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The Kollector, a new character in MK11, appears as a special seller in the Krypt area. here ‘s how to summon him infinitely, and earn a huge batch of Soul Fragments in the process. mortal kombat
once you ’ re able to access Goro ’ s Lair in the clandestine area of the Krypt in Mortal Kombat 11, you ’ ll find the Kollector ’ second room. The six-armed sneak trades rare items for skins, intros, and other valuable cosmetics — and, annoyingly, he isn ’ thyroxine always in his shop. sometimes, the Kollector just isn ’ triiodothyronine around. If you want to summon him, you ’ ll need special items called Kollector Koins .
normally, Kollector Koins are extremely rare. well, there is a way to get an endless provision of these coins. It lone takes a little morsel of work, and you ’ ll indigence to save up Soul Fragments, but once you unlock a very specific chest, you ’ ll be able to earn an endless issue of Kollector Koins. Literally — you can keep earning them constantly. This is one thorax in the Krypt that isn ’ triiodothyronine random.

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How To Get Unlimited Kollector Koins & Easy Soul Fragments | Krypt Guide

To unlock outright Kollector Koins, you ’ ll first need to get Ermac’s Amulet — located in the Lower Pit area, accessible from the elevator in Goro ’ s Lair. The amulet allows you to interact with fleeceable soul containers. One of those ‘ containers ’ is located in the Dead Woods area .
Smash through the wall in the Entrance, and enter the Dead Woods. To the justly, you ’ ll find a green glow on the water that costs 3,000 Soul Fragments. Interact, and you ’ ll pull up an expensive thorax. The chest of drawers costs 250,000 koins — to save some cash, you can find a Lockpick to make the chest free. The Lockpick is a one-time-use Krypt token, and they will randomly appear in standard chests.

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The chest of drawers contains a variety show of skins Scorpion, Sub-Zero, Noob Saibot, Kitana and Jade — but what we ’ ra after is the Soul Thurible Tower Key. This column key can be used in the Tower of Time  to summon a specific tower challenge called ‘ A Precarious Bargain ‘. The column consists of a single crusade against 5 Kollectors — you can win easily by using an AI Fighters. I recommend Noob Saibot with 30 Combo / 20 Reversal. He ’ ll mop the shock with the Kollectors. You ’ ll earn Kollector skins, and a free Kollector Koin .
After completing the tower once, you ’ ll besides be able to replay it for extra rewards. These rewards are partially random, but one reward is always the same — x5 Soul Thurible Tower Keys. You can re-summon this column endlessly by replaying it multiple times, getting more and more Soul Thurible Tower Keys. Every time you re-summon the tower, you can earn another Kollector Koin and x5 Soul Thurible Tower Keys .
basically, you ’ ll be able to earn an dateless supply of Kollector Koins if you replay the tower at least once. This loom besides drops rare, useful Forge materials — like x5 Lost Soul Essence. Lost Soul Essence can be combined in the Forge for an easy 250 Soul Fragments. You equitable need x2 Lost Soul Essence and x1 Necromantic Runestone.

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If you ’ ra golden enough to find two Lost Soul Essence batches from the Soul Thurible Tower, you ’ ll have 10 Lost Soul Essence, which converts into 5 Transmute Souls, which equals 1,250 Soul Fragments. not bad .
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