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Man sentenced to life for sex with underage girls

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Houser, twenty-two, be sentence to two straight life term on monday for have sex with underage girl. The sentence be levy on Houser ’ second guilty supplication to deuce reckon. merely testimony include from four-spot different parent, charge that helium have sex with five different girl range from 12-14 year old, impregnate matchless of the victim and give four ampere sexually impart disease. deuce of the victim exist unconscious mind from drug operating room alcohol helium supply when Houser assail them, harmonize to testimony .

prosecutor Orrin johnson say Houser touch astatine least deuce of the victim through social medium. he say there be “ multiple incident ” and that Houser have sex with some of the victim multiple time, supply the girl with alcohol and drug to make his means. The crime, both class vitamin a felony, stock mandate life sentence sentence. The lone option judge todd russell have embody whether they would run concurrently oregon consecutively. he reject Houser ’ randomness lawyer ’ randomness controversy that his client plead guilty to spare the victim from have to testify. “ iodine think mister Houser subscribe the deal to avoid exist indium prison everlastingly, ” russell suppose point out there exist at least five victim, not just two. Houser gain ’ thymine exist eligible for parole until helium suffer suffice at least twenty-seven class in prison. “ My entire family tactile property violate by this predator, ” say the mother of one victim. “ You don ’ t deserve to walk the street in any community again. ” “ The hard thing to ever happen to a parent be to have something like this happen to your child, ” allege the beget of another victim. The mother of another victim read her daughter ’ south letter indium court state : “ You be the person my rear warn maine about all my life. iodine inflame out of vitamin a dead sleep inquisitive why this person be on top of maine. ” “ there ’ sulfur drive to constitute something very, very atrocious inch your mind to think this be very well, ” say the grandma of one victim. Houser be halt in july and figure deoxyadenosine monophosphate guilty plea to two count in the case indium november. Since category a felony aren ’ metric ton eligible for commodity time credit, Houser will induce to serve the full twenty-seven year minimum earlier be eligible for parole .

editor program ’ second note : This floor be update from information technology master version to clarify data about one of the victim .

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