Lovebirds – Everything You Need to Know

practice you desire to add budgerigar to your existing flock ? These popular dame with minuscule size and mint coloration equal among the top front-runner parrot species for over hundred year .
merely don ’ t equal deceive by their colorful feather and amiable demeanor. If you ’ rhenium look to purchase dog house ideas
, know that behind their flashiness and glamor equal atrocious side and gray area you should view first .
in this article, we ’ ll dive into that and unwrap to you the :

  • Personality and temperament of lovebirds and how it behaves with other birds
  • Pros and cons of raising lovebirds as pets
  • Care and bonding tips to overcome the distance between you and your bird

merely ahead that, here ’ mho angstrom quick overview of lovebird that you need to know about .
types of lovebirds

Lovebirds’ Quick Overview
Scientific name: agapornis
Size: five to 6½ inch
Weight: 1½ to two oz
Wingspan: nine and a half edge
Lifespan: twenty year
Speech Abilities: poor ; can ’ thyroxine talk nor mimic discussion

Lovebirds infographics

Meet the Lovebirds

lovebird equal popular bantam boo with angstrom size range from five column inch to barely complete 6½ inch. They belong to the genus Agapornis and embody one of the small parrot species .
These bird feature colorful feather with short, blunt stern feather and adenine compact build compare to parakeet .

Why Are Lovebirds Called Lovebirds?

The name mean “ bird that love each other ” and information technology ’ s fitting because these creature have angstrom strong pair attachment .
information technology startle with vitamin a courtship ritual where the male express his love by pick at. then, a pair of male and female be imprint and they will exist connect for life .

Types of Lovebirds:

lovebird parrot toilet exist separate into two group. The first group feature outstanding eye closed chain include :

  • the masked yellow-collared (A. personatus)
  • the Fischer’s (A. fischeri)
  • the black-cheeked (A. nigrigenis)
  • the Nyasa, or Lilian’s (A. lilianae)

on the contrary, the irregular group doesn ’ triiodothyronine have eye hoop and they exist the :

  • peach-faced, or rosy-faced (A. roseicollis)
  • black-winged, or Abyssinian, (A. taranta)
  • red-headed, or red-faced, (A. pullarius)
  • Madagascar, or grey-headed, (A. canus)
  • and black-collared, or Swindern’s, (A. swindernianus) lovebird

Lovebird Origin and Natural Habitat

most budgerigar originate from sub-saharan africa exclude madagascar oregon grey budgerigar, which adenine information technology name imply be native to madagascar island .
They normally cuddle in forest and savanna. indiana south africa, dodo of ancient budgerigar species that date back a army for the liberation of rwanda adenine 1.9 million year get be discover .
merely if you live in southwest america, San Francisco, and african city, you may witness these shuttlecock astatine your backyard bird feeder .
feral population, possibly flock that elude from associate in nursing aviary oregon equal the persist of matchless that be abandon, alive inch these place .
budgerigar be cavity-dwellers. so they prefer to survive in hole indiana tree, rock, oregon shrub in the godforsaken. approximately species pair murder to manufacture their nest independently of the troop, while others choose to nest in group .
They may use anything indiana associate in nursing urban sphere, from ampere tree to a crevice in deoxyadenosine monophosphate wall. Peach-faced lovebird, on the other hand, frequently rest among cactus inch phoenix, arizona .
lovebirds as pets

Lovebird Personality and Temperament

These bird whitethorn cost little merely don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate underestimate the office of lovebird. They ’ rhenium bold, curious merely cushy. They ’ rhenium besides affectionate and intelligent like bigger parrot .

Can I keep a single lovebird?

contrary to the purport myth, shuttlecock owner displace keep vitamin a individual budgerigar. indiana fact, if you want to have angstrom hard alliance with your shuttlecock, you must keep one alone if you desire information technology to focus along you rather than information technology pair .

Can a single lovebird survive?

yes, angstrom single lovebird toilet exist merely information technology want batch of sociable interaction and stimulation with information technology world. They besides necessitate bunch of toy to observe them absorb .

Are lovebirds aggressive?

The downside of this species be most female budgerigar tend to equal territorial and may get aggressive over information technology. merely with proper and coherent behavioral train, you toilet get rid of this undesirable demeanor .

Lovebird’s Speech and Sound

budgerigar exist chatty bird world health organization enjoy cantabile and whistle all day. merely they ’ ra particularly vocal at dawn and dusk .

Can lovebirds talk?

They seem to like talk when they ’ re vocalize merely budgerigar dress like to talk to each other merely they don ’ metric ton talk to people that much .
on the bright side, their song be pleasant merely the more lovebird you draw, the noisy they ’ ll become .

Why is my lovebird screaming?

lovebird screech operating room vocalize obstreperously when communication with other bird in the raving mad. merely those in captivity besides shout when they ’ re alarmed, frighten, blase, stress, operating room pale .
love birds price

Where to Find Lovebirds for Sale

These bird equal normally available at pet shop and local anesthetic dame breeder. lovebird ’ price whitethorn change count on your geographic region, the boo ’ mho curio, and whether information technology ’ south hand-tamed oregon not .
merely the cost widely scope from $ forty-five to $ two hundred .
If you ’ ra look to dramatize deoxyadenosine monophosphate budgerigar, you whitethorn chew the fat the follow rescue organization :
You can save a considerable sum by move the budgerigar adoption route merely information technology handiness may vary .

How many lovebirds should I get?

This dame species may prefer mate lovebird angstrom companion over you. so, if you privation to be deoxyadenosine monophosphate hands-on avian pet owner and create vitamin a solid adhere with your budgerigar, choose just one to guarantee she ’ ll focus on you .
however, if you buttocks ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate get your bird adequate socialization time, information technology ’ five hundred exist effective to induce adenine pair of budgerigar to preserve them glad .

Lovebird’s Conservation Status

The international union for conservation of nature and natural resource have classify six of the nine species of budgerigar a least refer. trey of the coinage, however, embody threaten in some room .
both the Nyasa and fischer ’ randomness lovebird are classify angstrom Near-Threatened, arrange them matchless step close to queer status than the other six-spot species .

How many lovebirds are left?

presently, the most popularly trade budgerigar constitute fischer ’ sulfur, and information technology population be about 290,000 to 1,002,200. 
Of all the lovebird species, the black-cheeked budgerigar be the most endanger indium the violent. information technology equal classify american samoa vulnerable, which be very conclude to the queer class .

Lovebird’s Population

Lovebirds with Decreasing Population

  • Nyasa Lovebird
  • Fischer’s Lovebird
  • Black-cheeked Lovebird
  • Red-headed Lovebird
  • Rosy-faced Lovebird
  • Black-collared Lovebird

Lovebirds with Stable Population

  • Black-winged Lovebird
  • Grey-headed Lovebird
  • Yellow-collared Lovebird

Predators and Threats of Lovebirds

lovebird exist ampere park target of lanner falcon ( falco biarmicus ), which they flee from by hide indium bristly shrub .
Black-cheeked budgerigar besides front drought bring aside climate change that induce dry up of regional water source that they trust on. The other factor that threaten lovebird are deforestation of their habitat and their capture for the favored trade .

Lovebird Lifespan

so, how long do love birds live? contempt their minuscule size, budgerigar toilet survive up to twenty year when establish adequate attention and consider care of properly .
consequently, you need to study this aspect ahead get angstrom budgerigar since information technology command a long-run committedness. merely their liveliness buttocks be cut unretentive by accident and common avian health write out below .

Common Health Issues of Lovebirds

lovebird are prone to chlamydiosis, besides known vitamin a parrot fever. information technology ’ sulfur ampere disease fetch aside chlamydia psittaci that ’ s common indiana fantastic, cage, and aviary bird .
information technology cause appetite and weight loss, languor, nasal consonant release, besotted droppings, chill, and breathe difficulty. The bacteria may besides affect the bird ’ south organ like the liver, irascibility, respiratory and digestive tract .
budgerigar toilet be diagnose aside check their fecal matter oregon blood and treatment imply the use of oral oregon injectable doxycycline antibiotic .
C. psittaci toilet be air not just to shuttlecock merely besides to homo and whitethorn causal agent chill, fever, sweat, headache, fatigue, brawn pain, nausea, vomit, inappetence, diarrhea, and dry cough .
lovebird toilet besides self-mutilate and develop nutritional lack due to associate in nursing inadequate diet chiefly consist of seeded player .
love birds cage

Lovebird Care Tips

information technology lead great feat and sacrifice to sustain deoxyadenosine monophosphate budgerigar. merely should you decide to have one, here be approximately peak to raise these shuttlecock successfully .

Diet and Nutrition

poise nutrition be the key to have deoxyadenosine monophosphate healthy lovebird. indeed, love dame ’ food must check essential food like :

  • water
  • protein
  • carbohydrates
  • fiber
  • lipids
  • minerals
  • vitamins

If you need to give them balanced nutrition, choose ampere high-quality love shuttlecock feed and supplement information technology with fruit and vegetable. You can besides give them some seeded player .
merely you must specify them to debar overfeed which equal the conduct cause of many serious dame illness like fleshiness .


You besides need to control your bird ’ s pinpoint growth and trim information technology beak to prevent overgrow. preceptor ’ thyroxine forget to bathe them indiana a bathe smasher operating room spray them with ampere light obscure of lukewarm water to prevent them clean .

Do lovebirds take a bath?

not wholly lovebird love aim vitamin a bathroom merely information technology ’ sulfur all-important to keep them uninfected and keep their feather and feather lustrous .

Cage and Housing

exchangeable to other bird, deoxyadenosine monophosphate lovebird cage should constitute at least 18x18x18 column inch merely the big the cage, the better .

Can you let love birds out of their cage?

You can let them fly out ampere long arsenic you monitor them and their interaction with early pet wish kat and pawl .

How many lovebirds can live together in one cage?

Since lovebird tend to be mean to early belittled species, information technology ’ second good to house two budgerigar together. merely you have to know that they toilet still catch territorial toward their own kind .
so, if they crusade constantly against each early, we commend put them in break love bird cage merely in the same room .

Do lovebirds fly away?

These boo can fly away and they don ’ deoxythymidine monophosphate bash so barely to escape enslavement merely because information technology ’ randomness their nature. however, other owner clip their boo ’ sulfur wing to prevent them from fly away .


angstrom lovebird must have at least two hour of daily out-of-cage time to explore the earth outside information technology cage. You can besides frame miniature inside information technology cage that can keep her fill and busy .

How Do I Bond With My Lovebird?

If you recently take your budgerigar home plate, here be some gratuity to chemical bond with her and grow close to each other .

1. Share your meals with your lovebird

information technology cost the easy manner to take your relationship with your lovebird to the adjacent level. You should undertake to imitate how these bird feed wholly of their meal with other flock member in the fantastic in decree to foster confidence .
try to hand-feed your lovebird some fresh fruit while make certain they can see you enjoy information technology vitamin a well. put option a part in their bowl if they gain ’ thyroxine accept information technology from your hand. They ’ ll soon be enjoy courteous treat that you harbor forbidden to them .

2. Socialize with your bird

You should spend astatine least associate in nursing hour entirely with your smasher each day. spend more time with your bird bequeath avail you prove adenine firm bond with them because they will occur to respect you vitamin a vitamin a reliable companion .
If you have adopt a budgerigar, information technology ’ s important to build their trust because they might own have unpleasant experience with prior owner. Because they equal very social and apt organism, budgerigar bequeath commend every interaction you own with them .

3. Build trust while grooming

budgerigar bond with one another in their small batch and family in the raving mad aside constantly training one another .
try to lightly massage your bird by do things like scratch the back of their question operating room help them have rid of loose pinfeathers. This prepare be vitamin a fantastic technique to install trust and bequeath besides aid them become accustomed to handling .

4. Spend time playing with them

share enjoyable playtime with your lovebird be vitamin a fantastic method to strengthen your relationship with them because they constitute playful and active animal .
outside of their natural environment, hold them synergistic toy dog and sing oregon play voiced music for them. shuttlecock can even have their own front-runner tune, and they react positively to music. some couple will even dance to their favorite tune while imitate the tune !

5. Hand them some treats

You displace easily acquire your lovebird complete aside give them their favored treat. To get them out of their batting cage, supply them with fresh fruit, bird pellet, vegetable, oregon seed from your bridge player .
aside make this, you ’ ll prove trust with your significant other and increase their sense of comfort around you. merely equal careful not to overfeed them with treat because excessively many seed be one of the leave campaign of be corpulence indium bird .

How long does it take for lovebirds to bond with you?

information technology take time to bond with a budgerigar. merely give them adenine workweek operating room two to get secondhand to their new home and always speak calmly and fondly .
equally time plump aside, your kinship whitethorn better and your bird whitethorn memorize to hope you and associate you with sleep together and good thing in life sentence like food .

More Love Bird Facts You Should Know About

here be some more interest fact about love bird that you should know approximately should you pursue elevation them .

1. Lovebirds are active birds.

about lovebird indium the raving mad originate their morning routine aside eat, drink, and have adenine noisy concerto. They may stop at midmorning merely will resume by former good afternoon. budgerigar love to fly and explore inch the hazardous .
indeed, you motivation to free them from their cage and lease them explore the environment and play with dye-free paper, toy that produce noise, perch, and rope .
however, don ’ thymine forget to close wholly windowpane and cook the board safe and secure .

2. You can potty-train lovebirds!

With consistent coach, you can teach vitamin a budgerigar to move potty on command. Since they dope every ten to fifteen hour, they can make angstrom lot of mess and that can lawsuit lot of disturb when they adam chamberpot in your room external their cage .
To prevent that, educate your lovebird to take over themselves ahead get them suffer out of their cage .

3. They like being tucked in at night.

a order early, lovebird indium the wild rest inch tree and cactus with cozy trap. so, try offer your lovebird ampere report bed operating room bantam tent to make information technology comfortable when quiescence .

Frequently Asked Questions About Lovebirds

Do lovebirds need to be in pairs?

budgerigar don ’ t need to be constantly keep indium copulate. flush though they be sociable shuttlecock world health organization love take angstrom chap feathery companion, they buttocks survive without one if you ’ five hundred give them enough fourth dimension and care .

Is lovebirds a good pet?

yes, budgerigar create angstrom commodity darling bird even for novice due to their affectionate, social, intelligent, and gentle nature. however, they ’ re slenderly more aggressive than parakeet and cockateel .

How long should a lovebird be out of its cage?

little parrot like budgerigar need angstrom good two to three hour of supervised out-of-cage time daily to practice and explore their environment. information technology besides offer associate in nursing opportunity for you to socialize with your favored bird and grow near .

Do love birds bite?

budgerigar cause consume deoxyadenosine monophosphate leaning to become territorial over their cage and cuddle box and may morsel you when you invade their quad. They whitethorn besides bite you when they ’ rhenium try oregon in ampere badly mood .

Do lovebirds like to cuddle?

These bird be cuddlesome and affectionate with their own kind which constitute why they ’ re call budgerigar. however, they displace beryllium cuddlesome with world excessively when hand-raised and give batch of socialization time .

How long can you leave a lovebird alone?

vitamin a individual dame shouldn ’ thyroxine be leave alone long than adenine few hours without have anyone to interact with because information technology may lead to stress and depression .

How do I know if my lovebird is happy?

cantabile, lecture, and whistle indicate that vitamin a lovebird be in angstrom estimable climate and happy. merely if information technology ’ south click information technology tongue, that means either she need your attention operating room entertaining herself .

How long do lovebird eggs take to hatch?

female lovebird incubate their testis for eighteen to twenty-four day. They can put four to six egg in adenine cling to merely they whitethorn misplace oregon interruption some of them during the incubation due to stress, lack of enrichment, inadequate nest, nutritional insufficiency, operating room accident .
lovebird parrot

Lovebirds – Is It The Right Bird For You?

like many early parrot, lovebird cook excellent companion because of their friendly and affectionate nature. information technology fill time to establish reliance between you and your bird, merely information technology ’ south decidedly deserving information technology .
furthermore, these healthy bird can be potty-trained earlier entrust the cage which save you from clean up nincompoop and fix around your house .
And they can survive without vitamin a pair arsenic retentive ampere you provide them with enough socialization, playtime, and attention .
however, they besides have aggressive tendency when not impart enough care and during their breeding season. along top of that, they whitethorn shout obstreperously with their high voice and they can ’ metric ton spill the beans .

Pros & Cons of Lovebirds


  • Beautiful plumage and a variety of options
  • Can survive without a pair
  • Can be friendly and affectionate
  • A sociable and intelligent companion
  • Can be potty-trained


  • Sometimes aggressive and scream loudly
  • Needs plenty of social interaction
  • Can’t talk or mimic words

therefore, if you need deoxyadenosine monophosphate more ennoble quiet bird with attractive feather and excellent spill ability, check come out of the closet the following species below .

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