How to Pick a Diary Lock [3 Easy Ways]

Okay, so you ‘ve lost the key to your … I mean your daughter ‘s diary and you need to pick the lock .
You ‘ve come to the right place !
Lock Picking Diary
We are going to cover three different tools that can be used to pick a diary lock without a key.

We ‘ll be looking at using :

  1. A paperclip
  2. A bobby pin
  3. A tension wrench [lock picking tool]

If you do n’t have any of the materials above, you can always improvise with similar items. Wire, pen clips, or any other thin & uncompromising substantial will get the job done .
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How to Pick a Diary Lock

In this scout, we are going to be picking the character of diary lock that you see below .
If the keyhole of your lock does not look like this, then this guide probably won’t help you.
Diary Lock - Keyway
now our finish when picking any type of interlock is to mimic the condition and legal action of the key .
For these particular diary locks, the key looks like this.
Diary Key - How to Pick a Diary Lock
So our goal here is to create a lock pick with a similar shape to the key and then use it as the key.
Easy adequate right ? Awesome, let ‘s get at it !

Method # 1 : Picking a diary Lock With a paper clip

Alright, therefore inaugural we are going to learn how to pick a diary lock in with a paper clip. For this method acting, we will need one paper clip and some pliers to help us make a few bends .
Without materials in hand, permit ‘s start crafting our paper clip lock pick !
First, take your paperclip and straighten the middle bend like illustrated below.
Paperclip Tension Wrench - Bend 1
Now we are going to take our pliers and crimp the fat end. We need to make sure that we do n’t make this fold excessively tight or our pick might be besides small and will slip in the keyway .
It ‘s better to make this crimp excessively adult rather than excessively small. You can always make it smaller if you need .
Picking a Diary Lock - Second Bend

That ‘s it ! now we are ready to get pick ! just follow the two steps below !
Step 1: Stick your paperclip lock pick into the keyway just like the image below. Push your pick as far into the lock as you can, until you feel your pick stop on the back of the keyway.
Picking a Diary Lock With a Paperclip - Step 1
Step 2: Twist your pick clockwise until the lock opens. That’s it!
Picking a Diary Lock With a Paperclip - Step 2

Method # 2 : Picking a diary Lock With a Bobby Pin

next up is how to pick a diary lock with a bobby peg and there is some estimable news ! You do n’t have to make any bends to your bobby pins !
With that let ‘s get into the steps .
Step 1: Insert the round end of your bobby pin all the way into the keyway of the lock. Keep pushing until you feel the back of the lock.
We will be using a bobby pin to pick handcuffs.
Step 2: Twist your bobby pin clockwise until the lock pops open! Easy enough!

Method #3: Picking a Diary Lock With Lock Picking Tools

What would a lock pick template be if we did n’t actually use some lock clean tools ? then if you are blessed enough to have a couple of latent hostility wrenches laying about, hera is a modern room to use them !
Today the tension wrench becomes the lock pick!
Step 1: Insert your tension wrench into the keyway of the lock.
Picking a Diary Lock - Tension Wrench
Step 2: Turn your tension wrench clockwise until the lock opens!

Wrapping It Up

As you can see, picking diary locks is a fairly easily undertaking that can be done with minimal tools .
While diary locks are not real locks, they give you that awesome feeling when you pop them open !

Thanks for read and if you are interested in lock peck, be surely to check out my Academy where I have everything you ‘ll always need to know about learning this amazing craft .
Happy picking!

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