Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher – Tips and Tricks (Complete Strategy Guide)

Did you always wonder if there is any skill involved in coin pushers or if it is all just dumb luck ?
While luck always plays a big character in the Wizard of Oz mint pusher, there are ways that you can play that will make it easier for you to collect all the cards so you can turn them in for tons of tickets .

wizard of oz coin pusher machine

Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher Full Card Set 

Wizard of Oz has a 7 card set to collect. There are besides 2 more cards that are not part of the set that can be turned in individually for tickets .

wizard of oz coin pusher full card setCollect 7 Wizard of Oz characters to complete the set

How many tickets can you get for redeeming the Wizard of Oz card set? 

  • Turning in a full set of 7 cards will get you 2500 tickets. 
  • The 2 non-set cards are worth 50 tickets per card.

You can besides win tickets by collecting bluish green or loss fictile chips that fall in the mint pusher. These plastic chips can be turned in for 15 tickets each.

Is there a Wizard of Oz coin pusher hack? 

There are decidedly no Wizard of Oz coin pusher hacks. “ Hacks ” makes it audio like there is a trick that allows you to win every time or without any feat .
In rate to even have a rebuff advantage over the average player you will need to have the cognition provided in this guide. It will inactive take a lot of time to practice by playing the Wizard of Oz coin baby buggy to get the time right and to know what cards you want to go for .

Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher – How to Win Using These Simple Tips and Trick

Choose the most advantageous times to play.

only play when the machine has either tons of coins stacked on the top shelf or has lots of cards near the edge of the machine.
It is besides very significant to know what menu in the set is the rare card .
Toto is the rare card in the Wizard of Oz coin pusher set. Whenever you see this card in the machine you should choose to play until you get it to fall .

wizard of oz toto card
If you barely play willy nilly or for extended periods of prison term you will waste a lot of coins/plays. You will besides credibly get tons of repeat cards of all the common cards .
The Toto card is sol much rarer than the rest of the cards and that is how the arcade limits the act of sets that people can turn in .
It is a capital scheme to go to the arcade weekly to check on the Wizard of Oz machines in ordering to find the elusive Toto poster. If it is not there then consider not playing until you see it .

Tips for controlling where the coins drop on the Wizard of Oz coin pusher.

You can control where the coins will land on the top shelf .
It is important to aim in the compensate spots depending on where you see cards or other large stacks of coins that you want to push off the boundary .
If you see a batting order you want on the side then follow this future tip ; point the shooting arm so that the coins bounce off the flat wall in the middle of the machine, but angle it to the side you want to push. Do not move the shoot branch all the way to that side, as this will cause the coins to bounce off the fish wall and end up more towards the concentrate.

It is better to shoot the coins in a controlled manner, instead of just dumping as many coins as fast as possible. 
The way to control the coins is to shoot in spurts. When the top shelf moves towards you there will be an open space on the far back of the car where there are no coins so far. This is where you want your coins to land so that when the ledge moves back it will push those coins into the ones closer to the edge .
With this peak, you besides want to keep in heed that most of the time you do not want to have coins land on top of eachother. You want them compressed on the come on of the ledge in a single layer to push more coins off for less plays used.

After playing a while on the like Wizard of Oz machine you may want to create a large batch of coins on top of one another by using rapidfire for a burst but then quickly go back to timing the coins to create one layer in order to push that large push-down storage off .

Spread the coin shots out.
sometimes tall stacks of coins on the edge need a push from another side in regulate to help it fall off the ledge quick .
If you want a push-down storage on the army for the liberation of rwanda correct side of the machine to fall then start with putting coins on that far side by using the first gratuity mentioned above. If you use 10 or so coins and you do not see much movement then aim an edge further towards the center of the mint baby buggy. This should help move that far properly smokestack of coins off the edge .

Play Wizard of Oz on Wednesday at Dave and Buster’s.

All arcade games are priced at half off on Wednesday so this is the best time to play to save money .
This is besides a big day to play the Wizard of Oz coin pusher if you have never played it before as you can get used to aiming the coins and digit out your own strategy to collect the cards .
But remember that the best tip for coin pushers is to choose the best time to play. Wednesday might not be a commodity day if the Wizard of Oz machine at your local Dave and Buster ’ sulfur is interfering with players taking the rare card before you get there .
Have the mentality that if the Wizard of Oz coin pusher is nibble clean of all the cards close to the edge then you will precisely have to come back and play at another time .
Another easy manner to save money playing Wizard of Oz is to use Dave and Buster ’ sulfur deals, coupons, and cashback.  

Wizard of Oz Coin Pusher Review

score is out of 10, with 1 being all fortune to win and 10 being all skill .
Skill Rating: 3
The most nice separate of playing the Wizard of Oz coin pusher is the mint placement. You can besides control what cards you go for and when you play .
It will take a huge total of luck to knock the coins around just right to drop these coins and cards off the border. There is a fortune that you can not control .
Luck is besides involved in what cards are in the machine or how many coins are stacked at that claim time that you go to play. For case, I have been doomed the past pair times going to the arcade to check on the Wizard of Oz games. At that specific time there were no rare cards or bombastic stacks of coins .
largely luck is needed to win enough tickets to make up for how much you spent playing Wizard of Oz. Though, that is how most arcade games operate. The arcade owners need to make money off of people playing the games so luck is going to have to be a large part of playing at the arcade. But fortune is what besides makes the game excite .

Fun Rating: 5
Watching big stacks of coins drop off the edge never gets old ! Searching for that future tease to complete your collection is a short ton of fun, while besides being addicting .
I see the “ regulars ” who sit at these mint pushers for what seems comparable hours. At the very least that proves that the Wizard of Oz coin pusher grabs the attention of those players that are very into collecting and/or gamble .
The downside of playing coin pushers is that they are not very synergistic. Just aim your mint and crush a push button. While other arcade games have rings or balls to toss at targets, which can be more exciting for people who want to show off their throw skills .
The Wizard of Oz coin pusher is super restful and is a big way to pass the time at the arcade .

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