How to Get Coins Out of My Automotive CD Player

How to Get Coins Out of My Automotive CD Player

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Any rear will tell you that a child loves nothing more than to explore the earth and see how things relate to each other. This exploration can take many forms, from pushing their physical boundaries to experimenting with things to see how they work. One of the coarse things that children do is to place loose coins in a car certificate of deposit musician. While this can be a cunning moment and probably amusing for your toddler, getting the coins out can be a nightmare.

Step 1

Remove the stereophonic from the cable car. You will most probable need a screwdriver to pop off part of your dash board and unscrew the stereophonic.

Step 2

grab at the coins with the pliers if they are close up to the opening. once you have grabbed them, pull them out slowly so you do n’t damage the equipment. Moving excessively promptly could cause you to lose operate of the pliers and damage the stereophonic

Step 3

place long tweezers into the slot for the compact disk to search for the coins stuck a bit further back. Use the lapp caution at removing the coins this way as you did with the pliers. Stick a minor act of magnetic tape to the end of the frost skim stick and rate it in the certificate of deposit slot. This should allow you to reach as deeply into the CD player as possible and “ grab ” coins lodged in its back end.


  • CarSpace: How to Remove a Stuck CD


  • If you don’t know how to remove the stereo, the site has stereo removal instructions for all makes and models of vehicles.
  • Take caution when doing any work yourself on the CD player. If you cause damage to the internal components, you could void your warranty.

Things You ‘ll Need

  • Screwdriver
  • Needle nose pliers
  • Long tweezers
  • Ice cream stick
  • Adhesive tape


  • Before you start you should be relatively sure that you can remove the coins yourself (they should be close to the opening. You probably won’t be able to get them if they are too far in.) If you can’t get them out, get it repaired at a dealer.
  • Don’t shake the player to get the coins out as this can seriously damage the player.

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