SOLVED:An honest coin is tossed 3 times in a row: Find the probability of each of the following events_ (a) Ex: “The coin comes up tails exactly twice. (b) Ez: “All 3 tosses come up the same (c) E3: “

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Hello friends. today we are going to solve this problem in which we are having that honest wine is tossed five times. indeed honest means a fair coin is tossed five times. Okay so we have to find the probability for different cases. indeed let us see what will be the total total of outcomes. so every time a coin is tossed we have two possibilities. So you can say so for one uh for so every clock we have one or two possibilities. so for five times we have to multiply 22 raised to the power five. That is two multiply five times 12345. That is it will be two raised to the exponent five. Or you can write 32. so this this is the entire total of possibilities. If you do n’t understand what is, what do you mean ? What is the meaning of full act of outcomes. So it will be like hand head Head, read/write head head. now it will go on like this and you have to just convert one engrave into tea at a time. so if you go on like this and you will have 32 possibilities. And at the end so you will have good-for-nothing and then you will have and then again tell again tell and then So this will be 32 possible outcomes. So this is the total numeral of cases. So I hope that you have unrestricted. now let ‘s see what will what will be the answer for first. therefore first partially of the trouble that is even even one says that none of the courses comes off magnetic tape. So we have we should not have any deals. So what will the consequence ? so there will be only one such possible case which is this one ? We will have only one such possible character. So the probability of event even will be one over To raise to the Power five or you can write 1/32. Okay, so if I move advancing towards a second separate, which is probability For event, E two and E two is being defined as precisely one of the five forces comes update indeed precisely one of the five courses has to come up as tails. Okay, thus what we will do here is that we will select One flip out of the five courses, that is 5 C1 and this will be the count of ways in which none of the in which precisely one of the five courses comes update. then 5 C1 over 32, I am precisely repeating my words, Five C one is the number of ways in which precisely one of the five courses comes up tails Okay, indeed here, my answer will be 5/32 now for third function which is evening three which says that Okay, so even three says that four or more of the doses comes up tails. so four or more of the tosses comes up tails can be taken as you know like we are talking about four or more crosses. So it can be 4, 5 or six. sources for four or 5, it can be four or five. right ? then four or 5 should be should come up as tails. Right ? so in that lawsuit, in that case you can say this very even three. even as that, either we should get head one time or we should not get any head. So what I can do, I can equitable just add the above two events in order to get the answer for the one-third consequence. so 31 says that four or more of the courses comes up cashbox that is I have to have four tosses are still or five tosses are still. So if I see this very event as That, either head comes one or it does n’t come any fourth dimension. So we ‘re using that concept. My answer will be 6/32. Thank you.

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