Coins & Steel Demo is launched!

Coins & Steel Demo is launched!

Greetings everyone ! We are beaming to announce that we finally feel cook to show everyone what we were doing all this time.

Here is what you need to know about this demo.

You will retain all in-game tokens ( STL ) you earn while playing the crippled and can use them on full launch of Coins & Steel ! In about a workweek we will enable farming for extremely rare cosmetic skins, which can be obtained only through playing the demo. They will alter the way your character looks in-game. All skins will be tradable on Ethereum mainnet after late implementation .Here are some of the exclusive skins you can obtain by playing demo. besides it is deserving mentioning that you can gather mysterious artifacts during your journey… We are going to keep the items a unavowed for now and let you discover them for yourself.

What is Coins & Steel? A mobile beginning Open World Role Playing Online Game built using blockchain engineering for a fair and transparent gameplay and a tokenized economy. You can read more about it in our introduction article .During your journeys you can meet and interact freely with other players.Here is short footage of gameplay

How to play?

First spill is using Android version .

  1. Download the game using this link for Android.
  2. Or this link for iOS
  3. Start the game and play.

Yes, this is it ! The Game has a built-in cryptocurrency wallet which generates a modern secret key on a fresh install. To access your mnemonic login start the plot, create a new character and login. On main sieve you can open the settings menu ( on the lead right of the screen ), click on “ SHOW MNEMONIC ” and write the words down you will have access to it .Sweet sweet loot.

What is next and what to do?

To warm up you need to level your character to level 20, earn coins and roll up equipment. You can freely trade with early players you encounter on the function. once you reach charge 20 the game just gets start ! You will find a lot of areas where monsters have higher levels than your character. They drop enough of resources, coins, skins and a lot more. World of Coins & Steel invaded by powerful bosses which spawn across the worldly concern. Find them and be awarded with fabled gear and exclusive skins. But don ’ triiodothyronine forget to bring your friends — they are VERY baffling and you will require a lot of aid from early players to bring them down.

Read more: Events Timeline

It really is a blockchain game?

Yes ! We use Loom sidechain solution to its entire electric potential creating the first 100 % open universe blockchain game experience on the commercialize. EVERYTHING is on blockchain. Game logic, items, enemies, battle. Truly blockchain feel with lighting fast transactions. It ’ s a sincerely free to play blockchain crippled. You don ’ t have to pay gas or acquire any assets beforehand. It ’ second SEAMLESS and FAST — enjoy future generation blockchain game with about no delay between actions.

We presently have our ongoing Founders Sale on, with special skins for your character. All skins available from the sale feature its identical own and alone Aura.
Those Auras won ’ metric ton be available always again and will be a ageless sign of your Founders condition in C & S and of course it will be visible for everyone to see in the game. Get your Founders skins and auras on We besides plan a new sale in the near future, where you can get some sweet skins, tokens, and early artifacts for your fictional character. Make him stand out of the crowd, show off and let others know how regretful ass you in truth are.
More info to come, stay tuned…

What is next?

here is light roadmap for near future :

  1. Crypto Kitties will be used as pets in the game. Every kittie will have magic properties based on DNA.
  2. Crafting system — all those resources you gathered to become more powerful. Or maybe you can craft something extremely rare?
  3. Simple automatic PvP — gear and coins in duels challenging other players!
  4. New Mage Class!
  5. Talents and skills leveling.
  6. Adding more legendary items to create your own build.
  7. Improving combat system for example letting you target specific enemies in combat.
  8. Search for forgotten treasures around the world and fight for them to earn rare loot!

All this just a glimpse of what is coming! If Coins & Steel sounds like a game you ’ re merely dying to play then plowshare this article to spread the word, and checkout the official Coins & Steel web site vitamin a well as our sociable media pages :

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  • Telegram
  • Discord

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