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Sia Wallet Setup Guide

Learn how to download Sia and get set up with a Siacoin wallet.


Some things to know about creating a Sia wallet .

Last Updated March 4, 2021

Warning: Be wary of online/web wallets, a well as mobile wallets ! No official on-line or mobile Siacoin wallet exists, and many are just victimize that will steal any Siacoins you send to them. The alone completely batten way to be sure you actually own your own Siacoins is to download the official Sia-UI customer, and be the only person with access to your private wallet seed. Creating a wallet anywhere else means that person else could have entree to your semen and steal your Siacoins .
This guide will help you get started with running the Sia-UI, which contains Sia ‘s official wallet. The Sia-UI customer is available for all major operating systems. The guide covers basic wallet frame-up and consumption merely, and is intended for users new to Sia .
This guide is written using Sia v1.5.0 with examples on Windows. As Sia-UI is updated, it may look slenderly different than the screenshots shown, but the general theme should be the same. Substitute any necessity steps specific to your finical manoeuver organization, such as unzip files, with the relevant equivalent on your OS .

Step 1: Download the Sia-UI

Visit the Sia downloads page and download the Sia-UI for your engage system. Do not download the Sia Daemon ; it is for command line use lone ( unless that ‘s what you ‘re looking for, but then this steer wo n’t help you much ! ) .

Download Sia on the web site and choose your operating system .

Step 2: Open the Sia-UI program

When you open the Sia-UI installer you downloaded, Sia will install and then start. On Windows, it will besides create a shortcut on the Desktop and in the Start Menu for easier access in the future. Use one of these icons to open the Sia-UI .
After you exposed Sia, you may see a comment about Windows protecting your personal computer from opening files downloaded on the Internet. Click on More Info, then Run Anyway. You may besides receive a notice about allowing Sia to communicate on the Internet. This is necessity for Sia to synchronize with the network, indeed allow it if prompted .
Sia will open and start Synchronizing, and you ‘ll see “ Syncing ” in the upper correct corner of the window. You can hold your sneak over it to see the progress. synchronization can take a hanker time, sometimes over 24 hours, and depends upon several factors such as your intemperate drive and internet speeds and the numeral of blocks Sia has to synchronize. Until synchronism completes to 100 %, any information displayed in the Sia-UI client is n’t up to date yet. Keep this in mind in the future when you ‘re looking for payments that you ‘re trying to receive in your wallet – unless you keep Sia open all the time, it will have to synchronize when you foremost open it, and you may not see payments show up until then .

Sia-UI after opening for the first gear clock .

Step 3: Create a New Wallet

After opening Sia for the first meter, you ‘ll see two options – “ Create fresh wallet ” or “ restore from seed ”, as shown above. If this is your first meter creating a wallet, you ‘ll select Create new wallet. Sia will give you a new wallet source .

here ‘s your new wallet seeded player ! Keep it privy. Keep it safe.
besides, do not use the seed shown here! Because it is posted publicly, anyone can use it and steal funds from it .

Step 4: Write down your Wallet Seed!

Write down your unique wallet seed. This long phrase is the private samara to your wallet and your files on Sia, so do sure you copy it precisely because if you ever need to restore your wallet, you ‘ll need your source. You can besides copy it to your clipboard and print it or save it in a text file. Whatever you do with your seed, make surely to keep your sow in a dependable target – because anyone who has your wallet seed can take control of your wallet, and therefore any Siacoins you have in your wallet ! Do n’t store it online, or in an easy-to-see place where person who might know what it is would be able to steal it .
once you ‘ve got your wallet sow saved, chink Next and Sia will ask you to replace some words in your sow to make surely you got it justly. Sia autocompletes seeded player words as you type them in – technically only the first base three characters of a give voice are used, so you should only see one suggestion after entering three characters .

Confirm the missing seed words. Again, do n’t use this seed !

Step 5: Sync or Go to Dashboard

After you ‘ve confirmed your seed, Sia will let you know it ‘s hush synchronizing. Like we said, this could take a identical long time, so you can either let Sia sit, or you can skip ahead and go to the Dashboard to start looking approximately. You can besides bootstrab your consensus database, which will make Sia sync a bite faster, but we ‘ll cover that at the end of this guide .
If you see a motivate to enter your password, it will probably disappear after a second. If it does n’t, enter your full wallet seed as your password. You can copy and paste your seed into the password airfield if you saved it to a text file earlier.

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Who wants to stare at a progress bar ? Let ‘s go to the Dashboard .

Step 6: Sia-UI Familiarization

You ‘ll finally be given access to Sia-UI – chink on the Wallet check on the left field to see your brand-new wallet ! It wo n’t show anything exciting, as you ‘ll have no late transactions. Remember, evening if you did have transactions, until your Sia-UI is fully synchronized, you may not see them .

Our chief Sia wallet page, with Send and Receive pill .
Notice that just above the Transactions section, there are Send and Receive yellow journalism. You can click on these to send or receive Siacoins consequently. There are besides other tabs for Renting and Hosting, which are covered in other guides on this site. The icons along the top lock your wallet, show information about your Sia-UI, open the Terminal to enter commands, and open settings for Sia-UI. Do n’t forget you can hold your mouse over the Syncing indicator in the upper right corner to see synchronize progress and what block Sia-UI is up to .

Step 7: Create a Wallet Address

Since you do n’t presently have any Siacoins with a mark modern wallet, the best thing to do would be to create an address therefore that you can receive Siacoins. Click on the Receive tab key in the in-between of the Wallet page, then suction stop Generate New Address. A receiving address will be generated for you under Latest Address – it is recommended that you use the “ copy ” clitoris to the far right of the address to copy and paste it when dealing with addresses to ensure you do n’t by chance mistype an address .

You can generate as many addresses to receive Siacoins as you want.
Do n’t use the savoir-faire above for anything – since the consociate semen is shown above, the funds will probably be stolen immediately .
You can give your fresh Siacoin address ( east ) to anyone you plan to receive Siacoin from. You can besides use it on cryptocurrency exchanges when you want to transfer Siacoins from the exchange to your wallet for safekeeping rather of leaving it on the switch over. Siacoin addresses are hanker and complicated, indeed make sure to double check that you’ve got your address correct, even when you copy and paste it! You can sometimes miss a individual fictional character, and then your transaction wo n’t go through – or worse, it will go through to who knows where, and you ‘ll have no way of getting your Siacoins bet on .
Congratulations! Your wallet is now set up, and you can start receiving Siacoins right away by using any of your experience addresses. Do n’t forget that Siacoins wo n’t show up in your wallet until the Sia-UI is fully synchronized, which can take a while .
ready to check out our guide to Buying Siacoins ? Your wallet is n’t much use without them ! You can besides jump into our Guide to Renting on Sia, Guide to Hosting on Sia, or Guide to Using Sia Skynet, but without Siacoins you ‘re not going to be able to do much with Sia .
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Other Good Things to Know

now that you ‘re set up with a wallet, here are a few tips .

Your default wallet password is your full seed.

If you close Sia-UI after creating your wallet, it will be locked the following meter you open it and ask for a password. The default option wallet password is your full 29-word wallet seed, small letter with words separated by spaces. If you copied your seed to a text file when you created it, you can plainly copy and paste it into the password battlefield – though make certain you do n’t have any spaces or trailing newlines on the end. If you want to change your wallet password, on the Wallet yellow journalism click More > Change Password after your wallet is unlock .

Transactions aren’t instantaneous – they take a few minutes to show up and confirm.

Transactions are grouped into blocks ( hence the blockchain ), and those blocks are finalized every 10 minutes or indeed by miners. Until those transactions are grouped in concert and confirmed, you have n’t actually completely sent or received your Siacoins. Until a transaction shows as “ Confirmed ”, it ‘s not complete. Keep this in mind if you ‘re receiving payment from person, and delay until the transaction shows as “ Confirmed ” if it ‘s related to something authoritative like a real-life beneficial or service substitute .

Once transactions are sent, they’re as good as gone.

There ‘s no room to “ undo ” a transaction you send, even if you sent it to the amiss wallet address. That ‘s why it ‘s important to triple-check everything before you send any total of Siacoin anywhere. If you ‘re considering sending a bombastic sum of Siacoin somewhere, there ‘s no reason not to send a very small test transaction foremost ( like 10 SC ) to make certain everything goes through correctly.

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There’s a small fee to send Siacoins on the network.

When you send Siacoins, the wallet will give you an estimated tip to send them. This amount besides comes out of your wallet, indeed if you ‘re trying to send your claim wallet proportion somewhere and it ‘s not exercise, it ‘s because you did n’t leave an allowance for the transaction fee. This fee is normally identical small, around 0.02 SC ( yes, a fraction of a SC ) – but if you have 1000 SC and you try to send all 1000 SC, it wo n’t work. Try sending something like 999.97, as the fee is not included in the measure you ‘re sending .

Your password doesn’t protect your wallet from being recovered (stolen).

Your wallet password only keeps your wallet “ locked ” on your local computer – it does n’t protect your source everywhere. Anyone with your wallet seeded player can recover your wallet on any calculator, without the password. The sow is a big manage, as it is the raw key to your Sia wallet and your funds – that ‘s why it ‘s so important to keep it dependable. The best thing to do is print it or write it down, and keep it somewhere physically guarantee .
For more tips, visit our Sia-UI and Wallet FAQs page .

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