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THIS is how to easily withdraw from KuCoin [2022]

Updated on April 26, 2022

When you start the stimulate tax of trade cryptocurrencies on a crypto exchange like KuCoin, one of your elementary concerns should be how you can withdraw your assets .
After all, when dealing with crypto, it ’ s inevitable that you ’ ll have to make photograph decisions that adapt to the site. This can include withdrawing your money as fast as you can .
In this article, we ’ re going to talk all about making withdrawals on the KuCoin platform .

What is KuCoin?

KuCoin is a beginner-friendly crypto commute launched in 2017 by founders Michael Gan and Eric Don.

Traders have a lot to benefit from this substitution chopine. away from the appealing abject fees, KuCoin besides allows users to use multiple trading methods such as P2P and futures trade. There ’ south besides a impale and lend feature on the platform, which means users have multiple ways to earn money with cryptocurrency .
One of its most noteworthy features is its comprehensive number of cryptocurrencies. Around 400 coins are available for trade on the platform, resulting in a healthy economy with excellent trade volumes for millions of users .
In fact, as of 2021, KuCoin already has over 10 million users. so, if you ’ ra looking for a trustworthy and beginner-friendly exchange to trade in, KuCoin should be at the top of your list .

Can You Withdraw Coins from KuCoin?

You can withdraw coins from KuCoin and transfer them to a different wallet .
unfortunately, KuCoin doesn ’ triiodothyronine convert your asset into decree currency. You can only send and receive cryptocurrency assets like Bitcoin .
If you want to withdraw a detail asset, you need to ensure that the receiving wallet caters to that kind of cryptocurrency. otherwise, you will foremost have to convert the asset on KuCoin into a cryptocurrency that can be deposited into the other wallet .
For model, if you want to withdraw BTC, you must make sure that your receiving wallet can receive BTC. You won ’ t be able to withdraw your BTC on KuCoin if the receiving wallet international relations and security network ’ thymine compatible with it .
That said, despite its limitations, withdrawing money from KuCoin is easily and convenient. The adjacent section will show you the process for making withdrawals on the KuCoin platform .

How to Withdraw from KuCoin

Withdrawing money from KuCoin has several phases : log in, selecting a nominal, confirming with 2FA, and completing your withdrawal. In this incision, we ’ ll discus each phase bit-by-bit .

Log Into Your KuCoin Account

The beginning tone in withdrawing your account is logging in to the KuCoin platform .

  1. Open KuCoin and scroll down to find the log-in button.
  2. On the platform, click Assets. On the mobile app, this tab can be found at the very bottom of the interface. 
  3. Choose Withdraw. This option will be located on the upper portion of the mobile app interface.

Select a Token

After that, you ’ ll have to choose a token from the drop-down menu. guarantee that the finish wallet supports the nominal you want to withdraw. differently, you might lose your money .
When retire, keep in mind that you will besides have to make sure that the money is in the independent bill and not the trade explanation. You can ’ t directly transfer from your trade account to an external wallet .
Another thing to keep in mind is that there are minimum withdrawals. Make indisputable to double-check that you have enough tokens on your chief history, or else your transaction won ’ thymine go through .

Satisfy the 2-Factor Authentication

Although it can be a bit of a fuss to users, KuCoin makes consumption of the 2FA and the trade Password protocols for your good .
The trade password refers to another password that lets you do transactions within the KuCoin platform. meanwhile, the 2-Factor Authentication action ensures that the control exploiter is very the matchless presently using the explanation .
These security features ensure that the exploiter ’ s assets are protected from likely threats. This manner, even if hackers or early malicious individuals manage to gain access to your account somehow, they won ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate be able to proceed with the transactions .
here ’ s the complete security system action that you have to go through to proceed with your withdrawal on KuCoin .

  1. First, input your 6-digit trading password.
  2. You will then have to enter your email address to access the verification code. Once you have typed your email address, hit Send Code. Keep in mind that you can switch to SMS Verification, as well, in case your email account is unavailable to you at the moment.
  3. Then, go to the Google Authenticator app on your mobile device.
  4. A code will show up on your screen. Take note of this.
  5. Go back to the platform and enter the verification code before the set time limit.

Complete the WIthdrawal

Before you complete the withdrawal action, take your meter to make sure that your details are right .
Double-check the withdrawal address and the token type that you ’ re planning to withdraw. As mentioned, the receiving wallet should be able to support the token you ’ re planning to send to it .
besides, take note that different tokens charge different fees. see that you ’ ve calculated everything by rights and made allowances for the minimum come needed .
Remember, when dealing with cryptocurrency transfers, even the most minor mistakes can result in your money disappearing for good. That ’ second why it ’ randomness important to double-check that every detail is adjust.

If everything is as it should be, then go ahead and click the gloomy Submit button .

How Long Will a KuCoin Withdrawal Take?

KuCoin withdrawals typically take around 30 minutes. That ’ south because it normally takes that long for KuCoin to process each transaction .
however, if you withdraw big amounts, action clock time may take longer. KuCoin categorizes this as larger than 100,000 times the handling fee .
The reason for this is KuCoin manually processes bombastic transactions to ensure the security of the user ’ second assets .
In addition to this, the rush of the blockchain network handling your transactions will besides determine how fast your wallet will receive your process total .

KuCoin Withdrawal Fees

KuCoin implements different withdrawal fees for different tokens. There ’ sulfur besides a minimum withdrawal amount that varies per token .
For exemplify, the current withdrawal fee for Bitcoin is 0.0005 BTC with a minimum come of 0.002 BTC, while the withdrawal fee for Ethereum is 0.01 ETH with a minimal amount of 0.02 ETH. You can find the wide tilt on the platform or on third-party listings. Take note, these fees might change depending on market prices .
As the cryptocurrency commercialize is thought to be one of the most explosive around, often losing and gaining respect multiple times per sidereal day, make sure always to check the transaction fees before you complete your order .

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Withdrawals on KuCoin: Final Thoughts

Withdrawals are one of the most anticipate events when trade with cryptocurrency. After all, it ’ s how you reap the rewards of your hard work .
frankincense, you have to make indisputable that you know KuCoin ’ s withdrawal procedure like the back of your hand. You don ’ thymine want your hard-earned crypto tokens to be lost in the invalidate because of a belittled error .
KuCoin makes withdrawals quick and easy, but there are still dangers if you don ’ triiodothyronine know how it works. With this article, though, you immediately know what you need to make a successful withdrawal on the KuCoin platform .

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