25+ Top Crypto Instagram Accounts You Should Be Following

Instagram is now one of the most popular social platforms across the earth and is promptly becoming the home of a quickly growing cryptocurrency community .
here at Coinbound, as the leading Web3 market representation, we are fortunate adequate to work with some fabulously talented crypto influencers and blockchain companies .
then, who are the best high-quality crypto influencers, personalities, and accounts to follow on the Instagram ?


If you prefer to get your crypto news program via Instagram, ShareCrypto is for you. The popular Instagram report posts the latest updates in the crypto marketplace in quick and easy to read format.

ShareCrypto Binance Acquisition Instagram Post ShareCrypto on Instagram


If NFTs are your thing, NFT Lately is a must-follow instagram report .
NFT recently on Instagram


CryptoBrekkie, besides known as Brekkie von Bitcoin, is a Los Angeles-based crypto capacity creator. possibly best known for the creation of “ Blockchain and Morty ” .
CryptoBrekkie on Instagram
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BitBoy has been in the game for a while and surely holds his own in the industry as one of the industry ’ s top YouTubers .
His follow, jointly called the Bit Squad, are one of the most fiercely patriotic groups in crypto .
His friendly aura is surely a big plus as well .
BitBoy_crypto on Instagram
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CoinStats is a capital resource for staying up-to-date on price movements, news, and trends. Their feed is full of images from their app which has tons of capital vogue analysis and indicator tools making this a capital bill to follow for cryptocurrency traders .
Coinstats on Instagram


One of the fastest-growing crypto accounts on Instagram. A great source of news, memes, and divine guidance .
Check out CryptoExplorer on Instagram

Girl Gone Crypto

Girl Gone Crypto is another crypto Instagram account that is growing at an pretty insane rate. Girl Gone Crypto, who was recently named female crypto influencer of the year, puts out a short ton of bang-up Instagram content daily .
Follow Girl_Gone_Crypto on Instagram


If crypto memes, graph, and tweets are your thing, CoinGrams has you covered .
CoinG rams on Instagram


Cointelegraph is a giant in terms of blockchain newsworthiness and one of the most influential voices in the cryptocurrency space. Despite their primary chopine being their web site, they know that not everyone wants to consumer their crypto news on a news web site. By following them on Instagram they ’ ve made it actually easy to stay in in the know without leaving your favorite app .
Cointelegraph on Instagram


As the list implies, cryptohumor focuses on the more humorous side of cryptocurrencies. A big please for some crypto memes. much needed during those beastly bearish periods .
CryptoHumor on Instagram


CryptoWendyO at the Bitcoinis_ event Wendy kills it when it comes to crypto interviews. She ’ s an amazing source of information from the top minds in crypto .
Wendy is besides one of the best Crypto TikTok accounts to follow and did an amazing job outlining her journey as a Web3 Instagram influencer in this video recording :

CryptoWendyO on Instagram


Crypt0snews with Crypto Brekkie and moreCryptosnews hanging with a HEAVY crypto crew Crypt0snews, besides known as Crypto Omar and Crypt0, is possibly best known for his YouTube transmit with about 120k subscribers .
Omar is constantly traveling the globe, attending peak blockchain events, and speaking with the acme minds in the crypto quad.

Crypt0snews on Instagram


Krypticrooks Instagram post Krypticrooks doesn ’ thymine have a massive following but that doesn ’ thymine mean the score ’ randomness contentedness international relations and security network ’ t incredible. The score regularly puts up amazing, original crypto-inspired art and comics .
Krypticrooks on Instagram


Cryptostache runs a truly great podcast and has his finger on the pulsation of crypto. Follow him on on Instagram for some great crypto and mustache styling tips .
Cryptostache on Instagram

Felix Hartmann

Hartman is a well-known crypto hedge store director and author who systematically delivers both trade and life tips .
Felix Hartman on Instagram


thefatbitcoin Instagram Post Memes, memes, and more memes, The FatBitcoin is to crypto what the TheFatJewish is to the…uhh .. whatever industry you call that .
TheFatBitcoin on Instagram


The constantly globe-trotting CryptoFinally has demonstrated meter and time again that she can create some actually ace crypto-related materials .
CryptoFinally Instagram postCryptofinally living the HODL life She is most normally known for her crypto music video .
Cryptofinally on Instagram


YoungDumbCrypto’s TJ with Kenn Bosak, Crypto Euclid, and Mystical Oaks The active couple of crypto, YoungDumbCrypto, puts out extremist entertaining content on a near-daily basis .
The group is well-entrenched in the cryptocurrency-space and offers actually great penetration into the ‘ behind the scenes ’ stuff .
YoungDumbCrypto and Dorian NakamotoThe duo with the real (fake) Satoshi Nakamoto not to be missed .
YoungDumbCrypto on Instagram
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Your source of day by day inspirational quotes geared towards crypto traders .

Perfect for when you need the Instagram-pushed kick in the butt to get going .
CryptoPlayhouse on Instagram


TheCryptograph is a Scotland-based media group that has created an awesomely easy way to follow the latest and greatest cryptocurrency news program on Instagram .
TheCryptograph on Instagram


The cardinal base for all things crypto influencer, message godhead, and sociable media .
Find Coinbound on Instagram
concern in crypto social media ? Check out the top cryptocurrency accounts to follow on Twitter, YouTube, & TikTok .
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