CH-926 / JY-926 Programmable Multi-Currency and Impulse Coin Mech

This is, without a doubt, one of the most versatile coin mechs in the Arcadexpress catalog. This is chiefly due to 3 factors : 1. This coin mech accepts up to 6 different currencies at the same time 2. The Coin Mech is compatible with 100 % of the coins and tokens on the market 3. It is potential to course of study, without the need of a calculator, the number of impulses per coin inserted.
The above mentioned factors make the CH-926 / JY-926 Programmable Arcade Coin Mech one of the most adaptable and flexible in the market and one of the most used by businesses that work with and sell Arcade Machines, Slot Machines and other types of Gaming Machines.
aesthetically, the CH-926 / JY-926 Impulse Programmable Arcade Coin Mech has a bright flatware case, made of PVC and Metal. This gives the coin mechanism a feel of robustness and high quality.
This Coin Mech accepts a wide range of coins and tokens of different diameter and width : ( D 15mm-32mm, A 1.2-3.8mm ). besides, thanks to the integrated CPU, we can make it work with any coin or token in the market. The Coin Mechanism can besides be programmed to work with different coins at the same time plus adding up each coins rate. This means that if we want to get 1 credit of 2€, we can program it so that by inserting 2 coins of 1€ it gives us 1 recognition. The same can be done by inserting 4 adam 0.50€ coins until we reach 2€.

Another very concern feature is we can decide how many impulses (credits) we want the Coin Mech to offer the drug user once the coin has been inserted. This means, we can configure the Coin Mech to grant 2 credits per 1€, for model. Or that alternatively of 2 credits, it grants 4 credits. The programming possibilities of the CH-926 / JY-926 Programmable Multi-Currency and Impulse Coin Mech are many.
Contrary to some electronic coin mechanisms on the market, the filtering system used by the CH-926 is very good, being very accurate and with a very low percentage error. Due to the software and the CPU integrated in the coin mechanism PCB, it is not necessary a computer to program it. Everything can be configured in the CH926 coin acceptor itself. To do this we can check the PDF MANUAL and the enlightening LED display that is integrated in the coin acceptor itself .
This big CH-926 / JY-926 Programmable Arcade Coin Mech is compatible with many systems and can be installed in a Computer, in an Arcade machine with Jamma wire, in a Raspberry Pi using different encoders such as the Zero Delay or Xin Mo. The CH926 is besides compatible with the Pandora Box, a well as any early Gaming machines. For a correct operation, the coin acceptor needs 12V and 0.8A of might. The coin mech is very well protected thanks to its system against electrical discharges and electromagnetic interferences.

All the wiring and screws necessary for the coin mech installation are included. 
Below is a video showing how to connect the coin acceptor to an arcade encoder:


  • Accepts all coins and tokens
  • Intelligent control of high-precision CPU software 
  • Self-programmable without the need of a PC
  • Number of pulses per configurable currency
  • Accepts up to 6 different coins simultaneously
  • Protection against electric shock or electromagnetic interference
  • Automatic Problem Diagnostics
  • DC12V voltage
  • 5mm-32mm coin diameter
  • Coin width 1.2-3.8mm
  • Temperature -15º +50º
  • Case material: Metal and PVC
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