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Date Posted : Sep 18, 2017 @ 6 : 59 am

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AAR / Semi-Guide / Feedback of my Playthrough as Good

This was my second playthrough, i quit the first one because Gondor was destroyed before i ever went to Minas Tirith and i wanted to see the scenes and stuff.

It took me around around 300 days to beat evil on normal difficulty settings. I started as Lothlorien Elf, with the war starting now at level 20. I gathered every companion except Glorfindel until level 18, then started to gather the best gear i could. I havent achieved the top set before the war started but my top set was at the end:

1. As main weapon the once OP Citadel Sword, I already mentioned it to InVain and it was promptly nerfed accordingly. It’s still one of if not the best 1h weapons though.
2. For the shield i went for horseback riding, size, armor and durability and found the Imladris shield the best, but it was not appealing visually so i went for the second the Lothlorien kite shield. It has some clipping errors with arrows and some armors while being carried on the back though.
3. The Gondor lance the best in in length and damage, a tiny bit better than the Rohand lance.
4. Since i was riding a horse most of the time i couldn’t use the piercing bows of the elves and went for the rohan strong bow with ~45 cut damage (until the Noradin bow, a lothlorien level 5 reward, wich also can be used from horseback) along with some elf arrows ofc.
5. For the armor i wanted either the citadel knight armor of gondor with 45 body and 25 weight but it never showed up so i went for the high arnor armor of Imladris with 42 body armor and ~20 weight, until i’ve seen the imladris leader armor with 44 body and only 12 weight which shows up quite often even with only one “shop” on the map.
6. Visually fitting was the Mirkwood Royal spearman helmet with 45 armor, i havent had enough rank for the top Erebor reward (55 armor helmet) and no idea how it looks.
7. As boots i just kept the Lothlorien leather boots with 28 armor. I did not find anything better and more fitting to the rest of the outfit.
8. The horse i found is a real tank, the Dunedain horse with 65 armor, which is too OP to be honest. It’s slow but with 5 riding skill still viable and it never goes down. All other armor horses are more or the less the same, until the top rohan reward of course which is a whole different league.

So now about the way of the war, which is probably more interesting, as soon as it started everyone went siegeing. I knew i had to help the south and was ready to defend West Emnet which was instantly sieged by Isengard. After beating the 3 stacks i rushed to gondor but came to late to defend osgiliath, not that i was eager to because fighting in there is quite a pain. But the next target of Mordor, Cair Andros, was already under attack. Defending the walls was quite easy because Orcs are really weak fighters. You only have to kill the trolls before they reach the top of the ladders, because they kill like 10 defender with one hit.

The mission is to weaken Mordor so it will stop sieging the cities of Gondor, which will happen if you reduce the strength to average or fair. To achieve this you have to kill lots of Mordor armies, scouts, raiders, supply trains, war parties and hosts. Supply trains between the Morannon and Minas Morgul are easy and slow targets if you have the troops to do it.
Beware of hosts and war parties because they contain trolls.

I had to switch a bit between Gondor and Rohan to keep Isengard under control and restock on troops. Rohan horse archers or horse archers in general are one if not the best unit you can muster. The minor evil factions of Rhun and Khand are the strongest because of their horse archers. Killing small parties is easier with Rohan as with Gondor because of the speed of the Rohan scouts.

My plan was to keep Mordor down and then destroy Isengard. Then with Rohan bolstering Gondor forces i would have time to conquer the north, but while i was fighting Isengard and Dunland, Beorns House was sieged and the whole faction destroyed. It is really a letdown that it is enough to destroy the capital to destroy a faction. Maybe making the capital only siegeable after all minor cities are destroyed, at least for the minor factions?

Well now driven to help the north and prevent further losses i hit more on Isengard to the point the Defense Army spawned. I could field around 100 elite troops of Rohan, Gondor and Lothlorien and beat the 450 strong Orc Army with only 35 losses. So with Isengard destroyed and Dunland at 800 strength and i thought Rohan would handle it being still fair in strength, i head to the north.

There not much has happend, Erebor, Dale and especially Mirkwood was soften up and fair at best, while Imladris being average and Lothlorien staying string. I helped Lothlorien to siege the Troll cave and Moria mines to destroy Moria. Then pursued the same tactic as with Gundabad and Rhun as with Mordor, hit them often enough to dimish their strength and stop their will to siege.

Though i had not time to reduce them a lot because Gondor became spent and wavering with a reinvigorated Mordor and Rohan doing nothing except riding around Aldburg being fair and not attacking the remnants of Dunland.

After extinguishing the fires south i had to hurry back up north because Mirkwood already spawned their last stand Army of Thranduil Halls. Lothlorien failed to siege the Dol Guldur Outpost on it’s own but suceeded now with my help, the main Base fell soon after. Now i thought they would help Rohan finally siege Dunland Camp but they set up camp further in the north in Rhovanion.

Fine, so i had to clear the north to finally get the Dunlander defeated. Lothlorien still the umatched powerhouse, did not wait for long and calls for a new campaign again. Always decline following him so your Marshall don’t send you away on a stupid quest while he siege commends. Ghundabads South Outpost was quickly eradicated and Celeborn immediatly headed for the Mainbase of Ghundabad. Waiting for the siege battle soon the 3 armies of Ghundabad and the 3 Armies of Rhun arrived and were beaten in a hard battle, but it wasn’t hard enough so still waiting for the siege the leader armies of Ghundabad and Rhun had enough time to attack again! After them gone again finally the siege started and was quickly resolved, puny orcs! Due to the heavy losses the Elves returned home and i continued harrassing Rhun armies as much as i could.

But just 2 days later they are back marching on the Rhun main camp, laying siege without any disturbances, because the remains of the Rhun armies are too weak to challange Cebeorns 200+ army. A qick victory followed, allowing the forces of good to finally support the enfeebled south.

Even before the north forces were able to set up advanced camp in the south west, Lothlorien sieged the Dunlander camp and after a quick slaughter finally pacified the region and let Rohan establish the first advance camp next to Minas Tirith.

The allied and now combined forces did not hesitate and attacked the enemy probably close to Morannon. Though without without my help and success, because i was busy hunting down Mordor parties while waiting for the Camps to spawn. Soon after the establishment of the Lothlorien camp the offensive continued and i got a message that a siege on the easterling camp was initiated, so i hurried there from Pellenor, arriving just in time to join the battle. The victory was easily and without many losses obtained, so the elves marched straight to the gates of Morannon and started the attack on Mordor. The forces of Evil were so dimished that noone was brave enough to challange the assault force and the final deciding battle started between ~300 elves, my 130 (Lothlorien, Gondor, Rohan) troops and 900+ Orces. The slaughter was intense with fighting all over the battleground. I quickly dispatched the enemy trolls with powerfull headshots (250 WPF, 7 PD) and the fight was quickly reduced to a big cluster♥♥♥♥ west of the gate, close to their spawnpoint. The Orcs, weak as they are, were deafeted and so was Mordor.

With all the advanced in place huge armies marched on the last holdings of Evil and their defeat was only a formality. Suprisingly Gondor Commanders still managed to get beaten several times by Umbar before i lurked in front of their camp, killing every army that dared to leave.


@Devs – Thanks again for the great Mod and all your work
– Dunedain Heavy horse is OP with 65 armor
– It a shame that capitals can be sieged so early and the whole faction destroyed despite them having still lots of other strongholds.
– not so strong Factions don’t siege other much weaker factions (Rohan being fair vs. Dunland being spent (800 strength))

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