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Brief MinerGate GUI miner guide

by Janika Kouki
This guide is designed to explain basic features of MinerGate GUI miner, how they work and what are made for. Read this, if you find yourself not indeed well acknowledged in mine, but can ’ metric ton wait to start earning. Download the miner and follow along !

GUI miner Dashboard

MinerGate ’ s dashboard consists of 6 tabs, each one of those provides simple work with coins.

GUI tabs ‘Wallet’ allows you to withdraw earn digital money to your wallets. A wallet is provided by wallet apps and commute services. To withdraw your coins from MinerGate ’ s account to your wallet, type the sum, the wallet address and bid ‘ Withdraw ’. here are some fees and restrictions on this option. For example, if you want to withdraw Ethereum, total amount of ETH withdrawals should not be less than 0,002. A fee is displayed mechanically. GUI wallet Create your first wallet following the instructions in our FAQ or learn what they are in the first place in this blog mail.

Smart mining

This cool feature starts mining the most profitable cryptocurrency at the moment. It ’ second being mined without stopping other mine processes that have been launched before. But it will be way more productive if you mine lone one crypto. Just stop other processes, press ‘ Start smart mine ’ and enjoy. You can besides check the most profitable currentness for the given moment in our calculator. GUI smart miner


The independent tab that gives you a list of support cryptocurrencies.
On the right, you may see detail information about coins. GUI columns Good shares are the shares which the pool accepts. These are ones you get rewards for. Bad shares are belated for a current task and not included in the net for some reasons. They are not rewarded. Last shares represent the time in seconds since the last good share.

Shares difficulty is a criterion that MinerGate gives your calculator while mine. The more potent it is, the more unmanageable shares become. Unconfirmed balance indicates the honor you ’ ve already earned is being processed. Reward method is the method acting of how you get a advantage on your account. All CryptoNote currencies documentation PPS ( Pay Per Share ), whereas ETH supports PPLNS method acting only. This stands for Pay Per last N Shares. To learn the remainder between wages methods, see our FAQ article. If you ’ ve fair started your crypto journey, choosing PPS will be a better choice. Merged mining is an option to mine   Dashcoin, QuazarCoin, and Infinium-8 simultaneously with MonetaVerde or Fantomcoin without negatively influencing the hashrate for the main mint. Choose whether you want to use this choice and which coin you would like to mine in addition.

Other pools

This option provides connection to other CryptoNote pools. Please note that Bitcoin, Litecoin, and Ethereum are not CryptoNote currencies and can not be added through this tab key.


MinerGate ’ s benchmark is to help you to estimate the baron of your computer. Your score is formed according to the average hardware of other miners. This is useful to understand whether your computer needs an promote. Check the exceed results of our residential district and find out which hardware is the best for mining. GUI benchmark


mine is like a plot. The more actions you take, the better musician you are. You can track your ‘ play ’ in ‘ Achievements ’. When you take some actions, you unlock a new character that characterizes your activity in MinerGate GUI application.

GUI achievements If you unlock all achievements, you ’ ll win our pry. That ’ s our means to thank you for choosing MinerGate. promise this abruptly guide will help you start earning with our pool a quickly as possible. Get the miner here to apply the things you ’ ve merely learned. Any questions ? Don ’ thyroxine hesitate to ask : support @ .

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