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american english football calculate my age
in indianapolis, indiana, U.S .

Lucas Oil Stadium be vitamin a multi-purpose stadium in business district indianapolis, indiana, unify state. information technology substitute the RCA dome a the home playing field of the national football league ( NFL ) ‘s indianapolis colt and open on august sixteen, 2008. [ eleven ] The stadium exist reconstruct to allow the removal of the RCA dome and expansion of the indiana conventionality center on information technology site. information technology be settle on the south side of south street, ampere obstruct south of the former web site of the RCA dome. The stadium ‘s naming right field belong to the Lucas Oil pot. [ twelve ] The venue besides serve equally the home for the cram corps international championship .

architectural firm HKS, iraqi national congress. be responsible for the stadium ‘s design, with walter phosphorus moore solve a the morphologic engineer of commemorate. The stadium feature ampere retractable roof and angstrom big retractable window on one end, allow the colt to play both inside and outside. The field surface be primitively FieldTurf, merely cost replace with shaw sport momentum pro indiana 2018. [ thirteen ] The outside of the newfangled stadium be faced with vitamin a red-brown brick trimmed with indiana limestone, similar to several other frolic venue in the area, include Gainbridge Fieldhouse, Hinkle Fieldhouse and fairground amphitheater. [ fourteen ]

name [edit ]

The home airfield of the indianapolis colt for their foremost twenty-four season indium the city ( 1984 – 2007 ) be the RCA dome ( once the indianan dome ), which be separate of the indiana conventionality center. in 2006, anterior to the new stadium ‘s construction, Lucas Oil, vitamin a manufacturer and distributor of automotive vegetable oil, additive and lubricant, secure the mention right for the stadium astatine a monetary value of $ 122 million all over the adjacent twenty year. [ twelve ]

feature of speech [edit ]

inside of lucas petroleum stadium lucas petroleum stadium consume ampere seat capacity of 67,000, [ three ] and cover approximately 1.8 million square foot ( 170,000 m2 ). The stadium offer 139 befit, deuce baseball club loiter, two exhibit hall and twelve meet room. there exist besides 360-degree ribbon board and two 53-foot ( sixteen thousand ) tall HD television circuit board. [ fifteen ] associate in nursing metro walk directly connect the stadium to the indiana convention center. [ fourteen ] other feature admit :

  • 183,000 square feet (17,000 m2) of exhibit space
  • 7 locker rooms
  • 11 indoor truck docks
  • 14 escalators
  • 11 passenger elevators
  • 2 accessible pedestrian ramps

retractable roof [edit ]

The stadium ‘s retractable roof can open oregon close in about eleven minute. information technology be compose of two panel that each weigh 2.5 million beat ( 1,100,000 kilogram ). [ sixteen ] [ three ] The home team determine if the ceiling be to be open oregon close ninety minute earlier kickoff. [ three ]

retractable window [edit ]

visitor can view the indianapolis skyline through the northeast retractable window. The retractable north window offer ampere view of downtown indianapolis during game, concert and other event due to the stadium ‘s angled side on the city jam. [ seventeen ] [ sixteen ]
The four gate leading into lucas oil stadium be each name for a sponsor corporation, with the exception of the south gate, which embody name after the team :
The ground-level concourse of their respective gate feature banner and floor cover with the pot ‘ son, ad and merchandise display .

event [edit ]

annual event include :
approaching event include :

  • NCAA Men’s Basketball Final Four (April 2026 & April 2029)
  • 2024 United States Swimming Olympic Trials

significant by event include :
The first game play astatine lucas petroleum stadium happen on august twenty-two, 2008, and be share of the PeyBack classic, sport indiana high school football game between Noblesville high school and fisher high school inch plot one, follow aside new palestine high school and Whiteland community gamey school in game two. [ twenty-two ] on november twenty-six, 2008, cardinal Ritter high educate become the inaugural high school to win adenine department of state championship on the field, beating sheridan high school 34–27 for the class deoxyadenosine monophosphate state title. The first colt plot at the stadium be deoxyadenosine monophosphate preseason plot against the buffalo bill along august twenty-four, 2008, which end in 20-7 loss. [ twenty-three ] The colt confront the michigan bear in a replay of super bowl forty-one inch their foremost regular season game in the stadium on september seven, which end in angstrom 29-13 kill. [ twenty-four ] [ twenty-five ]

soccer [edit ]

The stadium host information technology first soccer game along august one, 2013, when Chelsea play bury milan in vitamin a first-round game of the international supporter cup, puff 41,983 fan. [ twenty-six ]
From 2018 to 2020, lucas oil stadium serve deoxyadenosine monophosphate the base field of the unite soccer league ‘s Indy eleven, replace the venue the team use while in the north american english soccer league, carroll stadium. [ twenty-seven ]

basketball [edit ]

in border 2021, diverse round of the 2021 NCAA part i serviceman ‘s basketball tournament exist move to lucas oil stadium deoxyadenosine monophosphate part of the NCAA ‘s decisiveness to consolidate the tournament into sit indium indiana. lucas oil host game in all attack ( exclude the “ first four ” ), include the final four-spot and backing game every five old age up until 2040. [ twenty-eight ]

entertainment [edit ]

on august nine, 2006, cram corps international ( director of central intelligence ) announce that information technology would motivate information technology corporate position to indianapolis and that the director of central intelligence global championship would exist the inaugural consequence for the stadium and would beryllium accommodate at lucas petroleum stadium every year through 2018. [ twenty-nine ] in 2015, barrel corps external and the city of indianapolis announce adenine 10-year condense extension, admit the universe backing to cover done 2028. [ thirty ] The contest be harbor for the first time at lucas anoint stadium indiana 2009. [ thirty-one ] other regular event admit the dance band of united states deluxe national championship [ thirty-two ] and the indiana march band department of state final, [ thirty-three ] both major event for the city in demonstrate set competition .

concert [edit ]

finance [edit ]

The full cost of lucas oil stadium constitute $ 720 million. The stadium embody be finance with funds lift aside the state of indiana and the city of indianapolis, with the indianapolis colt leave $ hundred million. Marion county have lift tax for food and beverage sale, car lease tax, host ‘s tax, and entrance fee taxis for information technology share of the cost. meanwhile, there suffer cost associate in nursing increase inch food and beverage tax inch the eight smother ring county ( with the exception of morgan county ) and the sale of colt license plate. [ three ] The county commissioner of each county vote whether to levy the one % food and beverage tax propose aside Marion county. sweeten the deal for those county be the fact that half of the gross from the tax would bide inch the respective county. morgan county be the only county to turn down the offer, however inch vitamin a late vote, information technology levy information technology own one % tax – therefore keep all of information technology extra render tax income .

budget deficit [edit ]

in august 2006, the capital improvement display panel, which operate the stadium, estimate that day by day operating expense of the new stadium would cost $ ten million more per year than the RCA dome. The board recommend the indiana cosmopolitan assembly to authorize fund to cover the deficit. [ thirty-six ] The indiana legislature consider a placard to resurrect sale tax statewide to cover the deficit, however this plan face stiff confrontation from legislator outside the indianapolis metro sphere. [ thirty-seven ] The assembly ultimately authorize ampere tax increase in Indianapolis-Marion county. in addition, the CIB snip staff and stinger $ ten million from information technology budget. still, the agency anticipate a $ twenty million operate deficit for lucas oil stadium in 2009. anticipated expense equal $ 27.7 million—far surpass the $ 7.7 million CIB ask to collect from information technology plowshare of gross from stadium event. [ thirty-eight ] The colt organization have exist criticize for the favorable rent price and the high gear share of gross information technology toilet support under the term of information technology agreement with the stadium authority and there own be call for the team to cover the deficit of the CIB. The colt react to these criticism in associate in nursing open letter to sports fan on september sixteen, 2009. [ thirty-nine ]

complication [edit ]

along september eight, 2013, subsequently the colt get the better of the oakland plunderer in the season opener, a track over the fight team burrow crack up, injure deuce fan. one fan be transplant to the hospital for evaluation. no dangerous injury be reported. on september three, 2015, three fan embody injured aside deoxyadenosine monophosphate thunderbolt that fall from the roof of the stadium american samoa information technology be equal open during associate in nursing NFL preseason game against the cincinnati bengal. [ forty ] The stadium be pronounce safe by official, merely the roof stay close for event until a final probe washington completed equally to why the bolt fall. [ forty-one ]

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