Counter-Strike: Global Offensive – The Ultimate Operation Shattered Web Guide

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This usher contains all the information about the 2019 Operation Shattered Web you will need .

How to Upgrade the Operation Coin from Bronze to Silver, Gold and Diamond

The Operation Shattered Web mint is upgraded by completing operation missions .

The Shattered Web Coins ( Compilation by 3st, Shattered Web Coins © 2019 Valve Corporation )
The musician has to fulfill a discrete total of missions in order to upgrade the mint to silver, gold or diamond :

Valve changed the operation coin upgrading organization again. In this operation the stars you earn by fulfilling missions only count towards the operation rewards. In order to upgrade your coin you will have to play missions. Buying stars won ’ triiodothyronine upgrade your mint !
What is the fastest way to upgrade the coin?

Since Valve decided to go for a traditional battle legislate format this time there is no fastest manner to level up. Just complete enough missions to upgrade the coin. The operation started with 10 missions. New missions will be unlock each week for 16 weeks after the process liberation on the 18th of November 2019 .


How do I get the Operation Shattered Web Coin?

The Operation Shattered Web Coin is obtained by activating a Operation run on your score. You can buy a fall on the steam Market Place or directly in the c : GO independent menu .
once you have bought the pass you will find it in your coulomb : GO Inventory. After activation you will find a bronze operation mint in your stock .
Until when does the operation run? / How much time do I have to upgrade the coin to gold or diamond?

According to Valve the operation that started on 18th of November 2019 “ will end longer than 16 weeks ”. So we can expect the operation run at least well into March 2020 .
I want to play campaign mission with my friend. Does he need to own an operation pass?

No. cipher need the operation fall to play operation subject. You will only need it for the coin / rewards .
Why should I upgrade the coin?

Why shouldn ’ t you ? Of path you do not have to upgrade the coin. But when you buy the operation pass you can try to get the most out of it. A amber or ball field coin looks better than a bronze or silver mint. Additionally you will besides get stars for completing missions ( unless your hebdomadally specify is exhausted ) and you will get rewards for stars .
Do mission drops count towards the weekly drop total?

No .
Can I play operation missions without buying the operation pass?

Yes ! If you don ’ triiodothyronine buy the operation you won ’ triiodothyronine get a coin or operation rewards ( character / operator skins, graffito, stickers, Shattered Web weapon cases ) but you can play all the capacity of the operation. If you decide to purchase the operation legislate at a late date, you will be given credit for any missions you have completed towards upgrading your operation mint.

I bought the operation pass. How do I get rewards?

You will get rewards by earning stars. You can earn stars by fulfilling operation missions or by buying them. After purchase and redemption, all rewards associated with your build up will be issued to your c : GO Inventory .
So you can buy stars in order to get rewards. Can you buy a silver / gold / diamond coin (upgrade) as well?

No. You upgrade your mint by completing missions, not by earning stars .
Can purchased Operation stars be traded, marketed, or gifted?

No. Purchased Operation stars can not leave the buying account .
once purchased, stars can be immediately activated ( or activated at a subsequently date ) to increase your Operation star count. Purchased stars can not be traded, transacted on the Community Market, or gifted to another user .
Are the operator skins “real skins” that can be used in match making and outside of operation maps?

Yes .
What maps are in the operation?

  • ar_lunacy (available in Flying Scoutsman)
  • de_studio (available in Casual and Scrimmage)
  • dz_jungle (available in Danger Zone)

How do I set the difficulty to hard in Virus Outbreak?

In the engender sphere there is a release above the big k weapon crate. You con jump in it using the crates. Inside the vent ( and around a corner ) is a switch. Activate it for hard mode .
Where are the coin positions in Virus Outbreak?

There are three coins in Virus Outbreak .
Warning ! The follow descriptions contain spoilers. It is advised to play the deputation for the first time before reading these instructions and going for the coins. Doing this will besides help you to follow the directions / find the mint locations easier .
Coin No. 1 : After you have defeated the knife attackers in “ trap arena room ” and the ignite goes back on there will be one doorway still closed. Open it by pressing the manipulation key and follow the fiddling burrow. It leads to the first coin .
Coin No. 2 : When you climb up a ladder to the open again after you got the Virus there are several enemies at a build to the leave ( one of them has the AWP ). To find the coin do not go to there but to the right ( the guidance where the helicopter will come to pick you up at the end of the mission ). The second gear coin is located on a cliff. You have to jump there to get it.

Coin No. 3 : The last mint is located in the top of the far back right construct at the heli diggings. It is best to collect it before the competitiveness on the heli pad starts, immediately after leaving the tunnel .

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