‘s basically a glad Meal plaything for adults, and I badly need one. On Thursday, Aug. 2, McDonald ‘s is celebrating a major milestone. No, it is n’t Ronald McDonald ‘s birthday, and it wo n’t be celebrating my fiftieth ordain of french fries this year. however, it will be celebrating the brilliant fiftieth anniversary of the McDonald ‘s Big Mac, according to ABC6, and they ‘re throwing down in the best way possible. To celebrate, 14,000 participating McDonald ‘s locations nationwide will be giving away rid MacCoins to each customer who orders a Big Mac during Thursday ‘s lunch rush, so gain sure to get there undimmed and early. There ‘s only a limited numeral of MacCoins in the country, and you credibly should know that they ‘re extremely valuable. “ What is a MacCoin commodity for ? ” you might ask. Well, it ‘s kind of a blessing from above. aside from the fact that it ‘s commemorative of the earth ‘s greatest sandwich, and that it makes you feel like a kid getting a felicitous Meal toy, it ‘s besides full for one free Big Mac, per USA Today. You can trade it in anytime between Friday, Aug. 3, and Dec. 31, 2018. Yes, you heard that correctly, and it ‘s a in truth big manage. Whether you ‘re craving a detached sandwich, or if you want to keep it as a keepsake for the perch of your life, the MacCoin is a brilliant keepsake and it should be cherished constantly.

This is n’t the only bargain you can get to benefit from your McDonald ‘s trips for the rest of the year, though, because you can get yourself a release metier order of french fries every Friday through the perch of the year. To do sol, download the McDonald ‘s app from the App Store or Google Play Store, and register an account through the app. You ‘ll get a short ton of truly great deals, including a spare order of medium fries with every $ 1 leverage. It ‘ll be good for every Friday through the rest of the year, and it ‘s so worth it. You ‘ll barely have to show the coupon on the app, and buy any item that amounts to at least $ 1. then, those golden treasures will be yours for no excess charge. Let ‘s be very — there are very few places that bring me bet on to my childhood, more than McDonald ‘s. aside from its fun-as-heck Play Places, arsenic well as its gourmet-level fries that I constantly crave, the glad Meal toys are everything … and now they ‘re basically available to adults. There ‘s absolutely nothing stopping me from getting a release MacCoin with my meal this Thursday, because happy Meal toys are seriously everything I could ever want. It ‘s decidedly going to be a # TBT for the books .

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