Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs: Vintage Games & Amusement for All

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From vintage pinball machines to shooting galleries, the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs is a charming walk back in meter for everyone .
This indoor/outdoor arcade features over 400 vintage games and outdoor rides, 20 different pinball machines ( both new and old ) and 30 different racing games .
There is something for all ages with dozens of authoritative pinball machines that are a atavistic to their generation.

such representations like the Beatles, Star Trek, or Street Fighter pinball machines were extremely popular in their earned run average .
Some games even date back to the 1930’s with at least one game that is over 100 years old! 
And the penny arcade is ( by and large ) true to its mention with plenty of games indeed costing entirely a penny. But there are many more that monetary value anywhere from 5¢ up to $ 1.50 .
If the master game cost a penny, then that ’ s what you pay. Or if the original price was $ 0.10 you only pay a dime !
If you ’ re planning a visit to the Penny Arcade Manitou Springs, or Arcade Amusements as it ’ mho officially called, here ’ s how to make the most out of your stumble .

Visiting the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs

If you ’ rhenium looking for a long-lost arcade game you haven ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate played in years, you will love the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs .

1. Playing on kid-friendly outdoor rides

The main arcade sphere is located in downtown Manitou Springs, barely off the main street .
It consists of 8 buildings angstrom well as a cover outdoor area that holds most of the coin operated rides, which protects them ( and you ) from the elements .
The outdoor area largely features rides and coin-operated outdoor games for young kids. These include belittled carousels, airplanes, animal rides, cartoon characters, and more .
And with Patsy ’ s Candy & Gift Shop offering the kind of distinctive carnival food you would expect at a composition park, it merely adds to the overall experience .
From cotton candy and salt urine taffy to boastfully pretzels and popcorn. Eating the food actually drives the whole experience home for me .

2. Letting loose on vintage indoor games

The indoor games are the most democratic as you find vintage pistol and shooting games, racing games, and more .
The main build itself has been around for decades. It features vintage charm with creaky wooden floors and specialize walkways .
It in truth gives you that feel of old arcades on the Boardwalk you would see on the piers back east or in Southern California .
As you weave in-and-out of the 8 unlike buildings, you will find a variety of arcade games .
Some buildings feature consortium tables or air field hockey, pinball machines, and tied those mega retro throw-backs like Pac-Man or Space Invaders .
Plus, there ’ s an stallion build dedicated to skeeball and another room entirely for sawhorse games .
horse games you ask ? Yes .
Start your gamibling addiction at a young long time by betting on the mechanical horse subspecies ! ( Bookey to threaten your kneecaps at non-payment is an extra charge. JK )

3. Spending cash & coins 

The games at the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade command coins to play, so be sure to bring your cash.

But if you didn ’ triiodothyronine, there are ATMs scattered throughout the arcade area and there are besides change machines that will spit out quarters in exchange for bills.

For the games that take dimes, nickels and pennies there are employees that walk around with coin dispenser belts .
They look like what you would see on carhops back in the day and will exchange your money for smaller, less common currencies .
No motivation to run rear to the cable car and raid the coin tray for a few nickels and dimes .

4. Earning tickets & getting prizes

many of the arcade games allow you to earn tickets for playing or winning games .
One of the easiest ways to earn tickets is to play skeeball. Which is one of my favorites and is surely one of the more popular games they have .
Despite there being 10 skeeball tracks to play on, it ’ randomness easy to find them all taken on the arcade ’ s busier days .
Inside the Skeeball construction is where you can cash in your winning tickets for toys or prizes .
Or watch children go ballistic when they realize their 50 tickets is not enough for the 4,000 piece lego set they had their kernel set on .
once you have a certain number of tickets from winnings, cash them in for toy, stuffed animals, sugarcoat, or other items .

Penny Arcade opening hours

The Penny Arcade hours vary depending on the season. During the summer this amusement zone is clear from 10am to 10-11pm.
During the winter months the arcade is open ampere long as it ’ second 50 degrees or warmer outside .
The winter operate hours are between 11am – 5pm with the machines being turned off nightlong .

The history of the Manitou Springs Penny Arcade

The Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs has been in the same family for 85 years. The original owner started with precisely 1 building wide of vintage video games .
Over the years it has grown and expanded. These days, it ’ s owned by the original owner ’ s son who now manages all 8 buildings .
The Penny Arcade is a raw material in the downtown Manitou Springs area and brings in thousands of tourists every workweek .

Where is the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs?

Located at 930 Manitou Avenue in Manitou Springs, Colorado, the arcade is honestly arduous to miss .
It sits correct in the center of Manitou Springs proper surrounded by local stores, shops, and restaurants .
Being that Manitou is basically a suburb of Colorado Springs, it ’ second pretty easily to get to the arcade .
barely hop on Highway 24 heading west and follow the signs. You ’ ll actually pass right by Manitou Springs and the exit will be on the right.

Manitou Springs is a pretty busy tourist destination so the park is about all entirely pay-to-park .
And as the town is nestled in the foothills of Pikes Peak, there international relations and security network ’ t a fortune of room for populace parking.

Be sure to bring your walk shoes and be prepared to feed the meter in the same direction you are paying to play the games .
The most commodious stead to parking lot is in the Wichita Parking bunch located on the right side of the road as you drive into town.

And at $ 1 for every hour of park, or fair $ 5 all day, the price international relations and security network ’ t besides bad for such an amazing address .
If you ’ rhenium looking for a long-lost arcade game you haven ’ triiodothyronine played in years, or a alone vintage outdoor ride, you will love the Penny Arcade in Manitou Springs .

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