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Is my coin Genuine?

reproduction coins and how to spot them .
At AMR Coins we get hebdomadally queries asking us to prize coins which turn out to be replica coins produced by Westair Reproductions Limited. Based in Birmingham, they are a reputable UK manufacturer of replica coins and other objects of historical interest. They cast all their own alloy products, including coins, and supply them to castles, museums, diachronic houses and sell them to individuals .
What to look for
1 ) WRL Stamp

Unlike forge or counterfeit coins, which are intentionally, and illegally, trying to pass as the “ real number deal ”, these reproduction coins are clearly stamped with the letters WRL. This is normally the most obvious reading and is predominantly found on the turn back of the mint but can besides be by the side of the portrayal for example on Saxon/Norman pennies .
2 ) The type of coin
The most coarse WRL coins we get enquiries about are as follows :
Oliver Cromwell crowns, Elizabeth I crowns, sixpences and ‘portcullis money ‘, Groats : – Henry VIII, Edward I and Richard III, Pennies : – William I and Harold I and Commonwealth coins
This list is not exhaustive but if the mint you have is listed here it may be worth having another search to try and find a WRL stamp .
3 ) The open of the coin
substantial coins have been struck whereas reproduction ones are cast. This can give the coat of a cast objet d’art the appearance of bantam pores making it appear “ cushy ” whereas the strike coin will have sharper, crisper edges on the detail .
4 ) The shape of the coin
As genuine hammered coins have been individually strike each matchless has a unique shape depending on how the blank flan was cut out. however reproductions tend to all be a classifiable, consistent shape as they have all been cast from the same mint. For example all Henry VIII groats that are produced by WRL have this distinct shape : –
wrl_groat 5 ) The edges of the mint

A cast coin may have a raised ridge on their edge where the two halves of a mildew were joined creating a seam around the edges .
6 ) The legal of the coin
If you tap your mint lightly on its edge the tone it makes can be an indication of whether or not it ‘s a reproduction. A dull, lower pitched tone can indicate a cast coin when done in comparison to a similiar strike mint, which tends to produce more of a “ closed chain ” of higher pitch .

We hope you have found this steer informative. If you have a coin that you are still diffident about then please feel spare to get in touch and we will endeavour to help you .

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