Making a pirate drawstring coin bag/pouch (free template)

Been toying with the idea of getting a coin pouch that I can easily see what coins I have inside. normally I have to dig through the pouch, or dump it all out on my palms, or pour it out onto the teller counter to see if I have the justly come of coins to pay .
While searching for something desirable, I saw this tutorial on making a leather plagiarist coin cup of tea ( hypertext transfer protocol : // ). I thought it would work well since it can open up wide enough for me to see all my coins very easily .
I had some leather remnants left from an old project so I thought I ’ five hundred give it a try. search bare enough, no sewing, no glue, and just one assemble of leather. 🙂
* note : I don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very remember the type of leather I have as I bought it many many years ago on ebay and my ebay purchase history is gone already ( I think they wipe it after 3 years ? ). All I remember is it ’ sulfur parchment and based on my own measurements about 1mm midst. I think any soft leather / faux leather will work for this.

The tutorial doesn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate state of matter the size of the circle, only that she used a vinyl as a template to cut out the encircle. I checked on-line and a vinyl is round 10″ or so in diameter. I ended up using a plate I have that ’ s 8″ in diameter .
using a plate to measure out a 8″ diameter circle
I made a simple template using A4 newspaper to figure out where the holes should be. I measured it 1cm down from the edge and the holes are 2cm apart from each other. I then secured it to the leather before punching out the holes .

I punched out the holes using a 5mm leather cowboy I bought from Daiso. I think using a hole punch for belts is faster ( the one that looks like this ), but I ’ m not certain if they have a 5mm size one. I basically picked this size based on my leather string. so if you have a thin string/cord you won ’ t need such a big hole cowboy .

After punching all the holes, I threaded the leather cord/string through.

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The conclusion result from following the tutorial :

I wasn ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate very glad with the folds being so big on a small bag, so I ended up adding more holes in between which made the folds smaller and neater .

The final final solution :

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looks like a dumpling here.. hehe.
much happier with how this looks and closes. I added a beading that I recycled from an old blouse to secure the drawstring, and made a knot after deciding how wide I want my pocket to open .
DIY no-sew drawstring leather coin pouch

here ’ s a complimentary template I made if you need one :
I noticed most tutorials just wing it and it works all right as well but having a template helped me to get the holes spaced out evenly. 🙂 In the template, the white circles are the master holes based on the tutorial I followed, the grey circles are what I added on after that. sol depending on the material and look you are going for, you can punch out the white circles first then see if you want to add on the extra holes .

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