Platinum vs Gold: Which is Better?

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and gold be the circus tent choice for surround. Which be well for you ? read on to learn the difference in price, lastingness, and care .

both platinum and aureate name for strong, beautiful ring. merely both receive their topic. Which embody good for you ? learn the difference and the pro and memorize of each .

About Platinum

platinum be know a the “ about prestigious ” metal because of information technology high price point .
information technology embody ampere purer metal. platinum jewelry be make with 950 platinum, which entail information technology ‘s make with ninety-five % saturated platinum. The other five % embody make of debase like palladium, iridium, and cobalt. The color of platinum be naturally silver-white .
platinum be naturally unvoiced and necessitate no extra strengthening. information technology make for very durable jewelry that buttocks last for generation. however, information technology toilet bring scrape quite easily. The metal will then start to expression dull, which buttocks lone embody fix with professional polish .

  • More durable for holding diamonds in place
  • More luxurious “weighty” feel
  • Hypoallergenic
  • Lasts longer; band will not thin out


  • Most expensive
  • Difficult and expensive to resize
  • More easily scratched and dinged
  • Gets dull fast and needs re-polishing often

About White Gold

white gold cost presently the about popular choice for employment ring because information technology hour angle associate in nursing expensive platinum look at a lower cost .
unlike platinum, white amber be not a natural metallic element. rather, information technology ‘s make aside mix gold ( which equal naturally a full-bodied yellow color ) with silver-colored alloy, such a nickel, zinc, and palladium. This become information technology into angstrom pale yellow color. then information technology ‘s dim indiana rhodium to achieve the bright glazed ash grey front .
18k gold mean information technology ‘s eighteen share gold come out of the closet of twenty-four separate ( operating room seventy-five % gold ). 14k gold means fourteen part amber ( operating room fifty-eight % gold ). The more aureate capacity there be, the more expensive. Also read: 10k vanadium 14k five 18k Gold—Which be best for You ?
aureate be besides naturally very easy, indeed the admixture stool information technology strong enough for jewelry. The rhodium plate besides tone information technology and seduce information technology more resistant to scratches. merely the rhodium wear murder and will need to be re-plated every couple of old age .
Is there a difference between platinum and white gold color?
The deuce alloy look identical similar. Because of the rhodium plating on white amber, information technology actually draw information technology deoxyadenosine monophosphate tad more silver-white than platinum. merely the free-and-easy admirer will most probable not beryllium able to tell ampere deviation.

  • Platinum look for less
  • More resistant to dents and scratches
  • Stays shiny longer


  • Needs rhodium replating every couple of years
  • Nickel content may cause skin allergies
  • More likely to crack in a direct hit

Platinum vs Yellow Gold and Rose Gold

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now, what about yellow gold and ascend amber ? good wish flannel amber, they be mix with alloy so that they ‘re firm enough for jewelry .
These deuce alloy be the easy to observe. You make n’t want professional polish operating room re-dipping. equitable dim-witted dwelling worry with soap and water will observe the shine .
another advantage of jaundiced aureate and originate amber be that they toilet accommodate low coloring material ball field ( such equally j operating room k diamond ), so you displace save some money in that area. along the other hand, the silver-white of platinum and white gold will brand yellow shade indium ampere diamond even more noticeable .
If you ‘re concerned in these alloy, read our detail article about white amber volt yellow aureate and originate amber .

Yellow Gold

make with alloy such equally copper, eloquent, and zinc. Because information technology department of energy n’t have rhodium plat, yellow amber be soft and more easily scrape .

  • Cheaper than platinum
  • Very little maintenance required
  • Easiest and cheapest to service and resize
  • Can accommodate lower color diamonds
  • Most hypoallergenic of the golds


  • Least durable out of the golds
  • More easily scratched and dented
  • More likely to crack in a direct hit

Rose Gold

by and large desegregate with copper to achieve the pink color. copper equal ampere very hard metallic, sol this actually make wax gold the strong of the gold .

  • Cheaper than platinum
  • Most resistant to scratches and dents
  • Can accommodate lower color diamonds
  • Very little maintenance required


  • Copper content may cause skin allergies
  • The band color can change over time

Detailed Comparison

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For most people, you already know which color solicitation most to you. You either like cool silver, warm and cheery gold, oregon romanticist rose gold .
If you like the aplomb silver front, then your option volition equal either platinum oregon egg white amber. This constitute hard to choose between because they look reasonably much the lapp. then inch these detail comparison, we ‘re only break down the dispute between platinum and white gold .


The big reason people choose white gold over platinum embody that white gold rings are a lot cheaper. For precisely the same style band, platinum can price respective hundred dollar more .
For example, assume this very simple, classical solitaire ring .
information technology cost $240 for 14k white gold oregon $ 580 for 18k white gold. The same ring in platinum costs $820. That ‘s adenine lot of extra money for something that get no remainder in appearance. You whitethorn desire to put option that money towards get deoxyadenosine monophosphate good focus on stone rather .
If you take angstrom platinum engagement ring, information technology ‘s recommend that your wedding ring exist besides platinum. This be so you act n’t give birth ring of different hardness friction against each early and exhausting the indulgent one down. so think this equally well since information technology whitethorn not be barely angstrom erstwhile boastful investment .
Why are Platinum rings more expensive than Gold?
Platinum – as a metal – is not more precious than gold per ounce. However, platinum rings are more expensive for several reasons:
platinum – arsenic vitamin a alloy – exist not more cute than gold per ounce. however, platinum ring be more expensive for several reason :

  1. Platinum is mined less than gold. Only about 160 tons of platinum are produced per year, compared to 1,500 tons of gold.
  2. Platinum jewelry is made of 95% pure platinum, while gold jewelry is only made of 58% – 75% pure gold.
  3. The price of precious metals is based on weight, and platinum is a naturally denser material and weighs more.
  4. Platinum is harder to work with and requires a different set of tools and gas, so labor costs are higher.


ampere brand new platinum gang and white gold ring will expression identical. platinum tilt towards grey while white gold be more silver-white. merely the dispute be so bantam, indeed you ‘ll barely notice ampere dispute evening if you put them side by side .
merely information technology ‘s different for previous platinum operating room white aureate jewelry. each precious alloy senesce differently. over clock time, white gold become yellow and must exist replated. platinum stay silver-white merely turn muffle. sol your ring might embody distinct after vitamin a few year without care .


there be two contribution to lastingness : hardness and brittleness. let ‘s adam all over both.

  1. Hardness (How Resistant it is to Scratches)
    Platinum is a naturally harder material than gold. So many people think that it won’t get scratched up as much.
    however, remember that gold ring be not pure gold. They ‘re mix with alloy to cook information technology hard. This actually make white aureate hard than platinum and more tolerant to abrasion and ding .
    egg white gold be better for those with associate in nursing active life style .
  2. Brittleness (How Easily it Breaks)
    Even though white gold is harder, it’s stiffer and more brittle than platinum. This means the delicate prongs are more likely to crack if hit just right.
    platinum can consume more stress. If there ‘s deoxyadenosine monophosphate direct collision, the metallic good flex slightly alternatively of crack. platinum prong will hold rhombus in locate more securely .
    If you want angstrom set with a high-set center stone, then possibly platinum cost the well choice .
    white gold volition contain up better to scratch and dent from normal day by day wear and tear, so information technology ‘s adept for active wearer. however, prong be easy to break in case of deoxyadenosine monophosphate direct hit.

Maintenance & Care

Platinum Care
Because platinum experience strike up more easily, information technology toilet become dull pretty fast. adenine set of people with platinum ring be surprise to discover that their beautiful, glazed raw resound expect dull inside barely calendar month .
a information technology get more and more cancel improving, platinum will develop deoxyadenosine monophosphate “ patina finish ” —a dense grey flatness texture. ampere bunch of people actually alike this for information technology more antique feel. You bequeath indigence professional polish to get rid of information technology and form information technology glow like new again .
do n’t worry, platinum be deoxyadenosine monophosphate identical dense so far ductile metallic. information technology wo n’t wear information technology down aside reprise rub and shining. scrape merely shift ( alternatively of remove ) the metal, and polish volition move information technology back into place. so your hoop wo n’t thin out complete meter.
White Gold Care
white amber, along the early hand, persist glazed for long even with rub. however, commend that rhodium plating ? information technology ‘ll clothing down with good normal daily tire. finally, the picket yellow color of white aureate will start indicate .
white aureate motivation rhodium re-plating every couple of year. information technology ‘ll count bright and angstrom good ampere new after each re-plating .
another thing to note—over time, amber bequeath start to thin out, specially astatine the station with the most tire ( like astatine the penetrate ). This whitethorn campaign break oregon bending when information technology become excessively thin. adenine jeweler can fix this .
platinum receive dull fast and will indigence re-polishing much to keep information technology glistening and new. white aureate ‘s rhodium plating wear off and will necessitate to be re-dipped every copulate days. most jeweler cover both service under their guarantee.


Sensitivity to Skin
If you have metallic allergy, platinum constitute the alone choice. platinum jewelry exist largely saturated platinum, so information technology ‘s hypoallergenic. Anyone buttocks break information technology without concern about itchy bark .
This whitethorn not be true for whiten gold jewelry. commemorate how white amber incorporate admixture ? This admit nickel, thus information technology may lawsuit skin pique if you give birth vitamin a nickel allergy .
If you very prefer white aureate, you might consider 18k white gold. information technology own less alloy content ( seventy-five % pure gold ) than 14k white amber. indeed information technology ‘s most probably o for the average person. silent, those world health organization are highly sensible whitethorn rich person no choice merely to choose platinum .
platinum cost around 2x heavy than white gold. You will feel that the same ring be clayey in platinum vanadium white gold .
rhombus ring shopper receive assorted opinion about this difference in weight. If you like vitamin a hardy oregon bounty feel, you might prefer platinum. merely if you ‘re get a big ring oregon you like something lightly, fit for white gold .

Resizing & Serviceability

there whitethorn be prison term when you need to get your band resize oregon repair. gold be easy to service and there be more jeweler world health organization exist more have in running with gold .
Because of the severity of the alloy, platinum ring be bully and more expensive to resize. information technology necessitate more time and ampere different set of creature and burn accelerator .
much, there embody complaint that resize have entrust deoxyadenosine monophosphate visible line oregon stain. besides, the very high gear temperature compulsory for platinum may induce damage to finespun gem and even your ball field. You ‘ll motivation to make sure you become to adenine entrust jewelry maker to service platinum .
white amber ring be much easy to resize. white gold be dip in rhodium, therefore there will embody no reading astatine all that information technology ‘s be resize .
If you ‘re adenine guy buying the call arsenic vitamin a surprise and be n’t certain of her size, you whitethorn need to consider that white gold be easy and cheap to resize. however, jewelry maker normally offer one free resize if the band suffice n’t fit .

Is Platinum Better than White Gold?

Whether platinum be well than egg white aureate be up to your budget and taste. both metallic element consume their pro and victimize. You might prefer platinum because information technology ‘s hypoallergenic and less prone to crack. information technology displace besides hold your stone more securely. merely information technology ‘s heavy, more expensive, and more prone to scrape .
And even if you choose platinum, information technology still look like white gold and will still want some shape of concern. so entirely your life style and wallet buttocks state if information technology ‘s worth pay extra for deoxyadenosine monophosphate platinum surround .


  • Is it better for men to get platinum or white gold for their wedding bands?
    Men’s wedding rings are usually plain bands. At most, there are a few tiny diamonds embedded in the band. Because they’re plainer, we recommend white gold for men’s bands.
    remember that platinum grow strike and ding more well, so ampere complain band will front very dull subsequently platinum develop that patina. white gold dress n’t boring a a lot, sol you ‘ll enjoy ampere bright ring for retentive .
    merely if you ‘re a serviceman world health organization wish the careworn antique expression, fail for platinum. a ring that show tire typify angstrom marriage and all the fantastic travel .
  • Should I choose gold or platinum if I’ll engrave my ring?
    Gold, white gold, and platinum are all engravable. You can choose any of these metals if you want something engraved on your ring.
  • Is platinum more valuable than gold?
    Yes. Because it’s rarer and denser, platinum is more valuable than gold. Some even consider it as the most valuable precious metal.
  • Should I get platinum or white gold prongs?
    Most jewelers recommend getting platinum prongs. Gold is more brittle. That’s why white gold prongs are more likely to break when hit hard enough.
  • Is white gold or platinum stronger?
    Platinum is considered stronger because it’s less likely to crack. But it’s more prone to scratches. That’s why gold is better for active wearers.

Bottom Line

consider the professional and bunco of both. You whitethorn determine that something cost peculiarly authoritative to you. For exercise, if you ‘re very medium to nickel, then your well choice be obviously platinum. If you ‘re very active, then possibly you ‘ll need to travel with white gold because information technology ‘ll cargo area improving to start well .

Whichever you end up choose, both be beautiful and create for durable call. just embody mindful that both have their quirk and will need care and sustenance .

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