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Validator Set Rotation

To archieve consensus on platform blockchain, a specific set of masternodes, called validators, verifies and signs blocks. Up to version 0.19, the validator specify was static and hosted on nodes controlled by DCG. With adaptation 0.20, Long-living Masternode Quorums ( LLMQ ) are used to dynamically distribute and rotate the validator set among all masternodes. This approach evenly distributes the load and makes the network much more secure and reliable .

Cryptographic Proofs

previously, clients needed to use trust full nodes to ensure the validity and integrity of data retrieved from the platform network. In this version, DAPI provides effective cryptanalytic proof alongside the platform data, which enables abstemious clients ( e.g. mobile wallets ) to securely interact with Dash Platform .

Platform State Threshold Signing

Validators previously used non-aggregated EdDSA signatures of the platform department of state cryptanalytic digest in orderliness to provide cryptanalytic proof and guarantee net consensus. The numeral and overall size of these signatures made proof resource-intensive for light clients to use. In adaptation 0.20, the BLS threshold signing mechanism is used to produce entirely one signature, which mobile wallets and other light clients can easily verify .

Peer-to-Peer Layer Optimization

previously, full nodes vitamin a well as validators relied on and verified all types of P2P messages. This means that full moon nodes besides received network traffic containing messages only relevant to validators for achieving consensus. In the new interpretation, full nodes no longer receive intermediate consensus messages produced by validators. rather, validators produce merely one message with a BLS threshold touch to propagate the resulting consensus decision to the end of the network. This heavily reduces network load as many messages no long need to be propagated to full nodes, resulting in 99.5 % less bandwidth custom.

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Platform Metadata

Dash Platform nowadays attaches extra metadata to DAPI responses, such as the stream platform blockchain height, vitamin a well as the synchronized core blockchain height observe and agreed upon by all nodes participating in network consensus. Since the platform and core blockchains are asynchronous, platform uses this core stature to ensure all platform nodes have a deterministic view of the effect network state.

Strict and Secure Data Contract Validation

The new adaptation of Dash Platform Protocol updates the JSON Schema specification used to define data contracts to the most late 2020-12 adaptation, and employs rigid validation rules to prevent electric potential drug user errors in data contracts submitted to the network. A special regular expression engine is besides employed to mitigate ReDoS attacks .

Robust JS Wallet Synchronization

previous versions of the JS Wallet library did not always receive all requested transactions and instantlock messages from DAPI during synchronization. This has been resolved in version 0.20 .

Dashmate Improvements

The latest version of Dashmate contains 20 fixes and improvements. The most meaning of these were designed to make setting up local development networks more convenient and authentic, adenine good as performance improvements and Windows support .

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