Coin Jewelry & Other Ways To Use Coins As Art

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Chances are, you have probably run across a few pieces of coin jewelry in your clock. Coin jewelry is any mint that has been altered due to drilling, cutting, faceting, plating, or all of the above.

Is it legal ? Is it worth anything ? Types Of Coin Jewelry
Coins have been used over the years to make all sorts of creative jewelry such as :

not excessively hanker ago at a local auction in my area I ran across a belt buckle made out of american bison nickels. And these days, one of the hottest things is the express quarter pendent — a one of a kind necklace with your front-runner submit quarter on it. so, how long have people been making jewelry out of coins ? well, the answer to that is probably adenine long as coins have been around. My early hobby besides coins happens to be metal detection and friends of mine have dug up boastfully cents from the 1800 ’ s that have a little hole drilled into the top where it was once worn as a necklace. today, it seems coin jewelry is becoming more democratic than ever. even stars like Jennifer Love Hewitt have been seen wearing coin pieces as jewelry. It doesn ’ t take besides much looking around to find a matter to piece of mint jewelry. For example, here ’ s a very dainty necklace made from a mercury dime. Of course, for the most character, mint collectors do not condone this classify of thing since it obviously ruins any collector prize to the coin. however, the above-mentioned mint necklace sells for over $ 50 whereas fair a common date mercury dime bag that it is made from is lone worth a buck or two in circulate condition. There is quite a moment of work that goes into making these pieces of jewelry, so they will always be quite a spot more expensive than the actual coin was worth in its former condition. Some are even cut with a jewelry maker ’ sulfur saw to make the portrayal stand out better, and then parts are plated with 24K gold — like this Walking Liberty half dollar necklace. immediately, if you ask me, the cream of the snip in terms of coin jewelry is this Gold Eagle Bracelet. There are 6 eagles in that bracelet… Wow ! Coin Art
early than being used for jewelry, coins are often used as a type of art besides. Although the coin art is rarely deserving much. For the most character, people alter coins good for the aim of selling it as art, using it as some screen of token, or smashing their logo and appoint into it for an matter to form of ad. If you search around eBay, you can find an array of mint artwork — such as coins that have been elongated into an ellipse human body and then stamped with a decent video of zebra or some other character of animal or person. Legal Or Not?
Some people say any of the above pieces are illegal. Some say they are not illegal. And some good don ’ t caution either way. Well let ’ s clarify that for you.

It is illegal to deface U.S. coinage in a “ deceitful ” manner. consequently, adenine long as you are not doing it to commit fraud ( trying to use the coins as legal tender after being altered ), then it is perfectly legal. however, I have to add my two cents here at the end and mention, the Walking Liberty half dollar and such coins are already very beautiful without being cut on or plated. so rather of chopping them up, pick up some Whitman folders and get started into the exiting avocation of coin collect !

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I have been collecting and trade coins for years. Coin collect is a hobby for me, and I ’ ve done a batch of research about coins through the years .

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