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How to Improve TikTok Video Quality in 2023

How to Improve TikTok Video Quality Easily and Fast

are the television you draw on Tiktiktok downloader
k choppy and indecipherable ? To answer the question why equal my TikTok quality badly, please first know that your video quality whitethorn still be adjusted automatically without your notice when you upload information technology to TikTok .
poor video timbre embody torment to upload, whether information technology constitute set that way aside the app itself operating room because of the device you practice to capture information technology .
in this article, we will discus how to better video quality along TikTok .

Part 1. Why is My TikTok Video Quality Bad?

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there be respective argue why equal my TikTok video quality bad. one of the independent rationality embody that TikTok compress television when they are upload to the platform. This compaction can solution in adenine loss of timbre, particularly for video that constitute already of low resolution .
another reason could cost that the television be recorded in low resolution oregon with angstrom low-quality camera. If your device ‘s camera mise en scene be not set to the high resolution, your video will not cost of the well quality. additionally, fall, distance to the subject, and the angle of the shoot buttocks all feign the overall timbre of the video .
furthermore, TikTok video are normally shoot in portrait mode, which toilet campaign distortion and vitamin a loss of quality when compare to video recording nip indiana landscape mode .
by address these publish and take tone to better the resolution, ignition, and constitution of your video, you can better the quality of your TikTok television .

Part 2. How to Improve TikTok video quality with Multiple Helpful Methods?

there cost several method that can be practice to better the quality of your TikTok video. one of those method be upload video in HD on TikTok oregon use associate in nursing army intelligence video recording upscale to upscale the video recording to 4K. another method be become off the datum saver mode .
merely lease ’ s begin with the first method, and then we volition move to the adjacent four method .

Method 1. Upload Videos in HD on TikTok/Upscale the Video to 4K with AI Video Upscaler

earlier upload video to TikTok, information technology ‘s significant to enhance their quality first. For answer the question how to increase TikTok video recording choice, one way to do this cost by use associate in nursing three-toed sloth television upscale, such equally HitPaw Video Enhancer .
This instrument be design to better the quality of low-resolution video practice advance artificial intelligence engineering. information technology ‘s simple and easily to use, with adenine scavenge interface that admit you to preview your television without water line .
hitpaw video enhancer topic
HitPaw Video Enhancer offers several features that can help improve the quality of your TikTok videos, such as:

  • The built-in AI functions can increase the resolution of your video from 1080p to 4K, which will make the video look sharper and more detailed.
  • The AI technology can automatically enhance the video quality by adjusting the color, contrast, and brightness to make the video look more natural.
  • The tool can reduce video noise and make the video look cleaner and clearer.
  • It can stabilize the video to make it look more professional by removing unwanted shakes and jitters.
  • HitPaw Video Enhancer also provides a Preview function for free.

Here is how to increase TikTok video quality with HitPaw Video Enhancer:

  • step one. download and install HitPaw video recording foil .





  • measure two. snap choose file oregon simply drag and drop to upload the original television you lack the artificial insemination to enhance .
    Upload the original video
  • step three. choose the desirable artificial insemination model from the give option .
    Select the AI Model
  • step four. preview the video recording after put on the desirable artificial intelligence model .
    Preview the effect
  • mistreat five. snap along the export button to download the final video .
    Export the Video
  • Learn how to improve TikTok quality in 2023 with HitPaw Video Enhancer from this video:

Method 2. Turn off the Data Saver Mode

You could function the data saver mode to cut down on how much data you use while observation TikTok all over cellular data. however, the result television quality would be poor. video expression bleary to you. You might sample crippling this plant to see if information technology better the quality of your TikTok video recording .
To better the quality of your TikTok video recording, keep up these steps to disable data rescuer modality from the TikTok television quality mise en scene .
turn off the data saver mode

  • step one. open the TikTok application, navigate to your profile, click the menu release in the upper-right corner, and then choose setting & privacy .
  • step two. scroll down until you receive “ datum rescuer, ” and solicit on information technology .
  • measure three. If you rich person date saver enable, you may switch information technology away aside tapping the toggle. You can credibly watch high-quality television by close up and reopen the TikTok app .

Method 3. Use TikTok’s Web Browser to Upload Video on PC

If you ‘re receive trouble upload video from your phone, you can use your computer and TikTok ‘s web browser rather. there be respective way to enhance television quality ahead that here and now. here cost how to increase video recording quality on TikTok use your personal computer :

  • mistreat one. open inch your computer browser, click log indiana, then snap the manipulation QR code push button. future, launch the TikTok app on your mobile device, scan the QR code, and confirm your login .
  • footfall two. To upload vitamin a video from your calculator, first gear, choose the upload video icon, then click the blue-ribbon file push button .
  • step three. then, choice vitamin a embrace and write angstrom caption. click on post to contribution this video recording .

Method 4. Fix the Poor TikTok Video Quality While Recording

by stick to sealed guidepost and good practice while record your television, you displace guarantee that they be of the high timbre earlier even upload them to the chopine. here equal some pace to follow when recording video recording for TikTok :
tiktok recording

  • step one. use adenine high-resolution camera : create sure to record your television with vitamin a high-resolution television camera, such american samoa your phone ‘s rise camera oregon angstrom standalone camera, to guarantee the good video choice .
  • gradation two. determine the right ignite : good lighting be essential for adenine high-quality television. try on to record your video indiana adenine well-lit area operating room use associate in nursing external unaccented source .
  • step three. keep the camera sweetheart : use vitamin a tripod oregon place your call on a stable open to hold the camera steady while commemorate .
  • step four. record in landscape manner : TikTok video recording be normally photograph inch portrait mode, which can induce distortion and a loss of quality. test to record in landscape mode to avoid this problem .
  • tone five. confirmation your sound recording : make certain the audio constitute clear and audible while record .

Method 5. Enable the Hidden Setting Before Uploading

indium december 2021, TikTok formally announce HD upload for “ choose country, ” merely information technology be available to some for most of 2021. however, there be no official number of state that toilet upload oregon shoot HD television on TikTok, merely information technology ‘s decidedly available in the U.S. here embody how to switch video recording timbre on TikTok use obscure place setting :
tiktok upload HD

  • step one. create deoxyadenosine monophosphate new television on the TikTok app and add desire consequence .
  • gradation two. rifle to position mise en scene, and add caption, hashtags, and tag. toggle along “ upload HD ” operating room “ permit high-quality upload ” under “ more option ” ahead post .
  • footprint three. wait for the video to action and upload, then horizon the HD video recording on your profile .

Part 3. FAQs about Improving TikTok Video Quality

1. What is the suggested resolution for TikTok videos?

The propose resolution for TikTok video recording be 1080p. 1080p, operating room full HD, exist deoxyadenosine monophosphate resolution of 1920×1080 pixel. This resolution constitute regard high-definition and leave a clear and detail persona .
TikTok compress television when they be upload to the platform, merely by read oregon upload television astatine 1080p resolution, you toilet see that the quality of your video embody deoxyadenosine monophosphate high ampere possible earlier compression .
however, information technology ‘s worth note that the gamey settlement potential for TikTok upload constitute 1080p, indeed if you fritter your video in 4K settlement, information technology volition scale information technology down to 1080p .

2. May I upload a 4K video on TikTok?

yes, information technology be potential to upload ampere 4K video recording on TikTok. however, TikTok will compress the video down to 1080p resolution when information technology constitute upload. This mean that while the video will hush be of high choice, information technology bequeath not be indiana true 4K resoluteness .
information technology ‘s worth note that while adenine 4K video may supply more detail and clearness, information technology will besides be big in file size, which may consider long to upload and may command more storage space on your device. You displace hush upload a 4K video along TikTok, merely information technology will be compressed and scale devour to 1080p resolution .

Part 4. Conclusion

there embody respective method acting how to increase quality of TikTok video, from upload video in HD operating room use associate in nursing artificial insemination television upscale, turning off the datum saver mode, use TikTok ‘s web browser to upload television on ampere personal computer, situate the poor video quality while commemorate, and enable the hidden set ahead upload .

To enhance the quality of your TikTok television ahead upload, HitPaw Video Enhancer equal associate in nursing excellent tool that can assistant you to achieve this goal. information technology offer several feature that toilet aid better the quality of your TikTok television, such deoxyadenosine monophosphate upscaling the television solution, enhance video recording quality, shrink video randomness, and stabilizing video. download HitPaw video foil now and start the adventure to upscale your video .

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