Travala Coin Review: Mining Guide, Price & Analysis of Travala Cryptocurrency.

We are continuing to see more and more penetration of blockchain engineering in traditional sectors. brings us the next genesis of travel agencies. It allows users to book hotels using cryptocurrencies. This makes it cheaper for travelers. There is no cardinal initiation to process transactions. consequently, there are no hefty fees .
furthermore, cryptocurrency transfers are instant. consequently, users can enjoy a fast book march. Travala ’ sulfur goal is to bring all these advantages of blockchain to travel booking. To do this, they seek to trigger the mass adoption of cryptocurrencies .
As it stands, they see big success in this. Travala boasts over 150,000 monthly users. additionally, they have over 90,000 travel destinations. There are many destinations for users to choose from. furthermore, the team is working on adding more destinations .
further, Travala supports over 30 payment options. But to enjoy the best discounts, you can use the AVA token. This is Travala ’ s native coin. It powers all the operations on the blockchain.

How Travala Works
Travala aims to make its chopine frictionless and exploiter friendly. For this, they ensure to use modern program languages to make the platform versatile. Travala uses modern Javascript written in Angular JS with This provides the platform with streamlining and real-time operation .
Travala review
additionally, the platform ’ second code is in Python, Node JS, and Java. These form the blockchain ’ south microservices architecture. These besides enable Travala to isolate services and have easy scale. This ensures the chopine operates optimally even under heavy loads .
promote, AWS cloud hosting allows the platform to scale horizontally. additionally, AWS adds a level of security to the platform. Cloudflare CDN and Firewall besides play a character in maintaining the security of Travala. They provide edge optimization services and the prevention of DDOS attacks .
To ensure users have convenience, Travala delivers services on respective unlike form factors. They have a network application and mobile applications. Further, they provide users with a digital wallet to manage their assets .

Can Investors Mine Travala Coins?
No, it is not potential to mine Travala coins. The developers of Travala pre-mined the total provision of AVA coins during its origin. however, users can enjoy rewards and different perks by holding their AVA tokens into a smart grade program .
There are five smart program levels. All these have unlike perks depending on the numeral of coins held. Smart Level 1 requires users to lock up 500 AVA coins. This floor gives users a 1 % dismiss from bookings made on the chopine. additionally, they receive 2 % loyalty rewards for bookings made on the platform .
Travala review
The dismiss share goes up one percentage as you up the levels. additionally, all users receive a 3 % dismiss when making payments using AVA coins. The highest smart Level requires users to lock a minimum of 5000 AVA coins .

The Team behind Travala
Travala is a product of seasoned travel, fintech, and blockchain experts. The chief executive officer of Travala is Juan Otero. He has over 15 years of experience in technical school entrepreneurship and invention advocacy. He previously worked at Oracle and is a leading on-line hotel booking platform. therefore, Juan has the experience needed to spearhead this project into the future .
By his side is Matt Luczynski. He is the laminitis and CSO of Travala. Matt does not have much experience in any sector. however, his dedication speak for itself. He founded Travala at the long time of 22 years old. He is a young homo with capital potential .
additionally, the team includes Steven Hipwell. Steven is a co-founder and the Chief of Operations at Travala. He has over ten-spot years ’ feel in the on-line travel space .
It is clear that Travala is in the hands of professionals with enough experience. Users can enjoy the services without worrying about the chopine fail .

AVA Token

The AVA token is the native cryptocurrency on the Travala ecosystem. It powers the operations of Travala. furthermore, holders of this coin get to enjoy perks on the Travala chopine. Holders get to enjoy discounts when paying with AVA coins on Travala. additionally, they receive smart loyalty rewards and bonuses .
To ensure the rate of AVA stays high, the developers have a redemption and burn policy. Travala plans to burn a sum of 21,571,086 AVA coins. This is 35 % of the full pre-mine supply. The remaining provision will be 40,000,000. To achieve this, Travala buys back coins each quarter and burns them. The sum they repurchase depends on Travala ’ s booking natural process .

Privacy and Security
Travala takes the security of users identical seriously. Cloudflare CDN and a Firewall prevents any DDoS attacks. furthermore, the platform has great scalability due to the use of Python, Node JS, and Java cryptography languages. These features ensure that the platform never goes down due to heavy load .
additionally, Travala uses AWS cloud host services. This comes with an add layer of security. furthermore, Travala is a blockchain project. This means that it consists of distribute nodes. consequently, there is no central database to attack. Further, the nodes work together to maintain a consensus in the network. They work in concert to help each other recover from successful attacks .
promote, Travala ensures user information remains protected from unauthorized individuals. The platform does not collect any personally identifiable information. furthermore, it uses encoding and cryptanalysis to obstruct information on the network .

Our Take on Travala
Travala represents the new long time of travel engagement. The prospects of a decentralized change of location booking chopine are identical appealing. This is a means to get rid of central institutions that are defile and biased. furthermore, users will nobelium long have to pay hefty fees when booking hotels .
additionally, blockchain technology comes with security system benefits. Users do not have to worry about their information and assets getting stolen. This platform is batten and fast. many people see the need for such a platform. consequently, it sees moderate achiever in the markets .


  • The platform offers a decentralized travel booking platform.
  • It involves cheap transaction fees.
  • It is fast and secure.


  • The platform faces heavy competition from better-established central institutions.

How to Buy AVA Coins
This coin has capital perks. If you like what it has to offer, then go ahead and buy it. You can purchase Ava coins from several exchanges. These include Bitfinex, HitBTC, Hoo, and MXC.COM. The price of one AVA mint presently stands at $ 0.799980 .
This coin has a 24-hour trading bulk of $ 1,015,935. additionally, it has a market hood of $ 33,511,466. This places it at rank 199 in commercialize ceiling partake. Hence, you may want to hold the coins and sell them at a former date. You can safely store your AVA coins in Travala ’ s proprietorship wallet .

Final Verdict

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Travala is a revolutionary platform seeking to disrupt the hotel book sector. It has a great prize proposition behind it. It offers users a decentralized platform to bible hotels. This comes with great economic and social incentives. It is easy to see cryptocurrency enthusiasts get behind this project .
As it stands, the AVA coin is holding its value in the market. however, it is still impossible to tell where it will end up in the future. It faces a lot of rival from better-funded and better established central institutions .

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