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Coin Dozer – Download and Play Free On iOS and Android

Game Description

An Old Game on a New Platform

Video game arcades may have gone the way of the dodo, but their legacies still live on through other means. Take the classic coin bulldozer machines. These unusual devices promised to give you a big victorious just by dropping a mint or two inside .
Unlike their more well-known slot car cousins, they were not entirely reliant on luck, crisp eyes, and quick reflexes. They required a more forecast overture to win. A individual coin dropped in the right place at the right time could effectively score you a dainty pot or any number of cool prizes ! With Game Circus ’ aptly-named Coin Dozer, you can play this unappreciated classical all over again from the handle of your hand. ad

Coin Dozer on the Go

Coin Dozer is bare enough to grasp, but intemperate to master. Coins are piled randomly into a car where a piston in the second is constantly pushing at them. It doesn ’ triiodothyronine go far enough to push them over the boundary at the other end, but it ’ sulfur normally enough to get them teetering. To send a adept amount of coins tumbling down, all it normally takes are a few more strategically-placed coins. Knowing where to drop them is the key to succeeding.

  • Features colorful three-dimensional graphics.
  • Boasts an impressive and highly realistic physics engine that properly simulates the behavior of falling and imbalanced coins.
  • Drop coins by tapping the area of the screen you want them to fall in.
  • Toss up to four coins at a time.
  • Earn the coins you succeed in knocking off the edge. Use them to play even more games.
  • Avoid knocking things off the side if you can; they won’t add anything to your score.
  • Get bonus points for knocking over multiple coins at once.

Earn Special Coins and Prizes

There are more than good even coins to use and collect in Coin Dozer. The bet on includes a host of especial coins that cause all sorts of fantastic things to happen that couldn ’ thymine otherwise occur in a real life arcade .

  • Drop giant coins that shake up the whole machine and really push the pile close to the edge.
  • Use the Coin Shower to drop a whole bunch of coins into the machine simultaneously.
  • Set up Coin Walls to close the side gutters and make pushing coins off the edge a lot easier.
  • And much more!

Win Prizes

Coins and tokens weren ’ triiodothyronine always the alone things you could win in an arcade bulldozer. Some machines would include a cover girl variety of prizes, like miniature cares, miniature lavish animals, and cubic zirconium oxide. Prizes exist in this edition of Coin Dozer ampere well. They come in sets of four ; collect the entire set up, and your crippled will become permanently enhanced with a assortment of perks. ad

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  • Get all the toy bears to increase the rate that coins regenerate in your personal coffers.
  • Collect the dogs to randomly turn some coins into valuable silver coins.
  • Gather the umbrellas to upgrade the Coin Shower and make it more potent.
  • Grab the whistles to collect any prize that falls into the gutter.
  • Collect all the cars to make more Giant Coins appear.
  • And more!

Got the Gambling Itch?

At its heart, Coin Dozer is a gamble game that relies on a different set of skills than what we ’ ra normally used to seeing. In that regard, it can feel a hale distribute more fresh while silent being every bit as fun and addictive. Better yet, it ’ sulfur release to play ! No leverage is necessary to download or experience all it has to offer .
If you have felicitous memories of playing the old bulldozer machines in the arcades of past, then Coin Dozer can be a nostalgic trip back to the past. even if you don ’ t, it ’ south more than worth a expression if you are curious .

Player Reviews

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