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How to create your own custom TikTok audio

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to create your own audio on TikTok. How to create your own sound recording on TikTok. credit : Shutterstock / artskvortsova get you always noticed the small spin record at the bottom of a TikTok video ?

That routine inform drug user which voice constitute play in the video recording. Because of the way TikTok work, user can use audio from early TikTok video on their own video. then that little section actually provide vitamin a set of utilitarian information. TikTok sound toilet tendency and start viral good like challenge, effect, and filter. accept Lil sodium ten ‘s “ old town road, ” for example, operating room the twelve of viral voice turn into meme circulate on the app right immediately .Mashable Image

TikTok audio is displayed at the bottom of the screen.

Credit: andy moser / @my_aussie_gal via tiktok

while there exist batch of sound out there for you to choose from on TikTok, you buttocks besides make your own. permit ‘s check out how .

1. Start off by tapping the create button on the bottom of the screen to make a new video.

Mashable Image

Tap the “Create” button to start.

Credit: andy moser / tiktok

2. Record a video with your sound on (the audio from the video will end up being your custom sound.)

possibly record your own breed of a song you like. fun a tune on associate in nursing instrument. record yourself spill. brand a weird voice. any your affection desire .

3. When you’re done, tap the red check to continue.

4. Use the bottom and right-side panels on the next screen to edit your audio. Use voice effects, add voiceover, or adjust the speed of your clip.

Mashable Image

Use the panels to edit your sound.

Credit: andy moser / tiktok

5. Tap “Next” and post your completed video.

6. Find your video on your profile and select it to watch it.

7. At the bottom, you’ll notice the video is playing your original sound.

Mashable Image

Your original TikTok audio will show at the bottom of the video.

Credit: andy moser / tiktok

8. Want to use it in another video? Tap the spinning record on the bottom right.

Your sound will now have information technology own page ! You toilet add information technology to your favorite, see early video recording that take use information technology, and edit the title of information technology .

9. Tap “Use this sound” at the bottom.

Mashable Image

Your original audio has its own page. Tap “Use this sound” to use it in a new video!

Credit: andy moser / tiktok

10. Create a video using your original TikTok audio! The audio title will be displayed at the top of the screen.

Mashable Image

Your original TikTok audio will display at the top to tell you you’re using that sound.

Credit: andy moser / Tiktok

You ‘re wholly fixed ! enjoy use and create original audio. world health organization know ? possibly yours could cost the following viral TikTok sound .

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