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Coins Appraisal Services

Are you looking to determine the measure of your coins ? Whether you have found a mint that looks rare or unusual, or you have a coin solicitation that you are interest in knowing the value of, our coin appraisers are here to help .
We offer confidential written technical numismatic appraisals for individuals, banks, attorneys, estates, trusts and government institutions. We are dependent coin appraisers for the IRS and government institutions. Our mint appraisals can be stated at fair market value or for insurance purposes and can be performed in the comfort of your home or at our Emeryville, CA  offices. Fees for coin appraisals are available on request .

Types of Appraisals

Fair Market Value:

A fair market value coin appraisal establishes the value of a coin solicitation or individual detail in the stream marketplace. A fair market value coin appraisal may be used for settling estate probate or for other instances where the stream market value of a collection needs to be determined. Please bill that this is not a guarantee price that you may receive when a collection is sold, but an indicator of the value in the grocery store soon .
Keep in take care that the method of how a collection is marketed and sold will affect the ultimate price you may receive. Although this type of mint appraisal is stated at average commercialize value, you may receive more or less than the measure value when it is liquidated.

Fair marketplace value appraisals are performed on a fee footing. This type of coin appraisal is not required to sell your coin collection.

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Replacement Vale for Insurance Purposes:

Insurance appraisals are performed to establish the monetary value for the replacement of all or depart of a stamp solicitation in the event of larceny, damage or any other passing. In early words, what it would cost to go into the stream market and easily replace the material. Under these circumstances, replacing all or separate of a collection will most probably be at current retail prices. In many instances, insurance appraisals are obtained anterior to a loss to establish the value of a collection for an insurance carrier. If your place is insured and you sustained a personnel casualty, you will most probable need an insurance appraisal .

Complimentary Evaluations:

If you are seeking to sell a collection, we offer complimentary evaluations by appointee. In most cases, a formal appraisal is not necessity to determine the value of your property. Call or email us to discuss your solicitation and set an appointment with our coin appraisers .

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