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Destiny 2 is no stranger to MMO mechanics. Raids, dungeons, gear stats, buffs, and debuffs are all core systems of Destiny 2. Buffs and debuffs are one of the game ‘s less excuse mechanics, leading to much confusion amongst raw and returning players .
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In effect, players can increase their damage output signal through certain “ buffs. ” These typically come from abilities. Debuffs besides increase your damage end product by a considerable come, but these behave a fiddling sting differently than buffs. Add to that weapons perks and other price multipliers, and you have yourself a slightly complicated damage model. Let ‘s go over precisely what buffs and debuffs are, how they relate to weapon perks, and list every buff and debuff you can use in Destiny 2 .

Updated April 10th, 2022, by Charles Burgar: Void 3.0 has made some major changes to debuff terminology in Destiny 2. Weaken is now a keyword used for quite a few abilities, denoting how much they debuff targets for. We ‘ve updated this guide to include fresh debuff reference added in The Witch Queen expansion, and we ‘ve made some massive renovation to the social organization of this article. Every buffet and debuff beginning can immediately be found in expandable tables, and we ‘ve rewritten the first section to make it clearer how Destiny 2 ‘s buff and debuff arrangement works. Damage perk up values have besides been added to this template to help you calculate damage values while theorycrafting .

What Are Buffs And Debuffs?

Destiny 2 Well of Radiance Buffs and debuffs are damage modifiers to your weapons and abilities in Destiny 2. Buffs increase the damage that you deal, while debuffs increase the damage that enemies receive. Buffs come in the imprint of weapon damage perks, certain subclass perks, armor mods like High-Energy Fire, and certain game mechanics. Debuffs typically come in the form of artifact mods, certain subclass abilities, and a handful of exotic weapons and armor .

Weapon Damage Perks

Destiny 2 Transfiguration Let ‘s start with the simplest buff type in Destiny 2 : weapon damage perks. Most weapons in Destiny 2 can randomly roll with a damage fringe benefit, amplifying your weapon ‘s damage end product by a percentage measure for a varying duration. These perks include classics like Rampage, Kill Clip, Explosive Payload, Wellspring, One-for-All, and many more. Weapon perks modify your weapon ‘s damage from 10 % to 50 % in extreme cases. Most perk up buff your damage by 33 or 35 %, therefore keep that in judgment .
If you ‘re one of the lucky few to own a weapon with two damage perks—for example, a transfiguration with Kill Clip and Rampage—you might notice a massive damage spike when both perks are up. That ‘s because weapon damage perks stack multiplicatively with one another. In Transfiguration ‘s case, rather of dealing 66 % more damage ( 33 % for Kill Clip, the other 33 % from x3 Rampage ), you ‘d deal 76 % more damage. Weapons that can roll with two damage perks simultaneously are extremely rare, then think twice about dismantling them. This demeanor besides applies to damage specification mods and quality buffs .

Character Buffs

Destiny 2 Ward of Dawn Super Some Exotics, mods, and abilities in Destiny 2 might provide a irregular damage rise to all of your weapons. We call these character buffs, as they ‘re bound to your character alternatively of a particular weapon. Unlike weapon perks, character buffs do not stack with one another. A few exceptions to this rule will be covered in the “ Every Buff ” segment late in the guide. In situations where you ‘re affected by multiple character buffs, the strongest buff will take effect until it expires. Character buffs stack with weapon damage perks and debuffs, doing so multiplicatively .
Let ‘s give an example of how character buffs might work in an endgame PvE activity :

  • You deal 1,000 base damage.
  • Someone plants a Well of Radiance. You now deal 1,250 damage.
    • Character buff (25%)
  • An ally is using Lumina and decides to buff you with Blessing of the Sky. You now deal 1,350 damage.
    • Character buff (35%)
    • This overrides Well of Radiance while active.
  • You have Vorpal Weapon active on your Heavy weapon. You now deal 1,485 damage.
    • Weapon perk (10% on Heavy weapons)
  • Blessing of the Sky ends, but you’re still in a Well. You now deal 1,375 damage.

As you can see, you do n’t get a massive damage jump from getting Blessing of the Sky since it does n’t stack with Well of Radiance ; it merely overrides it. Vorpal Weapon stacks in both situations, giving you a 10 % damage buffet that stacks multiplicatively with the fictional character buffet that ‘s active. however, there ‘s one more wrong multiplier we have n’t mentioned .


Destiny 2 frozen Hive foes. Debuffs are veto effects that are applied to an enemy combatant, causing them to take increased price from all sources for a certain duration. In general, an enemy can only have one debuff active at a time, although there are two exceptions we ‘ll get to in the “ Every Debuff ” section. Debuffs stack with player and weapon buffs, acting as another multiplier to your wrong. Most debuffs addition the damage an enemy takes by 15 or 30 %. But just like player buffs, this can vary based on the debuff source .
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Every Weapon Damage Perk

Destiny 2 Hammerhead Every noteworthy damage perk up in Destiny 2 can be found below, showcasing their damage buff share in PvE and PvP. We did not include damage perks that buff ability or melee wrong ( deplorable, One-Two Punch ). These perks only affect weapon damage .

Perk Buff
Adagio 30%
Adagio (Bows) 20%
Adrenaline Junkie (x5) 33%
Bait And Switch 20%
Blunt Execution Rounds PvE: 500%
PvP: 100%
Box Breathing 33%
Box Breathing (Scouts) 66%
Cluster Bombs Up to 24%
Explosive Light (GLs) 44%
Explosive Light (Rockets) 25%
Explosive Payload PvE: 12%
PvP: 0%
Firing Line 20%
Focused Fury 20%
Frenzy 15%
Full Court Up to 25%
Golden Tricorn (Default) 15%
Golden Tricorn (Buffed) 50%
Harmony 20%
Headseeker 8%
High-Impact Reserves PvE: 12-25%
PvP: 3-6%
Kickstart 20%
Kill Clip 33%
Multikill Clip (x3) 50%
One for All 35%
Rampage (x3) 33%
Reservoir Burst 20%
Surrounded Base: 30%
Spec: 40%
Surrounded (Enhanced) Base: 37%
Spec: 47%
Swashbuckler (x5) 33%
Timed Payload PvE: 12%
PvP: 0%
Trench Barrel 50%
Vorpal Weapon Primary: 20%
Special: 15%
Heavy: 10%


Notable Active Damage Buffs

  • Adrenaline Junkie: Grants a 33% damage buff after landing a grenade final blow.
  • Explosive Light: Rockets deal 25% more damage if you’ve grabbed an Orb of Power.
  • Focused Fury: Grants a 20% damage buff after landing enough headshots.
  • Frenzy: Gain a 15% damage buff while in combat (requires periodic damage dealt or taken to remain active).
  • Golden Tricorn: Kill a target to gain a 15% damage buff. Land a matching elemental ability kill, and that buff increases to 50%.
  • One for All: Grants a 35% damage buff for hitting three unique enemies.
  • Swashbuckler: Grants a 33% damage buff after landing a melee final blow (charged or uncharged).

Notable Passive Damage Buffs

  • Explosive/Timed Payload: Passively deal 12% more precision damage and 15% body shot damage.
  • High-Impact Reserves: Deal up to 25% more damage as your magazine expends ammo.
  • Firing Line: Deal 20% more precision damage if two or more allies are nearby.
  • Full Court: GLs deal more damage as the grenade travels further, up to 25% more damage.
  • Vorpal Weapon: Always deal bonus damage to bosses and Champions (20% for Primaries, 15% for Specials, and 10% for Heavy weapons).

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Every Damage Buff

Destiny 2 Path of Burning Steps Destiny 2 has quite a few character damage buffs you can obtain, most of which are obtained from your abilities. We ‘ve created a table that showcases every yellowish brown in the game, broken down by global buffs and class-specific buffs. A subsection right under the table showcases which of these buffs can stack. Buffs that increase ability wrong ( i, Verity ‘s Brow ) are not listed .

Global Damage Buffs
Name Buff
Argent Ordnance 20-35%
High-Energy Fire 20%
Blessing of the Sky (PvP) 20%
Font of Might 25%
Blessing of the Sky (PvE) 35%
Lucent Blade 35%
Surprise Attack (PvP) 35%
Surprise Attack (PvE) 40%
Hunter-Exclusive Buffs
Name Buff
Mask of Bakris (PvE) 10%
Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves 100%
Lucky Pants (PvE) 60-600%
Titan-Exclusive Buffs
Name Buff
Path of Burning Steps 20-35%
Frontal Assault 20%
Intertia Override 20%
Sun Warrior 20%
Weapons of Light (Bubble) 25%
Weapons of Light (Shield) 40%
Warlock-Exclusive Buffs
Name Buff
Mantle of Battle Harmony 20%
Empowering Rift 20%
Well of Radiance 25%


Which Buffs Stack?

Destiny 2 Mask of Bakris Exotic Helmet Most character buffs in Destiny 2 do not stack with one another, but there are some exceptions. This is every buff in Destiny 2 that can stack with other character buffs :

  • Font of Might: Grants a 25% damage buff to weapons that match your subclass element.
  • Mask of Bakris: Light Shift gives your Arc weapons a 10% damage buff.
  • Mechaneer’s Tricksleeves: Your Sidearms deal 100% more damage while critically wounded.
  • Lucky Pants: Hand Cannons deal 60% more damage perk stack, capping out at 600% damage at 10 stacks.

These buffs will stack with other character buffs like Weapons of Light and High-Energy Fire, doing therefore multiplicatively. A park PvE build is to combine Font of Might with another damage buff to gain a massive damage buff. Hunters have a few more ways to stacking buffs than the other classes, although they require you to use a certain weapon type. And like we mentioned earlier, these buffs besides stack with weapon wrong perks and debuffs .
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Every Debuff

Destiny 2 Wayfinder's Compass Featured There is a surprise range of debuffs presently available in Destiny 2, most of which come from Artifact mods. We ‘ll only be listing debuffs presently useable. oppressive Darkness and other past seasonal worker Artifact mods that apply debuffs wo n’t be listed .

Global Enemy Debuffs
Name Debuff
Weaken (PvP) 7.5%
Power of Rasputin 10%
Weaken (PvE) 15%
Suppressive Darkness 15%
Divinity 30%
Tractor Cannon (PvE) 30%
Tractor Cannon (PvP) 50%
Disruption Break (Kinetics) 50%
Hunter-Exclusive Debuffs
Name Debuff
Snare Bomb (PvP) 7.5%
Mask of Bakris (PvE) 10%
Snare Bomb (PvE) 15%
Tether (PvE) 30%
Tether (PvP) 50%
Titan-Exclusive Debuffs
Name Debuff
Hammer Strike 30%
Warlock-Exclusive Debuffs
Name Debuff
Child of the Old Gods (PvP) 7.5%
Child of the Old Gods (PvE) 15%
Felwinter’s Helm 30%


Which Debuffs Stack?

Destiny 2 Nightstalker There are only two debuffs in Destiny 2 that batch :

  • Mask of Bakris: Slowed targets take 10% more damage while Light Shift is active, stacking with other debuffs.
  • Power of Rasputin: Enemies near your Warmind Cells take 10% more damage from all sources, stacking with other debuffs.

Beyond those two, you ca n’t stack debuffs in Destiny 2. Just like character buffs, multiple debuffs will cause the strongest one to take effect .

How Weaken Works

Destiny 2 Void 3.0 Titan Void 3.0 has introduced the weaken keyword intoDestiny 2, created specifically for Void subclasses. Whenever a subclass Fragment, ability, or detail states that it weakens targets, it ‘s normally a 15 % debuff. In PvP, the effect of weaken is halved, causing Guardians to take 7.5 % more damage .
well, at least that ‘s how it ‘s supposed to work. not all items in Destiny 2 come this keyword logic. Some noteworthy examples include :

  • Shadowshot: This applies a 30% weaken on targets despite its wording.
  • Divinity: Applies a 30% weaken effect.
  • Tractor Cannon: Debuffs enemies for 30% in PvE and 50% in PvP.
  • Hammer Strike: Debuffs enemies for 30% despite saying weaken.

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